After Fidel: Raul Castro and the Future of Cuba's Revolution

After Fidel: Raul Castro and the Future of Cuba's RevolutionThis Is A Compelling Behind The Scenes Account Of The Extraordinary Castro Brothers And The Impending Dynastic Succession Of Fidel S Younger Brother Raul Brian Latell, The CIA Analyst Who Has Followed Castro Since The Sixties, Gives An Unprecedented View Into Fidel And Raul S Remarkable Relationship, Revealing How They Have Collaborated In Policy Making, Divided Responsibilities, And Resolved Disagreements For Than Forty Years A Challenge To The Notion That Fidel Always Acts Alone Latell Has Had Access To The Brothers Than Anyone Else In This Country, And His Briefs To The CIA Informed Much Of U.S Policy Based On His Knowledge Of Raul Castro, Latell Makes Projections On What Kind Of Leader Raul Would Be And How The Shift In Power Might Influence U.S Cuban Relations. I have always been fascinated with Latin America and have been to some places, including Guantanimo Bay in Cuba The decades long embargo is silly, the way to beat this revolution is to spend money A few T shirt stands on the beach, some
An interesting story bogged down by the author s style, or lack thereof Given Latell has years of experience with Cuba, and the Castro family, I was looking for commentary and less repetition of facts The book se
After Fidel was written by a former CIA agent, reading as a personal account to his time on the case of Castro It is an easy read, not bogged down with raw data It offers the reader an interesting look at how Fidel and his siblings were raised, suggesting which particular parts of his character
This is a well written bio No histronics, no preaching, no selling of a viewpoint The author is a former CIA officer and current teacher of the Cuban Revolution at Columbia U He credits his sources by name, noting each person s relation to the events, which is welcome for the layman While the title implies that the book is about After Fidel , this topic comprises less than 1 4 of the text While to predict the future, you need to know the past, the subtitle works better.Latell defines how Castro, through extraordinary intellect, a sensitivity to competition and a lack of moral restraint was able to take over a small island country and make it his fiefdom He was a svengali to his brother, Raul, who s unacknowledged skills were necessary to Fidel s rise and continued dominance Raul, like the rest of Cuba, is compelled for pyschological and practical reasons to cater to Fidel s paranoia.Raul ascends to head the military by demonstrating his loyalty through leading ruthless prosecutions including that of a good friend and confidant a popular and successful general who s crime was to dis Fidel in a private conversation Unlike Fidel, Raul has a modicum of conscience regarding this particular execution Raul had been known to have shown some humanity at least once before, in visiting his father whi
This book might be worth a read if you d like to know what the American intelligence community thinks of Cuba and the Castro brothers If, however, you re looking for something a little balanced and less polemical, I suggest you look elsewhere.I have no naive admiration for the Cuban government Cuba s government has exhibited horrible aspects of totalitarianism Any balanced treatment of the Castro brothers and the Cuban government will take them to task in various areas.That said, for various reasons, this author s approach lacks the credibility needed to make such charges.When reading a book by someone in the intelligence community, one fully expects some slightly dodgy stuff However, in the early stages of the book, I found that stereotype being challenged I found myself getting drawn in and I found it to be much better than I expected However, that was just an initial assessment Part way through, the author seemed to implicitly toss caution to the wind and started to exhibit a major axe to grind.There are than a few places in this book which should raise the eyebrows of critical readers which, of course, all readers should aspire to be In the meat of the book, you will find that the author s word choices and
Written by a former CIA analyst, this book has a misleading title It is really about the Castro brothers from childhood to when the the book was written It s at least as much about Fidel as it is about Raul The author uses a term, internationalism, as if it is an evil philosophy of Castro s and could have used explanation Not a gripping read, but nevertheless very informative about the history of Cuba, and much than I ever read about in the current media Was glad I read it, but not exactly a page turner The strengths and weaknesses of Fidel are objectively described and contrasted with brother Raul Raul seems to be much of a flexible, evolving, less predictable character Fidel has committed to his public persona and apparently will never waver from it A fasc
I had to read this book for Modern Latin American History and I was very interested to read about the thoughts and perspectives that Latell had on how Cuba would turn out under the direction of Raul Castro The book fell flat on its face and did not live up to the title Rather than focusing on Raul, Latell focused primarily on Fidel and and everything that Fidel had done, and every once in a while, Latell would mention Raul It was not what I was expecting and the title is extremely misleadin
This story is really fantastic First it recounts the revolution which involved sneaking over in basically a water skiing boat and recounts what happened in Cuba and who what will happen next The author is one of those insanity types who has spent too much time on his own work There is a hi
A great primer for those who haven t read any books about Castro or Cuba from 1950 to present The title is a little misleading, as the book only begins to speculate on Cuba s future after Fidel in the last
The title may or may not be a misnomer The book is mostly a dual biography of Fidel and Raoul, not so much about Cuba s future but then again Raoul is Cuba s future The book dispels my previous assumption tha

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