Blossom in Winter

Blossom in WinterPetra, A Seventeen Year Old Dutch American And The Only Heir Of Finance Tycoon Roy Van Gatt, Has Always Had Her Life Rigorously Planned And Supervised By Her Strict Father From Her Internship At His Hedge Fund Firm On Wall Street To Her Degree In Economics At Columbia University, Petra Is All Set For A Bright Future In FinanceBut Everything Falls Apart When She Develops A Dangerous Relationship With Her Father S Business Partner And Utmost Confidant, Alexander Van Dieren A Dutch Nobleman, Known As An Unrepentant Heartbreaker, Twenty Three Years Her Senior, And Who Is, Above All Else, Her Beloved GodfatherA Twisted Obsession For Some, Unconditional Love For Others, But One Thing Is Sure It S A Relationship That Might Cost Them Everything This is it I can t believe I m embarking on this crazy adventure of becoming an author When I was a teen, I used to be that girl with glasses hidden in the library of my high school reading forbidden love stories, full of twists and turns, and aspiring one day to become the author to one of them But as life goes on, I left those dreams behind and my inner authoress asleep Well, today, I finally completed my Goodreads Author profile thank you Hugo and Mery to become my first followers and created the page for my debut novel Blossom in Winter , a slow burn romance inspired on the forbidden and tragic Romeo Juliet tale but contemporary and darker, to be published October 28 A huge thank you to Ann Leslie, my development editor and former exec at HarperCollins, your help was beyond priceless, and to Tiffany, my copyeditor Both are incredible and I recommend them wholeheartedly.I hope this book will bring you many emotions from fun, joy, sadness, angst, etc because this is what great books do Feel free to join our group on Facebook Blossom in Winter by Melanie Martins where we discuss the behind the scenes and Enjoy the ride You are curious Very curious I love it Never stop being curious, Ms Van Gatt Curiosity is what makes life exciting Ohhhh this was good Thank You Aisha First and foremost, let me explain you my feelingsI cannot understand how someone cannot enjoy this book Petra is so strong and smart This book has got everything strong heroine, pure love, cute romance hello They go to Rome and Brazil , and dark and twisted erotica.This book doesn t follow a typical age gap romance formula which makes it quite original and real This is no fairytale, this is raw, forbidden, wrong, and beautiful Oh and this book is dark really I thought I had the storyline all figured it out and BOOM I was wrong This review contains some spoilers Since I love gifs, let me explain you my journey with this book.First 2 Chapters We meet Petra Van Gatt and Emma Hasenfratz, Petra s bestie and a crazy bitch Oh, and her overprotective father, tycoon billionaire, Roy Van Gatt.Then Chapter 3 we meet our hero or anti hero Alex This is where things get really interesting Because we get his POV too And we get to know how he is with other women and how he is a well, not gonna spoil He disappeared during 10 years and one day he comes back to New York and Petra is pretty mad at him since he is her godfather and he disappeared during all this time without saying a word.The plot is sweet and innocent between the two They are really cute as friends He never has any sexual thought about her during the whole time we have his POV He loves her as a friend goddaughter and I love it That s why this book is so brilliant, because we feel the chemistry, the cuteness, the affection between the two, but it s not sexual Their love is not sexualized I read some 1 star haters, and I m sorry, I don t agree Love is not sexual Sex and love are two different things He loves her but doesn t want to be sexually involved with her Until one day or one night in Rome Big Mistake.But for me, I was already likeAnd then, everything starts intensifying From a cute, innocent romantic story we start progressively falling into a dark erotic oneUntil one mind blowing scene happens Yes, you know which one if you read the book.And I got pretty pissed off But then, another one happens The fight back one And I m all over the place And then PLOT TWIST And everything changes.The next couple of chapters, I was dropping some tears because I knew it won t end well Me at Chapter 35 when I realize the book is over.Is there violence in this book YesIs there some abusive scenes Yes.Is it a great book Hell yeah Book 2, come to me Please This book is in a class by itself erotic, dark, twisted, forbidden, wrong, you name it And I love it UPDATE I paid 7,99 for my ebook copy But I received a first version of this book back in September 2019.I created a Goodreads profile just because of this book See, I like to read, but I m not much into writing reviews I like dark romances so when the publisher was giving this ebook to members of our club, I, of course, accepted And let me tell you Oh boy I couldn t put it down My friends who also got a copy couldn t either They warned me But I thought I could stop The Prologue got me hooked straight away and I had to read and until it was 4 AM and I had to wake up at 7 for work Yeah, great So warning to everyone who wants to read it don t start at night Start in the morning because you will want to spend all day on it.First and foremost Read the disclaimer There is a big one in the beginning So before you get all shocked, read it This book is graphic, emotionally charged, provocative, and controversial aka it s gonna trigger some folks For me, bring it all I loved this book and every single scene just as many many other people But for others, it might be ick , disgusting , and all, because age gap just in case you didn t know Oh, and the D s dynamics between Mr Van Dieren and Ms Van Gatt if you don t know what it means, google it So for those of you who don t like this type of dynamics in romances, pack your stuffs, and leave the room Also, I will not debate or engage in any it s an abusive relationship , he is grooming her kind of bla bla, so don t bother to bring your hate on my review Thank You For me, this book was a goddamn roller coaster Some said better than FSoG, and I agree The characters are deep and complex, and you might not grasp their personalities if you try to put them in boxes.I read it in one day and one night And it has 36 chapters I devoured it I had so much fun This is the first of a series so I just hope the author will release the next one very soon 3 If my father is known to have a devoted network of friends and minions at his service, I seem to be the one working the hardest to avoid his displeasure I love Petra s character Despite doing everything to please her strict father and playing the perfect and mature daughter, we understand since the beginning that Ms Van Gatt craves for freedom, new experiences, and maybe some romantic adventures I don t want to do any spoiler because one must simply read it, but I will say this hate it or love it, this book will consume you, bring you a lot of mixed emotions, and, at the end, you ll either want or trash about it For those of you not used to read erotic romances, please read the disclaimer at the beginning Really Do it It helps to manage expectations Otherwise the graphic although wonderfully written erotic scenes might shock you and make your cheeks flush just like another reader pointed out And I m not talking about missionary sex here Nope But if you want to give it a read with an open mind, then, let me tell you, it s totally worth it You are welcome Did someone say a dark and intense forbidden story between a young heiress and her godfather Let me be clear I read nearly every single review, from 5 to 1 stars here And when I realized that the main complaint was the dark erotica and how the relationship was too intense, my decision was quickly made.I clicked I read And now I m a fool because I need book 2 in my life and I don t have it But back to the review No Insta Lust sex checkReal feelings and affection between H h checkForbidden and inner conflicts checkAngst Drama checkSteamy scenes checkRomance checkBook boyfriend CheckDark provocative scenes CheckPLOT TWIST no one will see coming CheckThere is also no cheating Our H h are very loyal to each other once they are together I do not stand cheating in my books MC cheating is a big NO This story won t be everyone s cuppa, from the age gap relationship to the fact they are goddaughter godfather he is her father s best friend and partner and the dark erotica at the end But honestly I found Alex soooo refreshing He looked at Petra with affection, love, tenderness, and I was swooning over it Their first kiss wasA slow burn might come as boring for some but it s full of romantic scenes, fast paced, and we learn a lot of interesting things about Petra and Alex during this time I really wanted them to be together But it s not an easy road to get there Alex and Petra knows perfectly that they should never cross the line mainly once we know why he disappeared for 10 years.My favorite scene in the whole book to be honest was their first time It s without a doubt the most beautiful and passionate first time I ve read so far Again, we feel how he loves her and I was swooning againFrom an innocent cute plot we slowly get to daring and daring scenesAnd then the very controversial one if you can t stand dark erotica, just skip this scene lool And then the ending was heartbreaking Blossom in Winter by Melanie Martins is a beautfiully wrought and expertly woven story of forbidden love, desire, dark pasts, and the lengths one will go to protect everytring that matters most to them This romantic thriller deals with the incredible satisfaction and happiness that comes with falling in love and the consequences of forbidden relationships The story is fast paced, engaging, and heart wrenching from start to finish The characters are all so unique and compelling and they really tug at the readers heart I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel so much so that I devoured the entire 391 pages in less than two days I honestly cannot wait for the sequel to come out so I can see what happens next to the character and where their choices take them. I don t even have words, got to be one of the most intense books I ve read in a while. just wow I can not wait for book 2 Like a damn roller coaster, filled with so many twists and turns you ll be glued to the pages till it s over I think darkness and everything it represents can be pretty exciting Don t you think Petra Van GattI mean Aisha told me it was dark and intense I cannot say I wasn t warned Until 80% or so the plot was cute and innocent, spicy yes, but mostly innocent But once Petra meets the Van Dierens family, I was all over the place This is indeed a thriller, filled with mystery, dark pasts, secrets, weird rules, and a big PLOT TWIST no one would see coming The end is heart wrenching, I felt so sad for little Petra and for what happened to her I felt so connected with her Great book and highly addictive Spoiler Free Review Melanie Martin s Blossom in Winter is a captivating page turner of a book that you literally will not put down I call it a binge read because you wont want to read a few chapters and come back to it later you want and even NEED to see what happens nect Melanie s attention to detail and flowing narration takes you on a journey so unpredictable and satisfying that when you finish the book itself youre only disappointment with it is that it ends at all I LOVED THIS BOOK When I read the blurb I loved it immediately and I couldn t wait to dive in From seven years old Petra knew her heart belonged to her godfather Alexander Her parents took it so seriously, hearing their 7yr daughter profess her love for her godfather telling him not to marry anyone but her After seeing Petra s reaction at such a young age, her parents decided to remove Alexander from her life Petra s father still remained friends with him through the years, and Alexander returned to NY 10years later and Petra heart started fluttering and her feelings slowing started coming back for her godfather Petra s character is smart, intelligent, shy and strong willed and it makes you see the innocence in her love for Alexander and I loved reading their romance unfold Alexander professing his love for Petra to her father first before taking things further, shows how much he respects his friendship and cherishes it As I read I thought this was going to be one of those books where the female character would be a hopeless romantic and always trying to be pleasing IT WAS NOT Petra is strong willed she knew what she wanted, she wasn t easily influenced, she gave her opinions, she was curious, I don t blame her, and she was all beauty and brains Alexander has a wild streak for being a Playboy and knows how he likes his sexual fantasies It s great reading that he s willing to know what is important to him and what changes he s willing to make to keep his heart beating faster Love it, it wasn t what I was expecting to read I love when an author gives you the unexpected I can t wait for Book 2. Oh my God I am so speechless with the ending The last few chapters were a twist where you couldn t guess how the story is turning to Great book and story Will definitely read the author s next book Well done