Brother & Sister

Brother & SisterFrom The Beloved Film Star And Best Selling Author Of Then Againa Heartfelt Memoir About Her Relationship With Her Younger Brother, And A Poignant Exploration Of The Divergent Paths Siblings Lives Can TakeWhen They Were Children In The Suburbs Of Los Angeles In The S, Diane Keaton And Her Younger Brother, Randy, Were Best Friends And Companions They Shared Stories At Night In Their Bunk Beds They Swam, Laughed, Dressed Up For Halloween Their Mother Captured Their American Dream Childhoods In Her Diaries, And On Camera But As They Grew Up, Randy Became Troubled, Then Reclusive By The Time He Reached Adulthood, He Was Divorced, An Alcoholic, A Man Who Couldn T Hold On To Full Time Work His Life A World Away From His Sister S, And From The Rest Of Their FamilyNow Diane Is Delving Into The Nuances Of Their Shared, And Separate, Pasts To Confront The Difficult Question Of Why And How Randy Ended Up Living His Life On The Other Side Of Normal In Beautiful And Fearless Prose That S Intertwined With Photographs, Journal Entries, Letters, And Poetry Many Of Them Randy S Own Writing And Art This Insightful Memoir Contemplates The Inner Workings Of A Family, The Ties That Hold It Together, And The Special Bond Between Siblings Even When They Are Pulled Far Apart Here Is A Story About Love And Responsibility About How, When We Choose To Reach Out To The People We Feel Closest To In Moments Of Difficulty And Loss Surprising Things Can Happen A Story With Universal Echoes, Brother Sister Will Speak Across Generations To Families Whose Lives Have Been Touched By The Fragility And Otherness Of Loved Ones And To Brothers And Sisters Everywhere Actress Diane Keaton writes a transparent memoir about growing up in the 1950 s and the closeness between her and her younger brother Randy Randy was her best friend growing up, which is evidenced by the many diaries and journal that their mother kept But were the diaries a true reflection of their childhood or were they driven by a mother s love and her desire to see her son as a healthy, functioning adult Because Randy was anything but healthy and functioning He was a troubled man, whose inner torments drove him to drink and isolate himself This memoir is the poetic reflection of a childhood by a loving sister who chooses to take the deep dive into family history for the real truth I read an advance copy and was not compensated. This is a very tearful book about the relationship between Diane Keaton and her younger brother, John Randolph Hall, known as Randy I am still choked up after finishing this beautiful memoir tonight As kids, Randy and Diane were close but as he grew up, Randy became troubled and never quite fit in the world, becoming an alcoholic and relying on their parents for support As Diane looks back upon her life with Randy, she includes journal entries, letters, photographs and artwork This is her tribute to Randy, and, most importantly, as an advocate for mental health consciousness Pick it up with tissues. We know her as spunky, eccentric, quirky and free spirited We love her fashion sense and decorating expertise and admire her longevity in film Her newest book, BROTHER AND SISTER, gives a rare, inside look into the upbringing of Diane and her younger siblings, Randy, Robin and Dorrie This book focuses on the complicated relationship with her brother, two years her junior Diane and Randy were born in a typical 1950 s middle class home to a doting mother and a hard working father As their family income increased, so did the size of their homes and their family unit Randy is a deeply passionate poet many of his beautiful works are woven within the book and an artist with an equally complicated mind Creative genius is often disguised as disturbed or peculiar and such was the life that Randy led Succumbing to alcohol as a task master, Randy s familial relationships crumbled What is the responsibility of a family member when another continually pushes you away This is a common question asked by all matters of families As Keaton s career began to rise, she shares of the extreme difficulties and loss she was experiencing in her family home She wrote of specific movies movies I have watched and loved and what was simultaneously going on with her family I see the movies in a completely different light now, imagining the difficulty she must have had while trying to work PLUS care for extended family members As so many of us are want to do, she asks herself if she did enough Was I too closed off Should I have done Questions that haunt many of us while dealing with dysfunction of any kind I read this book in just a few sittings, but it is not an easy read Keaton s voice is heard within each story regaled Her awkward optimism evident throughout As a reader it is a bit jolting when we fully realize how everyday our on screen heroes are This book shines a spotlight on that truth Perhaps this book will help you better understand that you are not alone That family is not always easy and yet, as the years climb, our desire for understanding and our acceptance of reality reaches a peaceful coexistence I appreciate Keaton s willingness to lift the veil on such a beautifully entangled area of her life I am certain many will find a sense of commonality among her words. I really enjoyed this book It was an interesting look at a brother through his sisters eyes It was a quick read. I really enjoy Diane Keaton s writing and this book was no exception Beautiful and heartbreaking. Entertaining book Real life Thanks to author, publisher and Goodreads for the win of this book While I got the book for free, it had no bearing on the rating I gave it. A beautifully written memoir Diane Keaton writes with such honesty, you feel like you are sitting across from her as she tells you the story.

[Ebook] Brother & Sister By Diane Keaton –
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • Brother & Sister
  • Diane Keaton
  • English
  • 20 September 2019
  • 9780451494504