Vanishing Acts

Vanishing ActsFree Delivery If Order Value From The Seller Is Greater Than 399 Used Book In Good Condition No Missing Torn Pages No Stains Note The Above Used Product Classification Has Been Solely Undertaken By The Seller Shall Neither Be Liable Nor Responsible For Any Used Product Classification Undertaken By The Seller A To Z Guarantee Not Applicable On Used Products. I d never read any Jodi Picoult before I read the first 100 or so pages of this one and didn t want to read any I found it very uneven, and the character of Delia just ran around being shrill, unreasonable, and oblivious, while there are three men in her life who seem to live only to please her Jeez Also, I could tell the answer to the mystery of why the father did what he did was going to be a long time coming the
Never reading Jodi Picoult again If there were just one thing wrong with this book I d give her another try, but read on The number one thing I hated about this book was the Hopi character who has breast cancer and kills herself, without bothering to get any treatment, just jumps off a cliff in front of Delia, who doesn t stop her because if she had to look forward to losing her hair and a breast, she d probably do it too Well good god, hair grows back They can give you new, bigger boobs But no one can restore you to your family and friends If this woman had had a chance to think this over, if someone had bothered to go to the doctor with her and see what her options are, she might have changed her mind We re never given enough information for this to have seemed to have been an informed decision The woman obviously wasn t in any advanced state of cancer, as she hiked out to this remote spot to jump from, and had previously continued every activity of daily living unimpaired Why Picoult would even want to put this in a book calls her entire brain into question The number two thing is Dear Daddy While being held in jail, mind you, not prison, but county jail, Dear Daddy gets involve
Okay, I got to disk 10 and could not listen to this nonsense any There s so much to this book that coulda been left out I m annoyed w all the Hopi Indian stuff and the gruesome prison scenes and the skirting around the truth crap I liked this book in the beginning and the way it was set up switching perspectives but then when it got to Fitz charachter and everytime thereafter I felt ill what man is really like this I thought I was listening to
I have sort of a love hate relationship with Jodi Picoult books I really enjoyed Plain Truth and My Sister s Keeper, but there are definitely things about her writing that irritate me It seems they were apparent in this one I personally think metaphors would be effective and part of a beautiful written piece if they are few and r
I have been working my way through Jodi Picoult s books for the last couple of weeks and was really disappointed by this book I had previously read My Sister s Keeper and The Pact and although I didn t love them I thought they were very well written and the multiple character angle worked in them My main problem with this book was that there was too much going on, from start to finish there were just too many story lines I felt the relationship between Delia, Erik and Fitz was pointless and was really disappointed in the outcome at the end
The Only Way Someone Can Leave You Is If You Let Them Vanishing Acts is yet another well told tale by Jodi Picoult, who is a master at character development Once again telling the story through first person accounts of the main characters, she weaves together a family drama centered on a kidnapping that had occurred 28 years earlier.Thirty one year old Delia Hopkins, aka Bethany Matthews, discovers her loving and devoted father, took her away from her alcoholic mother and her childhood in Scottsdale, AZ, created new identities for himself and his daughter, and raised her on lies in New Hampshire Delia believed her mother was killed in a car accident When her father is arrested for the crime and put on trial back in Arizona, everything Delia knows to be true about her life and her world unravels.This is a quick and easy read Through Delia, who for a living works with a bloodhound named Greta to track and find missing people, we experience the irony of her chosen occupation Through her fiance, Eric, an alcoholic and the lawyer who defends Delia s father, we get a close up look at how alcoholism can destroy alter so many families Through Andrew Hopkins, aka Charlie Matthews, we get an insider s look at life in prison and learn to understand the desperation of a loving father Other pertinent characters include Fitz, the best friend of both Delia and Eric, Sophie, Delia and Eric s young daughter, and Ruthanne, a Native American woman Delia and Sophie me
I have a slight love hate relationship with Jodi Picoult novels There have been a couple which I absolutely adored and several that I didn t enjoy at all This latest read falls firmly somewhere in the middle I enjoyed the initial plot outline, it was something different and I felt empathy for the lead characters By midway, I was beginning to feel a little bored as I knew where the story was heading The writing felt dated By the time the grand court case that Picoult is famous for came to be, I had lost ninety percent of my patience with the book and found myself skimming the long court based conversations.Indeed some of the characters are interesting but too many of their actions felt contrived As so many of this authors books focus on similar topics, she needs to ensure that every single one is brilliant This was just about okay To dat
Page 70, review I ve just barely cracked into this book but I already needed to comment on something I really dislike Picoult s use of different fonts for each character she does the same in My Sister s Keeper If you cannot write a character well enough that it can t stand alone in generic ought to start writing from one perspective only Barbara Kingsolver writes almost all her novels from the view of 3 4 different people per story and keeps the same font She gives them such depth and voice that they are entirely identifiable, no matter the font they re in Page 214, review Qualms 2 3 about this book I really am disliking the inconsistent perspectives the characters are using Some of the characters are narrating in 1st person and some are narrating in 2nd person There s one the father who switches between the two of them It s making me want to smash the book in the garbage disposal Qualm 3 is that this book is just a bit ridiculous, I d love to give a full example of why, but i m not ready to set up my spoiler tags yet. oi vey Page 300, review view spoiler This book is getting increasingly difficult to finish reading I m tiring of the j
I m in a Piccoult zone THis is the second book of hers that I ve read and I ve just started a new one I appreciate the depth of the topics she writes about, this one, the ethics of a father s decision to kidnap his daughter from a staggering, alcoholic mother Was the daughter better off never knowing her mother Was losing her daughter what the mother needed to get clean, the ultimate tough love test Did the father have the right to make that decision for everyone based on his fears and discomforts in the situation Were there other alternatives for a man, a single father, in the seventies Fact is, this is a very real situation that deserves very real attention I think Jodi Piccoult touched on some of the elusive
I ve read better from her It wasn t terrible and I enjoyed parts of it, but all in all there were too many issues that bothered me and left me with an odd feeling Partly, and I ve had the same issue with some of her other books, especially my sister s keeper, where I feel like my idea of poetic justice or how people feel and react are just SLIGHTLY off hers Which is worse than completely off, somehow.Mostly I feel like she crammed a few too many side plots and characters into this I really could have done without the love triangle or Fitz the character whiny, useless, zero agency in the story Same with her mother s santaria While I liked the Native American subplot I m no expert in how it was handled because it really factored into the story and led to insights the MC needed, her mother s witchcraft was just this loose thread that never tied back into the plot Same with the Orange is the new Black stuff with Andrew in prison I get that it showed how he can become a criminal when pushed into it, but the elements just seemed jangled and weird and it kept ripping me out of the story And the worst it has ZERO impact on

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