Fly Fishing with Darth Vader

Fly Fishing with Darth Vader One Of The Most Gifted And Entertaining Journalists Writing Today, Matt Labash Can Extract Comic Humanity From Even The Most Wary Politicians, Con Artists, And Rogues While Shedding Wisdom About The Rich Corners Of Our American Experience Fly Fishing With Darth Vader Pulls Together The Best Of Labash S Feature Writing And Includes His Masterful Profiles Of The Outrageous Characters Who Populate America S Periphery, His Loving And Lacerating Portraits Of New Orleans And Detroit, And His Hilarious Tirades On The Health Hazards Of Facebook And The Virtues Of Dodgeball Among Other Must Read Essays, Labash Chronicles Al Sharpton S Eating Habits, Fishes The Snake River With Dick Cheney, And Investigates The Great White Waste Of Time That Is Our Neighbor To The North.Labash Was Born With A Natural Appreciation For The American Scoundrel And A Sense That Life Is One Big Chance For Laughter For Those Reasons, Fly Fishing With Darth Vader Will Be Cherished And Talked About For Years. P.J O Rourke promises the author, Matt Labash, is Hunter S Thompson on acid But wait, Hunter S Thompson was, not infrequently, on some mind altering substance Labash does mention the occasional drink, but no evidence of anything harder here.I did enjoy the essays compiled here, most originally published in The Weekly Standard. The Darth Vader of the title is former Vice President Dick Cheney, and Labash makes him seem like one of the boys I was also surprised to find that Kinky Friedman was an early supporter of civil rights Guess that redneck thing is of an act
Fly Fishing with Darth Vader is a collection of different pieces written by Matt Labash It s probably his first book and in my humble opinion not the best satire comical compilation of essays I have come across The different people covered by the book includes Dick Cheney Darth Vader , Donald Trump, Al Sharpton, A bunch of senators, people who go to porn convention and such I didn t purchase the book, but was a gift to me by a friend In all honesty, I don t think the writing is as funny as the comments on the front and the back suggest it is You may laugh like ones or twice during a chapter, but that is the best However, its a good way to know the details about the life of people like Dick Cheney, Donald Trump and such They have their own little intricacies and it gives a good
A fun, and funny, read collecting Labash s columns from the Aughts His portraits of Marion Barry and Al Sharpton were timeless they pulled no punches but still left the reader with a complete understanding of the subjects and perhaps a touch of sympathy as well His look at the abortive Trump Presidential campaign on the Reform Party ticket was sadly, pathetically prescient Some of the columns seem a little dated, even a decade or so on, but they do remind us of the quaint concerns of that period of time Labash may be the funniest pen on the right and will undoubtedly survive the shuttering of the Weekly Standard He can lampoon the ridiculous but also treat serious subjects and even t
There are some writers whom one wish would just stop already, and turn their attention to un writing what they d already produced so as to aid one in un reading it Stephen King has been one of those for most of the last twenty years, and I would say the same thing about the unhinged inanity of The Atlantic s Andrew Sullivan if I had actually read anything by him since 2005.And then there are books you wish would keep on going, such as Matt Labash s Fly Fishing With Darth Vader Labash usually writes for The Weekly Standard, and most of these pieces were longer articles in that magazine The title piece describes Labash s experience fly fishing with then Vice President Dick Cheney, as both of them are fly fishing enthusiasts There are also articles on the decaying city of Detroit, a variety of political figures and several other characters Not all of those subjects are all that interesting to me in and of themselves and some of them are people I or less dislike but I read every word of Labash s profiles anyway, and I became fascinated in the people or subjects he was covering He knows how to interview, he knows how to profile, and he by gosh and golly knows how to write better than all but a sliver of folks who pound keyboards for payment or pleasure these days.One quibble with the book is that it pretty much reprints the articles as they appeared in The Weekly Standard, so magazine readers will have seen most of them Although it is nice t
Labash has a gift for finding politically absurd situations, like attending the Detroit city council meeting at which they demanded the keys to the city back from a dead Saddam Hussein, got kicked off of a Schwarzenegger campaign bus for challenging the strict hierarchy of who rides of bus 2 vs 3, flunks out of evangelical Christian professional wrestling school, acts as Christopher Hitchens designated driver in Saudi Arabia and spends a day with Louisiana s Edw
That which ran through most if not all the articles essays in the compilation book is the empathy that Labash has for those he interviews This allows him to get up close and personal and dig deep with a true sincere concern for his topic Yet that empathy doesn t get in the
Labash is a reporter for the Weekly Standard who specializes in extended profiles of assorted political celebrities The title is taken from his article about going fly fishing with Dick Cheney, but there are other worthy subjects targets, including Kinky Friedman and Al Sha
Who could resist picking up a book with this title Not me Labash, a writer at The Weekly Standard, is a younger version of Hunter Thompson, with a little Tom Wolfe thrown in.He s a conservative with a liberal sense of humor and skewers right and left icons with non pa
Had high expectations that I would be laugh out loud funny Really felt like the better stories took too long to get set up Perhaps if I loved politics and political figures , this book would have met my expectations. Entertaining collection of his articles Best read in several sittings not meant to be plowed through Very humorous voice and he interviews extremely interesting characters I found the article on Marion Barry to be extremely insightful, funny, yet sad at the condition of this man s life.

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