A Clash of Kings

A Clash of KingsSinds De Dood Van Koning Robert Woeden De Opvolgingstwisten Om De IJzeren Troon Steeds Feller Voort Zo Schuwt Robert Oudste Broer Geen Middel Om Zijn Aanspraken Te Bekrachtigen, Van Zwarte Magie Tot Broedermoord Vooralsnog Zonder Resultaat Duidelijk Is Dat Koningin Cersei Alles Op Alles Zal Zetten Om Te Heersen Tot Roberts Zoon Volwassen Is Een Hele Opgave Want Terwijl De Vijand Oprukt Naar De Hoofdstad, Heeft Cersei Haar Handen Vol Aan De Vele Hofintriges Daarbij Is Niet Duidelijk Wat De Geslepen En Altijd Manipulerende Kobold Tyrion Lannister Precies In Zijn Schild Voert.De Noordlanden, Waar Als Vanouds De Starks Heersen, Hebben Intussen Eigenmachtig Een Koning Benoemd, Robb Stark Met Zijn Legers Trekt Hij Op Tegen De Perfide Lannisters Om De Moord Op Zijn Vader Te Wreken Maar Daarbij Blijft Zijn Erfgoed Vrijwel Onverdedigd Achter, Open Voor Een Verrassingsaanval. This isn t going to be a cutesy review I am well into the third book I fear that if I don t blurt out my thoughts about this one soon, then all the books in the series are going to meld together in my memory Here are my three main impressions 1 Bleak, dreary, and dismalDon t expect any happiness in this book Martin is merciless with his characters And if you do see a bright light, don t trust it One character learned she won t have to marry an abusive, horrible guy She and I were elated Then someone pointed out that her ex fianc could still rape her as he desires and few would be able to stop him Darn.2 Eeny, meeny, miny, moeIt occurred to me halfway through a big battle that I didn t know who I was rooting for The defender is a cruel king and has a tenuous claim to the throne, but I like a few of the characters in his castle and feared what would happen to them if they lose The attacker would probably be a fair king, yet he is cold and distant He has a better claim than most to the throne However I doubt he could hold it for long Precisely who did I want to win It was not a problem of apathy Martin drew the characters and politics so craftily that I just could not decide Honestly, instead of picking, I sat back and enjoyed the twists and turns.3 Better keep up The scope o
Instead of writing a review, I m just going to post a list of the facial expressions I made while reading this book WINTERFELLLLLLL obey your nerds is what i am learning.srsly i was never going to read this series, but once i started it is like a drug and yes i watched season two before i read this book, but i am not going to wait for seasons 3 4 to read the next one, no way, because i am hooked and I MUST KNOW and if any one of you people spoils the third book for me, i am going to make one of those torture devices with the bucket, the rat, and the torch, and it is bye bye stomach for you i see now why it takes him so long to write these things this is the densest and fully realized world i have ever read martin just plants these little seeds, and they sometimes take hundreds of pages to sprout but when they do oh my word and there are so many little details, so much backstory, so many overlaps and connections, and history and so much depth to this world it feels so genuine it is like my beloved donald harington where he created an entire town full of people and then just set them loose and let them live their lives, and his touch is so light that it feels like he is just writing down his observances
It was right about at the beginning of George R R Martin s A Clash of Kings, the second book in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, that I admitted to myself that I wanted to quit my job and everything else in my life so I could stay home and read all day I resisted the urge I m still not quite sure if I made the right decision.You think you know someone, and then you read the second book about her Or him Though, for the most part, the changes of the hers were exciting for me in this book Minus the most clever and entertaining character to waddle through the pages of a fantasy book, who will go unnamed so I don t spoil the fact that he lived through the first book Okay, I may have given it away a little It s not that the characters went through any unrealistic shifts it s just that Martin let us get to know them even better and we got to watch how they responded to new situations Or at least I did You may not have even read A Clash of Kings yet Your loss I think enjoyed the first book becaus
A 83% Very Good Notes So much tension builds from uncertainty Nearly everyone is helpless, and so the resolution is always unpredictable. You can find the full review and about this book on my blog I HAVE NO WORDS,just as the first one,perfection.After Game of Thrones ending,with the head on the spike and the naked mother of dragons with her dragons in her body,you can imagine my level of excitement.I recall reading this in 6 days,and I am proud about that.For my opinion the first one was better than this,but still this one was almost as enjoyable as the first.My favorite is Daenerys Targaryen,I just like to read about her and the cities she goes.She is a badass hot character and you know I am a sucker for that.The scene with Unsullied was kind of predictable,but still awesome.Also in this one I started to like Jamie,I don t know,I just don t care about the incest any,and I am glad I got to see him as a own character because in the King s Landing he was always in the shadow of Cercei.And the ending,like what the hell was that,the white walkers I must admit,I got a Walking Dead vibe there.I thought Winter coming would bring like Giants as high as the Night s Watch wall with spikes and stuff,but white walkers in horses That was like the excitement for Hangover 3 if you know what I mean ,but still I am so deep in this series,I can t wait to read the next book Already read it grins Okay so you what you get from reading this My favori
If long Fantasy stories have fundamental rules, they probably go like this 1 create a rich world, 2 put interesting characters in it, and 3 mix up some sequence of interesting things happening around them, happening to them, and being done by them Martin s first novel in this series, A Game of Thrones, fulfilled all three swimmingly He forged one of the deepest Fantasy realms since Tolkien, with a mythology, culture and history He spun characters of a few key families and then scattering them throughout that world and by the mid point getting nearly all of them into some form of political, romantic or military intrigue Active scenes illustrated the world and put it into motion, largely through political intrigue and the build to war.This second book takes a mallet to what the first set up, dulling and dumbing down the world and putting the majority of the characters into boring or redundant situations where they do not escape the inertia of wasted prose until the final third of the book Where the slow build to great promise was acceptable in the first, the sharp drop into bleak and sluggish chapters here is deeply disheartening.Martin s prose drops off noticeably Fewer scenes generate atmosphere, and often it seems downright immature with sub JK Rowling lines like, The shame of that hurt worse than the pain, and the pain hurt a lot There is
5 3 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 30 2015 15 2015 Re ReadI freaking finished it I have to admit I have watched, well own the boxsets, of all the shows up to the current one I can t watch is because I don t have HBO But I digress There really isn t much that I can say that hasn t already been said etc and so on I will just add a few excerpts and some pictures and some thoughts That stuff I love Jon Snow It seems like he didn t have much in the book A few of the characters I love didn t have a lot of stuff going on in this book But they will be back EXCERPT The Dothraki named the comet shierak qiya, the Bleeding Star The old men muttered that it omened ill, but Daenerys Targaryen had seen it first on the night she burned Khal Drogo, the night her dragons had awakened It is the herald of my coming, she told herself as she gazed up into the night sky with wonder in her heart The gods have sent it to show me the way.I love Daenerys EXCERPT Arya looked down at her ragged clothes and bare feet, all cracked and callused She saw the dirt under her nails, the scabs on her elbows, the scratches on her hands Septa Mordane wouldn t even
Everyone seems to agree that George R.R Martin and A Song of Ice and Fire are titans in the genre of Epic Fantasy True, true Everyone also seems to agree that the best characters are Tyrion, Arya, and Jon Snow They are indeed wondrous characters They are heroes They fail many times, but in a way they are infallible they are so incredibly sympathetic, they are always trying to do the right thing, they have kindness empathy bravery loyalty In fact nearly every voice in the first two novels is of this type the HERO Sansa is one exception however she is a victim, and I found her perspective to be very uncomfortable But I found the tale of the novel s other non hero, barely even an anti hero, to be particularly compelling Theon Greyjoy You re the bomb, Theon.The kid is an asshole, a smug and irritating asshole He thinks he s smarter than everyone else He makes plans upon plans that seemed based entirely around the idea that because he is thinking these thoughts, they will no doubt occur He is arrogant beyond belief He has an annoying, self pleased smirk whenever another character describes him He is a rough sex loving woman

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