Burma Boy

Burma BoyZwarta I Bezpretensjonalna, Pierwsza Powie , Kt Ra Odmalowuje Losy Czarnych O Nierzy Z Afryki W Drugiej Wojnie Wiatowej.Zima Roku 1944 Przed Paroma Miesi Cami W Rodzinnym Afryka Skim Miasteczku Ali Banan Uczy Si Fachu Kowala Teraz Z Karabinem Przemierza Birm Jest O Nierzem Armii Brytyjskiej Ma Czterna Cie Lat Jego Dru Yna Operuje W D Ungli, Daleko Za Lini Frontu Na Zdradziec Kim Terytorium, W Kt Rym R Wnie Atwo O Kul Japo Skiego Snajpera Jak O Chorob Walcz Cy Na Obcym Kontynencie P Ywi Z Wyczerpania Afryka Scy O Nierze Nie Trac Jednak Ducha.To Powie O Ludziach, Kt Rzy Stworzyli Legend Czindit W Walcz Cej W Indiach Wielonarodowej Brytyjskiej Formacji Specjalnej Na Ywy Opis Jej Straszliwych Zmaga Sk Adaj Si Szale Stwo, Po Wi Cenie I Czarny Humor A Tak E Wzru Sza J Ca Hi Storia Ch Opaka, Kt Ry Prze Y To Wszystko, By Sta Si M Czyzn. Like most Americans, I know almost nothing about the Burmese theater in World War II However, many years ago I did read George McDonald Fraser s excellent memoir of it, Quartered Safe Out Here, so I suppose I do know than most This slender book is set mostly in that theater and, inspired by the author s father s own service in Burma as part of the King s African Rifles, seeks to both remind the reader of its relevance and the role of the many West African troops mostly Nigerian who were sent there to fight on behalf of the Allied forces.The result is a bit of an odd duck a series of sketches than a fully realized narrative The book is littered with nuggets of history, research, and championing that, while interesting don t feel quite like they belong So, for example, we learn enough intriguing details about Janan General Wingate that one s interest is perhaps piqued enough to go seek out biographies such as Christopher Sykes s Orde Wingate and Trevor Royle s Order Wingate Irregular Soldier Or we learn the technical aspects of jungle siegecraft or ambuscade But at the heart of the book is 13 year old soldier Farabiti Ali Banana whose adventures paint a sketch of the trials and tribulations faced by young soldiers like the author s father.Through him, we follow the recruitment, training, and deployment of the West African Rifles to Burma as part of the Chindit forces sent to
In The King s Rife by Biyi Bandele, we are taken into the maddening world of World War II African soldiers who fought for the British against the Japanese in Burma These soldiers were part the Allied Special Forces, known as Chindits, named after the Burmese mythical winged lion While this was a diverse group of soldiers, little is known about the African soldiers and their contributions to the war effort The story also centers on the coming of age of Ali Banana.Ali Banana, a thirteen year old, who is indentured as apprentice to a cruel blacksmith, decides on a whim to follow his older friends as they march off to join the British to fight a war they know little about Ali s superior know that he is underage, but they are not aware how young he really is and is soon shipped off to be trained in India in preparation of being dropped behind enemy lines in the Burma jungle While Ali is a fictional character, the horrors of war we witness through his eyes are all based on factual events.The author s background as a playwright is evident as the novel reads like a play with dialogue setting the scenes for us The scenes were played out in my mind as if I were watching a play One of the most effective uses of dialogue in the book is in ordinary conversations among the men as they wait for the nightly attacks from the Japanese Through these conversations we learn of the differences among the West Africans that are part of the Chindits, in their rel
Cracking good story, by turns comic and horrific, of a Nigerian boy who two years into WW2 enlists with the Royal West African Field Force to fight in Burma for King George Proud, quick tongued, and thirteen years old, he is not easily domesticated to army discipline the comic possibilites are fully exploited Diverted by an inopportune case of small pox to General Orde Wingate s Chindits, a special forces brigade formed to operate behind Japanese lines, Ali Banana has an especially grueling war, marching through an alien landscape from air drop to air drop, engaging and trying to disengage from the Japanese, but always tempered by the camaraderie of his section and his own na vet The seven other members of his section, all West Africans and his family for the duration, make a wonderful ensemble cast.Based on the stories with which Bandele grew up his father had served with the Chindits in Burma as a very young man and buttressed by careful but not obtrusive research, this is a cracking
Burma Boy is a story of a forgotten history the role that West African and specifically Nigerian troops played in winning World War Two, in particular fighting the Japanese in Asia The book appealed to me especially because my great uncle was a Boma boy and fought for the British I enjoyed Bandele s madcap tale his character sketches were hilarious and full of empathy His sentences meandered a little sometimes, and the ending seemed a little rushed
Plotwise like a mix of Good Soldier Svejk and Inglourious Basterds as a troop of Nigerian colonial soldiers are sent into the jungles of Burma to fight the Japanese on their own turf, teach
Every now and then you read some galling statistic about how many American adults think the Germans attacked at Pearl Harbor in 1861, and if you re like me and really, you wouldn t be reading this if you weren t , you always feel a heady mix of horror and amour propre With a historically minded papa and books on WWII in the house than you could shake an Enfield at, I thought I was pretty well up on the conflict, so I was surprised and chagrined to learn of an entire theater I d never heard about Burma, where thousands of Japanese and British troops perished in brutal battle over some of the most inhospitable territory of the war And, like so many discoveries of mine, it came through art one night Turner Classic Movies broadcast the 1956 Best Foreign Film Oscar winner, Kon Ichikawa s haunting The Burmese Harp, about a young Japanese soldier s quest to bury his fallen comrades then, a few weeks later, I picked up The King s Rifle, Nigerian writer Biyi Bandele s stark, spare rendering of one West African soldier s experiences during
A short fictional story set in WWII Burma, is somewhat interesting in its depiction of African Nigerian mostly soldiers fighting for the British It does not convey much about the actual events of the War in that theater, focusing instead on the soldiers who come across as a bit simple in their cultural beliefs, fables, sayings, innocence you might say The central character, from time to time, is the young 13 year old boy who struggles to become a soldier to go to war for the adventure of it With only occasional exceptions, however, the author does not develop the various characters sufficiently to differentiate one from another and fails to make the reader really care about them The author does create a good feel for the nature of jungle warfare, and of course the whole war is hell theme.It s just an okay book in my rating scheme, but I upped it to Three Stars partly because it was short and I didn t waste a huge amount of time to finish it, it had a few instances of humor and some combat action sequences with impact, and some colorful descriptions Jungle flora and fauna, but I would not recommend it to anyone else to read unless they already had a fairly intense interest in, and knowledge of, the combat operations of the British Army in Burma in WWII, and want a bit of color with regard to the little known role
This novel casts light on a little known aspect of the Second World War, the participation of a brigade of Nigerian soldiers in the Burma campaign against the Japanese The author is the son of a veteran of the campaign, and the book is based on his father s account as well as on a number of sources credited in the Author s Note.Ali Banana is a fourteen year old boy who escapes an oppressive apprenticeship in a Nigerian town by lying about his age to enlist in the 12th Battalion, Nigeria Regiment Ali s country boy wonder at the marvels he is exposed to in Asia is the lens through which we see most of the action his wide eyed innocence will be the principal casualty once the shooting starts Under the stress of combat, hunger and disease Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba and Tiv will bond imperfectly in an approxim
I wasn t sure what to expect with Burma Boy I picked it up from a shop s charity box and was inspired to read it from my grandfather s military history fighting in Burma during WW2 Burma Boy is an original story from Biyi Bandele, who presents a different narrative from the usual UK US viewpoint, focussing on the African involvement in the Chindit fighting brigades It follows a smal
I needed a quick read for a slumpbuster and this book performed as required A quick read with moments of humor, The King s Rifle is provides an interesting perspective of Chindit soldiers during world war II Although I felt that the book was factually remiss at times, I enjoyed the light heartedness of a book with such serious events transpiring every couple of pages This book could have easily been YA if not for some inappropriate subject matter Would I highly recommend this book No Should you read it if you have a couple of hours and nothing else to read Yes Reading the story made me feel li

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