The Boss Who Stole Christmas

The Boss Who Stole ChristmasDear Santa,Please Bring Me A New Boss For Christmas Mine Is The Worst The Worst, Hidden In A Six Foot Tall Package Of Male Perfection It D Be Easier If He Looked Like An Old Scrooge, Wouldn T It Nick Saint Croix Doesn T Look Like An Old Scrooge He S Hot As Um, Never Mind Just Bring Me A New Boss Please Sincerely,Holly Winter 4 stars It feels like Christmas has come early this year, getting a new Jana Aston read that is holiday themed I was so excited to read this It was funny, short, sweet, and steamy and put me in the holiday spirit Holly Winters loves Christmas than just about anything She lives in a Christmasy town, has a Christmasy name, and even a Christmasy job Her boss though, he s a bit of a grinch Or at least she thinks he is Nick Saint Croix and Holly go on a work trip to Germany and things start to change between them You re prickly and a little uptight Am not, I deny I m into it, he says, You re kind of a jerk, I point out Maybe I am He smiles against my neck But you re into it I loved Nick and Holly together The tension between them was delicious and for such a short story, there was a good bit of build up which I appreciate I m hoping we get to see them in the next few books This is the first of three Christmas themed books and each one will follow a different Winters sister from Reindeer Falls and I am so here for it If you re looking for a fun holiday novella that will make you laugh, The Boss Who Stole Christmas is the book for you LOVE LOVE LOVED IT This is what I want my Christmas novellas to be Hilarity, heat and ho ho hoing Nick and Holly s story is a perfect Christmas tale for me Slightly quirky funny girl and her brooding alpha boss It s a match made in a German Christmas Market Throw in a spot of inappropriate finger action on a church balcony, some taxi cab shenanigans and two sisters who are so funny I am legit dying for their books and Jana made me a very happy little elf Can t wait for book 2 I received an arc of this book. This is GOLD From beginning to end THE most endearing heroine you will absolutely fall in love with because her inner monologue will have you giddy and excited with a huge smile on your face at all times From beginning to end.THE most charming hero you will root for and get all hot and bothered over swoon From beginning to end THE most humorous, lovable and captivating story you will read this holiday season From beginning to end Jana is a master at rom com No doubt about it It is a pleasure to put aside my workday and read one of her stories This made me happy Thank you 3 stars 1st of three Holiday romance novellas from Jana Aston.Unfortunately this first one was somewhat short on actual storyline and character development but big on descriptiveness and setting up the scene, so much so in fact that at almost the halfway point in the story very little had really happened yet.Nonetheless this is Jana Aston so it still had that sexy, funny and quirky cute vibe that she is well known for Holly Mistletoe Winter and Nick Saint Croix , how about that for MC names I do plan on reading the other two novellas in this Reindeer Falls series so maybe they will compensate some for what appears to be lacking with this 1st quickie story It is a good job though that they all seem to be slated as KU releases or I probably would have to pass on the other two 2.99 for novellas 3.5 4 Holly Nick stars He obliges and dips his head to mine, one hand cupping the back of my neck and the other brushing softly against my jaw Then he kisses me I missed the feel of his lips on mine Missed the feeling of my body pressed against his Missed him And now he s all mine Merry Christmas to me. I read Jana Aston s book a long time ago and I really enjoyed them So, when I heard about this one, I was so excited and anxiously waiting This one was clearly a enjoyable read with her unique sense of humour and style but it didn t exceed my expectations I expected it to be a full length novel and wanted to read about the characters.The story revolves around Holly who works at Reindeer falls toy company where Nick is her boss and has hate love relationship with him There s definitely attraction there so when nick asks her to attend a business trip with him to Germany, it leads to them knowing each other and acting on their mutual attraction Nick is broody but with a good sense of humour Once you got to know him, you ll see that he s sweet, charming, caring and wants from Holly They both were really cute together I loved holly s quirkiness and she was so fucking funny There was a smile on my face the whole time The chemistry between the two was amazing I loved the other two sisters especially Ginger and can t wait to read her book If you re looking for a short, extremely funny and steamy Christmas themed romance, then go for this one. Just in time for the holidays Jana Aston, Rom Com writer extraordinaire, has written this delightful love story that makes you all warm and fuzzy one moment and rolling with laughter the next This is a Halmark ISH story that s got actual kissing and it s definitely sexy.Nick Saint Croix has come back to Raindeer Falls to run the family business that is the Flying Reindeer Toy Company after his uncle retired Holly Winter loves Christmas every day of the year She works at the Flying Reindeer Toy Company Nick Saint Croix is now her boss She thinks he s the Grinch of Christmas, a super hot Grinch actually but a Grinch all the same and she s determined to loathe everything about him even if he is a gorgeous hunk of man During a company meeting Nick informs Holly that she will be traveling with him on a trip to Nuremberg, Germany to meet with a company similar to theirs for ideas and information to assist with an expansion that s in the works Of course this trip is an eye opening experience for Holly and many interesting things happen Might she change her mind about Nick See him in a different way I hope you ll pick up this gem of a holiday story and enjoy it yourself Side note I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Aston s description of Nuremberg, Germany and all the special activities that go on there I hope to visit there one day myself. Nothing makes me happier than a new romantic comedy from Jana Aston, and I was practically levitating when The Boss Who Stole Christmas landed on my eReader Not only does it have the laugh out loud humor, scorching hot sexy times, sigh worthy romance and captivating banter that I expect from Aston, but it s also overflowing with Christmassy schmaltz It s the first of three standalone books in the holiday inspired Reindeer Falls series and they re all releasing in November Does it get any better than this I think not Holly is passionate about all things Christmas and her job at a toy company, so she she s not happy that her new boss, Nick, acts like both the Grinch and Scrooge He doesn t seem to care for her either, so when he forces her to go on a business trip with him, she s sure that she ll be miserable But the romantic small town setting and rapidly approaching holidays could reveal that sizzling chemistry and romantic feelings are simmering underneath their cantankerous dynamic I loved every hilarious, entertaining and sigh worthy holiday moment of The Boss Who Stole Christmas, and I can t wait for The next book, If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread, releases November 14th Full rec on Frolic to follow soon. Jana Aston nailed this short and sweet Christmas novella I really love her rom coms and she didn t disappoint with this holiday gem The Boss Who Stole Christmas was cheesy not in the bad way and yet cute and hilarious it kinda reminded me of Hallmark movies, if you get what I mean But naughtier.Holly Mistletoe Winter yes, that s her actual name is crazy about Christmas, just like the rest of her family I meanshe did bake reindeer cupcakes in the middle of June I loved her Not only was she adorable with her holiday obsession but her inner monologues were hilarious and entertaining as hell Nick Saint Croix is her new boss at the toys company she has been working at and who she isn t really fond of During a business trip at Nuremberg, however, everything changes We are treated with a gorgeous Christmas y setting along with some steamy moments between Holly and Nick.Despite being only a novella, the overall character development was quite well done Nothing felt rushed and we could actually feel their attraction to each other I am looking forward to read the other two novellas featuring Holly s sisters If you are looking for short and entertaining holiday reads, I highly recommend you this one. A fun Christmas novella I love Jana Aston s books, she always makes me laugh with her characters and their quirks and The Boss Who Stoke Christmas was no different I love Holly and Nick Holly s inner thoughts had me pissing myself laughing not literally She s so funny and I would love to have a friend like her Nick is a sweet hero, who is sexually frustrated because of Holly She s been hating him for years but he s never hated her I m not normally a fan novellas but a new Jana Aston book and I couldn t careless whether it was a novella or a love note from Jana I can t wait to read the other books With a town name like Reindeer Falls, you know the inhabitants must be crazy about Christmas In Jana Aston s latest novella, The Boss Who Stole Christmas, her heroine, Holly Winter is definitely a fanatic for the holidays.The Boss Who Stole Christmas is a spicy version of the usual holiday romance In the story, the Winter sisters, Holly, Ginger, and Noel, are introduced I loved their cute names, and their sisterly teasing is fun Holly Winter works for the Reindeer Toy Company, and her boss, Nick Saint Croix, is a tall, handsome Grinchy guy Never has there been a woman so put out by the existence of her boss Holly absolutely resents the fact that Nick continues to exist on the planet Earth I loved Ms Aston s detailed descriptions of both Reindeer Falls and the N rnberger Christkindlesmarkt I felt like I had travelled across the globe with Holly on her business trip The scene setting is fantastic I adored Holly and her sisters, but I felt Nick was left a little too enigmatic I would have appreciated dialogue, and a little plot.Overall, The Boss Who Stole Christmas is an adorable, quick read Grab a gingerbread cookie and a glass of milk and be prepared to be charmed by Jana Aston s latest cast of characters.I received an advance copy of the book in exchange for my honest review For reading recommendations, visit Book Junkie Reviews at