The Quran / القرآن الكريم

The Quran / القرآن الكريم The Quran English Pronunciation K R N Arabic Al Qur N, IPA Qur A N , Literally Meaning The Recitation , Also Transliterated Qur An, Koran, Al Coran, Coran, Kuran, And Al Qur An, Is The Central Religious Text Of Islam, Which Muslims Believe To Be The Verbatim Word Of God Arabic , Allah The Quran Is Composed Of Verses Ayat That Make Up 114 Chapters Suras Of Unequal Length Which Are Classified Either As Meccan Or Medinan Depending Upon The Place And Time Of Their Claimed Revelation Muslims Believe The Quran To Be Verbally Revealed Through The Angel Jibr L Gabriel From God To Muhammad Gradually Over A Period Of Approximately 23 Years Beginning On 22 December 609 CE, When Muhammad Was 40, And Concluding In 632 CE, The Year Of His Death.Muslims Regard The Quran As The Main Miracle Of Muhammad, The Proof Of His Prophethood And The Culmination Of A Series Of Divine Messages That Started With The Messages Revealed To Adam, Regarded In Islam As The First Prophet, And Continued With Suhuf Ibrahim Scrolls Of Abraham , The Tawrat Torah Or Pentateuch Of Moses, The Zabur Tehillim Or Book Of Psalms Of David, And The Injil Gospel Of Jesus The Quran Assumes Familiarity With Major Narratives Recounted In Jewish And Christian Scriptures, Summarizing Some, Dwelling At Length On Others And In Some Cases Presenting Alternative Accounts And Interpretations Of Events The Quran Describes Itself As A Book Of Guidance, Sometimes Offering Detailed Accounts Of Specific Historical Events, And Often Emphasizing The Moral Significance Of An Event Over Its Narrative Sequence. Have other people noticed that the Qur an is listed here as being by Allah, whereas the Bible is by Anonymous If I were a Christian, I think that would leave me feeling just a little annoyed._________________________________________Since I posted this review, the entry has been changed, and the Qur an is now also listed as being by Anonymous Well, whoever did that is a braver man or woman than I am I admire your chutzpah So to speak._________________________________________And now it s Have other people noticed that the Qur an is listed he
This book was one of the most amazing books that I have ever read It changed my whole perspective on the muslim people.I had a very positive view of the Muslim people and their beliefs after reading this. what I learned from this book is that Islam is NOT what they say it is in the media and that it is also not what the radicals claim it is The Qur an is the perfect companion to our own Holy Bible. 1 2 who am I to say my opinion about this Miracle Before you read on, it is important that you read and understand this THIS REVIEW IS WRITTEN BY AN ATHEIST I DO NOT SUGAR COAT NOR DO I WRAP MY OPINIONS IN COTTON TO PROTECT THE DELICATE AND OR EASILY OFFENDED RELIGIOUS READER IF YOU FOLLOW THE ISLAMIC FAITH AND GET OFFENDED WHEN YOUR HOLY BOOK AND RELIGION RECEIVES CRITICISM READ NO FURTHER YOU WILL NOT LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE QURAN CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNE
A book for life, a book for the next life, a book for all eternity, unspoken by man, engulfed by humanity but indiscribable of any earthly tongue I cannot let you understand it, but i can invite you to feel it God Anonymus God Anonymus My Noble Qur an is Arabic with Meanings translated to Portuguese Br.Amazing interesting and free of misteries.Islam goes straight to the point, based on science and logic Bi sm All h ar ra m n ar ra m in the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.