When I'm Sleepy

When I'm SleepyThis Enchanting Bedtime Story Will Soothe And Beguile Children And Adults Alike As A Little Girl Wonders What It Would Be Like To Sleep Like Animals Do Curled Up In A Basket, Or Hanging Upside Down, Or Lying In A Hollow Log The Carefully Detailed Pictures Show Her Peacefully Slumbering As She Rests On A Cat S Warm Fur, Hangs Companionably Next To A Bat, And Is Lovingly Held By A Raccoon Although Many Of The Pictures Are Funny, The Overall Atmosphere Of The Book Is Tender, Dreamy And Yawn Very Soporific. I have loved this book for 25 years My mom and I checked it out from the library and accidentally never returned it, so now I m sharing it with my children I started out loving the illustrations because they are beautiful dow
When I m Sleepy by Jane R Howard is a wonderful bedtime story The little girl in the book gets tired and starts fantasizing about going to sleep with different animals in their natural habitat This book is great for young kids to read before bed and be able to see pictures of animals they have probably heard of and see how they sleep in their own habitat just like the child sleeps in their bed at night The pictures in this book are astounding and so life like The st
There isn t a lot of text if you d like a longer bedtime story., but the illustrations in this book are so beautifully detailed Throughout a little girl wonders what it s like to sleep like different animals sleep, and ends in her own bed, surrounded by all of the stuffed
Mommy s review from 11 11 10 This is perfect for bedtime or naptime Perfect for younger babies or older toddlers even Julia is five years old and thought it was the citest thing ever.Lynne Cherry s illustrations match the story perfectly They re simply adorable.The text is minimal and it works The illustrations are a bigger part of the story.In the story the little sleepy girl lays in bed and wishes about all the ways to fall asleep with different animals Curled in a cat bed with a cats tail around her, on a
Right from the cover of the book, you can tell it s a good book with which to tuck little ones into bed The cool colors of Cherry s illustration produce a quiet feeling that matches the soft lines of the sleeping girl and bear The cozy feeling of the illustrations continues throughout the story as the girl, clad in pink footy pajamas, imagines how different types of animals sleep Howard s sparse text is perf
This book runs through a girl s thoughts as she falls asleep, imagining the different ways various animals sleep.As she pictures herself in various forms of sleep, she grows and tired until she admits
I used the Spanish version for a bedtime themed program for both Spanish and bilingual story times In the story, a little girls imagines what it must be like to sleep like a certain animal, a bat, raccoon, etc The charming, peaceful illustrati
It s a very sweet concept, and for some reason the girls are both wide eyed at every drawing It s fun to see that illustrations of a little girl curled up with various animals some that they find scary are pushing the boundaries of their art ideas. I absolutely cannot read this book without yawning My kids use to request it at bedtime constantly and it was a real struggle to get though The wonderful art a perfect match for the gentle, thoughtful tone of the text. My grandson chose this as one of his bedtime stories.

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  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • When I'm Sleepy
  • Jane R. Howard
  • English
  • 17 August 2018
  • 9780140567595