Cocaine Nights

Cocaine NightsSnort Up Cocaine Nights It S Disorientating, Deranging And Knocks The Work Of Other Avant Garde Writers Into A Hatted Cock Will SelfFive People Die In An Unexplained House Fire In The Spanish Resort Of Estrella De Mar, An Exclusive Enclave For The Rich, Retired British, Centred On The Thriving Club Nautico The Club Manager, Frank Prentice, Pleads Guilty To Charges Of Murder Yet Not Even The Police Believe Him When His Charles Arrives To Unravel The Truth, He Gradually Discovers That Behind The Resort S Civilized Fa Ade Flourishes A Secret World Of Crime, Drugs And Illicit Sex.At Once An Engrossing Mystery And A Novel Of Ideas, Cocaine Nights Is A Stunningly Original Work, A Vision Of A Society Coming To Terms With A Life Of Almost Unlimited Leisure.This Edition Is Part Of A New Commemorative Series Of Ballard S Works, Featuring Introductions From A Number Of His Admirers Including Neil Gaiman, Zadie Smith, John Lanchester And Martin Amis And Brand New Cover Designs. Cocaine Nights isn t something everyone would enjoy It s gritty, sometimes disturbing and dark, and at times almost depressing That said, it s a unique crime novel with a setting I ve never really seen used in this ty
This book started out with tremendous promise That sounds patronising than I would like It blew my mind Is that better I couldn t believe I had avoided this author for so long If you are an avid reader, not reading J.G Ballard is like depriving yourself of air Each sentence glitters with intelligence The rhythm, the poise, the vocabulary, the imagery are all perfect He has a fine sense of character and there is passion beneath his hard, cynical edge But as the book goes along it degenerates Not because of the language, which continues to be perfect perfectly judged and perfectly paced The similes come just as thick and fast as before The words still glitter The images still haunt your brain.But something happens to the credibility J.G Ballard is not like other men He is aloof from ordinary human motivation His psychology is not quite sane He has a pathological empathy with weir
All My Ideas Run to CrimeI ve always enjoyed J G Ballard s novels in the past, but this one lost me about three quarters of the way through.Ballard was prescient about the world of the future in his fiction However, once the premise of this novel resolved into how the expatriate British, French, Swiss and German residents of gated communities on the idyllic Mediterranean coast of Spain turned to crime hard drugs, both taking and dealing, prostitution and pornography to overcome their leisure induced boredom, I felt that it became far fetched and improbable than insightful or persuasive.The novel is as structured and as tightly paced as a crime thriller About a quarter of the way through, it seems to question whether an investigative process can ever determine the truth, especially when everybody, even the police, seems to be deliberately withholding it from you The narrator s brother, Frank, has indicated that he will plead guilty to criminal charges of arson and murder Nobody, let alone the narrator, Charles, believes that Frank committed the crimes, and Charles sets out to prove that he is innocent Surely, Frank has no motive or does he However, instead of finding evidence, Charles gains an understanding of the community and social set in which his brother moved High society is to blame Bit by bit, a la Antonioni s
After enjoying High Rise so much, we went on a bit of a spending spree and bought several Ballard novels to follow it up In part because it was recently the work book club choice although I m not actually a member Cocaine Nights was the first one out of the pile As with High Rise this is the tale of something we think we know, British ex pats moving to Spain, but somehow corrupted beyond our expectations by some trigger event With High Rise it was the loss of power with Cocaine Nights it is the presence of the tennis coach Bobby Crawford.Charles Prentice arrives at Estrella de Mar to rescue his brother Frank, who has been wrongfully imprisoned for the starting a house fire that killed several people in the resort Except when he arrives he is confused to discover that while almost everybody claims to believe Frank couldn t have committed the crime, his brother has already confessed to the police and when Charles presses him to explain himself refuses to allow him to visit any Charles decides to launch his own investigation and is drawn into the community of Estrella de Mar its residents, its clubs and committee
Before reading this, I read a lot of reviews about it and most of them said that yes, it starts well and the pace picks up a bit, but then, some 80 pages in, it starts to lose it Like the author just ran out of fuel and decided to take the flight without it They were sorta right Its beginning is really nice and you get the feeling that this is going to be such an amazing story and wow how much fun you re gonna get. but then there s no enthusiasm any It s just. gone This Estrella De Mar place, or Residencia Costasol, these seem to be such fake places that even I wouldn t believe them Yes, it s dystopian, and by definition it should have an unrealistic feel to it, but that s a bit too much I mean, come on, it s just not possible On to Charles, the main character of this work I felt like he believed them too much And by them I mean anyone When Paula told him anything that would counterfeit what he was previously thinking, he was happy to believe it When Crawford told him he didn t set fire to the Hollinger s house, he believed him He was perfectly happy believing in anyone, so long they gave him the answer he was secretly hoping to hear That was fine, for about 50 pages But then I started thinking Charles was really dumb view spoiler I mean COME ON, didn you see from the beginning t
This will be the first of three reviews that center around a world that has lost its moral and ethical compass I didn t plan this as a reading theme, but it came up Of the three, this is probably the most realistic not hard when the other two are G.K Chesterton s The Man Who Was Thursday, and C.S Lewis That Hideous Strength, and also the most pessimistic This is likely because the other two authors are deeply Christian, and so have a solution for the world s woes Ballard,
The argument goes society is falling apart, and the only thing which can rebuild it is crime Crime wakes people up and ignites community spirit when it s committed against them When it s committed by them, it binds them together, and communities are solidified for good Crime and creativity go together, and always have done The greater the sense of crime, the greater the civic awareness and richer the civilisation Examples given are Shakespeare s London and Medici Florence, where unfortunately crime and corruption were indeed rife So the experiment is set up and is a roaring success People s houses get trashed, and in response local gym memberships go through the roof Then in case you find yourself too seduced by this perfect community, drugs, illicit sex and
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A house fire in the upmarket British expat enclave of Estrella de Mar on the Costa del Sol results in five deaths Frank Prentice, the manager of the popular Club Nautico, pleads guilty and is charged with murder, but no one believes he committed the crime, not even the police Frank s brother Charles travels from the U.K to investigate the crime and find the culprit Charles discovers that Bobby Crawford, Estrella de Mar s amoral and charismatic head tennis coach, is the orchestrator of a society rampant with crime, drugs and adultery Over time Charles becomes increasingly immersed in resort life and less concerned with his brother s plight.Cocaine Nights is a combination of crime thriller and dystopian fiction, in which the plot provides a context for a study of how crime proves to be a catalyst that transforms a stupefied population faced with unlimited leisure into a functioning, cohesive and vibrant community Rife with descri
The travel writer Charles Prentice goes to the resort of Estrella de Mar because his brother Frank is there in prison having confessed to setting fire that killed five people Charles is sure his brother is innocent, and tries to prove it Like Ballard s Running Wild which I have recently finished, this is a mystery of sorts In fact, it probably fits better into the form than than Running Wild The basic plot of Cocaine Nights is that a crime has been committed, and a amateur detective takes the case With this taking place on a resort like this, I think there is some hints of Agatha Christie in this Miss Marple might have visited such a resort on her holiday But of course the tone of the novel is very far from the cozy world of Christie This is much noir This is about the seediness that lurks under the upstanding image of the people that ha

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