Betsy-TacyBest Friends ForeverThere Are Lots Of Children On Hill Street, But No Little Girls Betsy S Age So When A New Family Moves Into The House Across The Street, Betsy Hopes They Will Have A Little Girl She Can Play With Sure Enough, They Do A Little Girl Named Tacy And From The Moment They Meet At Betsy S Fifth Birthday Party, Betsy And Tacy Become Such Good Friends That Everyone Starts To Think Of Them As One Person Betsy TacyBetsy And Tacy Have Lots Of Fun Together They Make A Playhouse From A Piano Box, Have A Sand Store, And Dress Up And Go Calling And One Day, They Come Home To A Wonderful Surprise A New Friend Named TibEver Since Their First Publication In The S, The Betsy Tacy Stories Have Been Loved By Each Generation Of Young Readers The Betsy Tacy series may be the most influential set of books I ever read I reread them over and over, because they never lose their beauty Betsy Tacy is the first book in the delightful series by Maud Hart Lovelace Five year old Betsy longs for a best friend and finds one when Tacy moves in across the street Together they have many adventures, including going on picnics, selling sand, playing with paper dolls, going calling on neighbors, climbing The Big Hill, and going to school for the first time The Betsy Tacy books were highly autobiographical and Lovelace perfectly captures the innocence and magic of childhood Betsy s imaginative stories, such as riding a feather, are delightful Even though they are children, Betsy and Tacy s lives are, as in real life, not always happy The death of Tacy s baby sister, left tears in my eyes yet joy at the innocence of youth as Betsy and Tacy leave an Easter Egg in a tree with the belief that a bird will carry it up to Heaven and give it to Tacy s sister If you read this book and love it, please read the series It will be books that you will never forget as long as you live I also recommend the Betsy Tacy Companion which is an amazing book that disects each book and compares it to it s real life counterparts, including pictures of the real Betsy, Tacy, Tib and all the gang I had the pleasure of visiting Deep Valley aka Mankato, Minnesota for a Betsy Tacy convention back in 1996 It was incredible to step back in time and enter Betsy s world We toured the city and I was actually able to step foot in Tacy s bedroom and sit on the famous bench at the top of the big hill It was truly a life altering experience I have to thank my sister, Julie for introducting these books to me and changing my life It s obvious how much these books mean to me My first born child was named Tacy Kelly Maloy Please read and enjoy They are a treasure My all time favorite series as a child I read every book in the Betsy Tacy and Tib series multiple times and fervently wished I lived on Hill St with them at the turn of the 20th century I am so obsessed with this series that I want to visit Mankato, MN and see all things Maud Hart Lovelace related Maybe I can force my daughter to get interested in this series when she is old enough Then, I ll have an excuse to read them all over again.Sacrilege that it is for me to say this, as a child of the 1970s, I preferred this series to the Little House books even though I read all of them multiple times as well I suppose I am just much of a bourgeoise Edwardian than I am a pioneer gal. So sweet. Thank you to Goodreads friends Ginny Constance I saw Betsy Tacy among your favorites listed on your profile pages and borrowed this book from the library even by chance got the original 1940 edition which was pretty cool.How did I miss this series of Betsy Tacy books when I was a child I would have really enjoyed them The titles Heaven to Betsy and Betsy in Spite of Herself do sound familiar so maybe I did read those I don t remember.This Betsy Tacy book is so well written, and the illustrations are wonderful too It certainly describes a innocent time no worries about child kidnapping here and it shows a mostly idyllic childhood for these two girls, although the story does not shy away from life s difficult parts either I loved the depiction of the friendship Captured so well how imaginative young children can make such good use in play of such items as old appliance, in their case piano, boxes I grew up well after these girls and in a city, but I recognized the rhythms and the specifics of these girls play so well from my own childhood Adored Betsy s storytelling Note for modern kids Reading it for the first time in my fifties and in 2007, I did notice the sexist language, but it would be obvious to young readers that this story took place a long time ago, and I m sure that many of my favorite books from my childhood have the same issue And I d happily still recommend all of them. 9 2012 This book gets better every time I read it 12 2009 I have loved this book so long I can t remember when first I read it I certainly didn t have two numbers in my age I ve re read it countless times, and every time I ve read it as an adult, I marvel at Lovelace s skill Told from the perspective of a five year old girl, it rings true on every possible level Read from the perspective of a forty five year old woman, it s poignant and heartbreaking and nostalgic and delightful This is my first re read since I made the journey back to Mankato the real life Deep Valley and it s pretty wonderful to read about the houses in which I have stood, tears in my eyes I cannot recommend this book, and the books which follow it, enough. There were a few books I skipped reading in my local library, and this was one Most of the books I skipped were boys sports, or monster books, but also I tended to skip anything illustrated by Lois Lenski Illustrations were too integral to the story for me, and if I didn t like the cover art or the frontispiece, I often wouldn t read a book until talked into it Yep, I missed some good books that way I still haven t read the Limberlost books, which I remember taking down, looking at, and hating the drawings so much back it would go on the shelves.Betsy Tacy was another that went back on the shelves, probably because in the first one, the characters are not quite five While I didn t mind reading about kids younger than me, that was too young they couldn t possibly have the adventures I craved.I wish someone had given me those books at six or so, because I would have loved them Though I would have sobbed my heart out when Baby Bee dies, as I did when Ginger died in Black Beauty, and I worried myself sick over the Five Little Peppers when sickness struck But old me can appreciate the imagination of this gentle book, the vivid details, the kindness, the faithful depiction of childhood logic when the kid isn t warped by PTSD I loved stories about normal kids, when I was young they were so alien, so comforting, though I d soon crave adventure again Or correct, agency.The Baby Bee chapter is so simply written, but in its way almost as lovely as Piper at the Gates of Dawn in Wind in the Willows.Now I have to read the others, and skim my eye past the illos, which I still don t like, but at least I know why the figures are out of proportion, like paper dolls, the faces squashed Lenski was better with her folksy houses and settings. Has it really been seventeen years since my first and hitherto only reading of this book This time around I liked it better than I did back then Back in 2000, I was eager to start a series so many of my book friends loved, but I was impatient to find myself reading a book about 5 year olds, and was a little underwhelmed Rereading it now after reading some of the later books in the series multiple times , I appreciate how beautifully layered the series is, with each successive book showing a broadening perspective as the girls grow up And so, being ready now to appreciate this one on its own terms and perhaps being older and wiser I found it just lovely. A delightful book that celebrates the innocence and imagination of childhood This book is written for a very young audience and makes a perfect read aloud When I was little, all I wanted was a friend like Tacy I ve said it before and I ll say it again growing up is okay, but nothing compares to the magic of childhood when simple things can become most adventurous and exciting This book is the first in a series of ten books about Betsy plus two books about other characters in which she is mentioned The reading level and plots DO increase as the books progress and the characters mature So don t give up on the series if you are an older reader and find this one boring Though I still think it is charming This is a series that no childhood should be without. We loved this story Two young friends meet just as they are about to start school Apart from the absence of cars and the fact that however rural your home might be 5 yr olds don t go off alone together these days, much of this book could have been in present time Imaginative play, family life, happiness, sadness and the beauty of the passing seasons. I wish I had an innate love for the Betsy Tacy books as so many of my friends do I honestly do not remember encountering them in my childhood, so either we did not read them or they didn t stick even then, so I have none of the childhood warm fuzzies that I do for some other series of yesteryear Reading the first book now as an adult I did like it, and appreciate it, but it didn t resonate with me the way many other books of similar style have done It just felt a bit sparse and characters just weren t vivid enough for me I found the parents especially vague and, as I think back, many of the other family type stories I have connected with have mother father or other adult figures that really do make an impression That said, it is also rather beautiful in its simplicity and so much of it is wonderful I love the way the friendship developed and how we learn that first impressions are no always correct I love that Tacy is always a little bit shy or reserved, and that it s not a big deal or something wrong with her I love Betsy s imagination and her stories Their play takes me back to my girlhood when I would love to play paper dolls or dress up like the grown ups, that sort of thing It s also a very gentle book, good for those children who do not want peril and the like The chapter about the Easter eggs is surprisingly tragic view spoiler Tacy s baby sister dies hide spoiler

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