Behind the Blue Ridge (1887)

Behind the Blue Ridge (1887) No Such Faithful, Candid, Kindly, Brilliant, And Incisive Presentation OfEnglish And American Types Has Before Been Achieved The Wit Ofthe Story Is Considerable It Is Written Brilliantly, Yet Not Flimsily It Isthe Best International Novel That Either Side Has Hitherto Produced It Is Written By An American Woman Who Really Knows Both Countries, And Who Has Shown That She Possesses Powers Which Ought To Put Her In Tne Front Rank Of Fiction.quot New York Tribune Quot On Both Sides Proves To Be A Positive Surprise To The Literary World There Is Neither An Englishman Nor An American Writer On This Side Or That Who Might Not Be Proud To Have Written This International Novel It Will Be One Of The Most Popular Books Of The Season, One That Will Be Read, Criticised, And Talked About Iu All The Circles Of Intelligent Society New Orleans Picayune QuotBoth Nationalities, In Fact, Are So Delicatelyand Humorously Satirized, That It Is A Truly International Piece Of Fun The Good Points, The True Distinction Of Good Breeding In Manners And Customs Pertaining To Each Of The Two Peoples, And The Thorough Good Understanding Of The Genuine People In The Story, Are The Most Satisfactory Of Its Conclusions But It Is A Sharp Stylus That Sets Down The Pretensions Ofthe Vulgar On Either Side It Looks As Though Vaisy Miller Were Avenged At Last, And Yet No Offence Either Given Or Received.quot Philadelphia Ledger QuotIn Miss Baylor S Workwe Have Anovel Entertaining From Beginning To End, With Brightness That Never Falls Flat, That Always Suggests Some Thing Beyond The Mere Amusement, That Willbe Most Enjoyed By Those Of Most Cultivation, That Is Clever, Keen, And Intellectual Enough To Be Recognizedas Genuine Wit, And Yet Good Natured And Amiable Enough To Be Accepted As The Most Delightful Humor It Is Not Fun, But Intelligent Wit It Is Not Mere Comicality, But Charminghumor It Is Nota Collection Of Bright Savings Of Clever People, But A Reproduction Ofways Ofthought And Types Ofquot Manner Infinitely Entertaining To The Reader, While Not In The Least Funny To The Actor, Or Intended By Him To Appear Funny It Is Inimitably Good As A Rendering Of The Peculiarities Of British And Of American Natureand Training, While It Is So Perfectly Free From Anything Like Ridicule, That The Victimswould Be The First To Smile Is Not The Life Of Every Such Man A Tragedy Made Up Of Fate And One S Own Quot Deservings CAULYLE LEADING Through A Rocky Pass In The Blue Eidge A Pass Dust Choked In Summer, Snow Blocked In Winter Is A Road That Seems Just The Ordinary Prosaic Highway Of The Country, Laid Outby An Engineer, Builtby Aturnpike Company, Used As A Connecting Link Between The Beauti Ful Valley Of Virginia And The World Lying On The Other Side Of The Mountains But It Is Something It Is Wide Enough Now For Two Or Carriages To Pass Each Other On It Without Difficulty It Was Originally A Faint Trail, Growing Ever Distinct With Use, Made By The Buffalo That Went Pushing And Trampling And Trot Ting Along It By The Deer Daintily Picking Their Way Among Some Of Its Obstructions And Leaping Gracefully Over Others By Surly, Slow Moving Bear Taking Their Own Time For The Journey

[Ebook] ↠ Behind the Blue Ridge (1887)  Author Frances Courtenay Baylor –
  • Paperback
  • 316 pages
  • Behind the Blue Ridge (1887)
  • Frances Courtenay Baylor
  • English
  • 09 November 2017
  • 9780548634738