500 Essential Cult Movies

500 Essential Cult Movies From Fritz Lang S Futuristic Metropolis1927 To The Big Lebowski And Its Much Loved Dude, These 500 Movies Inspire Passion Among Film Fans Here Is The Most Definitive Collection Of Cinematic Cult Classics Ever Compiled, Complete With Synopses, Reviews, Photos, And Viewing Recommendations The Marquee Showcases Such Favorite Directors As John Carpenter, David Cronenberg Jean Jacques Beineix, David Lynch, And Todd Browning, And The Selection Ranges Across Film History, National Cinemas, And Genres But Each Has One Thing In Common A Devoted And Growing Audience.The 500 Include A Clockwork Orange O Harold And Maude O Liquid Sky O Diva O This Is Spinal Tap O Eraserhead O What S Up, Tiger Lilly O Dr Strangelove O Freaks O Sid And Nancy O And Many, Many A fun read that will undoubtedly introduce the reader to some odd and unusual movies some that I didn t even know existed However, as always happens with books of this sort, the list of 500 movies is inexhaustive and uneven the author s preferences clearly skew the results There s a reason there are so many noir films on this list , the author writes, suggesting their preponderance in the world of cult movies, and devotes an entire chapter to the Western genre which, full disclosure, I skimmed whlle missing so many genuinely notable cult films Missing are classics from El Topo and Un Chien Andalou to 8
With succinct synopses and reviews for 500 cult movies, it is a pleasure to browse through the ratings and numerous images from cover to cover The top 10 for each genre nicely gives one a selection to add to the to watch list. Being a movie buff myself, I found myself engrossed and entertained by this novel It also made me interested enough to watch several fantastic movies I had never heard of before Accessible to both movie lovers and those uninterested in the subject material. Interesting but many of the reviews made me determined never to see the films concerned Also, the star rating for many of the films I have seen were markedly different from what I would award.

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  • 500 Essential Cult Movies
  • Jennifer Eiss
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  • 24 August 2017
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