No Bad Deed

No Bad DeedPacked With The Electrifying Pacing And Pulse Pounding Suspense Of Harlan Coben And Lisa Gardner, A Thrilling Debut About A Mother Desperate To Find The Connections Between Her Missing Husband And A Deadly Stalker Who Knows Too Much About Her Own Dark Family HistoryDriving Home One Rainy Night, Cassie Larkin Sees A Man And Woman Fighting On The Side Of The Road After Calling , The Veterinarian Makes A Split Second Decision That Will Throw Her Sedate Suburban Life Into Chaos Against All Reason And Advice, She Gets Out Of Her Minivan And Chases After The Violent Man, Trying To Help His Victim When Cassie Physically Tries To Stop Him, He Suddenly Turns On Her And Spits Out An Ominous Threat Let Her Die, And I Ll Let You Live A Veterinarian Trained To Heal, Cassie Can T Let The Woman Die But While She S Examining The Unconscious Victim, The Attacker Steals Her Car Now He Has Her Name Her Address And He Knows About Her Children Though They Warn Her To Be Careful, The Police Assure Her That The Perpetrator A Criminal Named Carver Sweet Won T Get Near Her Cassie Isn T So SureThe Next Day Halloween Her Husband Disappears While Trick Or Treating With Their Six Year Old Daughter Are These Disturbing Events A Coincidence Or The Beginning Of A Horrifying Nightmare Her Husband Has Been Growing Distant Is It Possible He S Become Involved With Another Woman Is Cassie S Confrontation With The Road Side Attacker Connected To Her Husband S Disappearance With All These Questions Swirling In Her Mind Cassie Can Trust No One, Maybe Not Even Herself The Only Thing She Knows For Sure Is That She Can T Sit Back While The People She Loves Are In DangerAs She Desperately Searches For Answers, Cassie Discovers That Nothing Is As Random As It Seems, And That She Is Than Willing To Fight To Go The Most Terrifying Extremes To Save Her Family And Her Marriage WOW I need a minute And please somebody get this Sauvignon Blanc bottle and bring me Jameson and cannoli platters Jameson for me, cannoli for my mother in law because during my reading I bit my nails and my arms and guess I didn t feel any pain When I think this book gave me higher pain tolerance, I realized I was biting my mother in law s arm during my reading who was really worried about my non stop screaming So yes, cannoli is my bribe And also I gave her free pass for my freezer where the rats are ice skating because of boredom and emptiness First we need an ovation for the author because she bend our minds, she shocked us, she surprised the hell of us, she entertained us and she made us jump at our sits She did a fantastic job At her story gripped me from the first page, made me cancel my entire schedule and lie to my business partner I had a stomach flu so I stayed at home, I didn t work, write, attend any conference calls and I didn t cook, clean, do any chores I actually never do them but I wanted to emphasize how this book took my all attention so just kept reading and reading and of course at the end I screamed holly sh Well my neighbors get used to my reactions They d seen the worst after watching Shaun of the Dead which is one of my all time favorite movies, I took a big tour around neighborhood and screamed Yesss because I have been feeling sooo good This book gave me some near Simon Pegg s euphoria effect You know what they say The road to hell is paved in good intentions Our story starts with our badass veterinary, mother of two children Cassie s stopping her car as soon as she sees a man attacking a woman Of course she calls 911 But it is not enough She has guilt feelings about her college friend s death She told herself she needed to do something at that time but now she has a chance to clean her karma or making things so so so much worse because after she left her car and fought against the man to save the abused woman s life man told her he was going to come after her and her loved ones And after the incident, her husband who acts strange, taking calls from someone she doesn t know and sends her cryptic messages that they need to talk, disappears into thin air And guess what, she tracks his phone records and meets with his mistress The very same woman she saved from the attack See what good intentions reward you with And she learns about her husband s secrets Of course her family is chased by Carver Sweet which is not so sweet, mostly bitter and rotten egg she fought to save her husband s mistress at the beginning of the story.So where is unfaithful husband Why Carver not so Sweet psychopath is after her Why Cassie is a badass but also shows respect to the woman who gloats for sleeping with her husband Who is watching her family Are they in bigger danger than they could ever imagine Please keep reading Nothing as it seems This book killed my spider senses and made my mouth agape So I am not gonna give any spoilers Just read this book and impress from author s evil genius mind Get ready to the big twist you never see it coming at the end I m giving 5 and half gazillion stars to this book because I gave so many entertaining thrillers to five stars but this book and the author s creative writing exceeded my expectations.CLAP CLAP CLAP By the way I gave Cassie best leading character and Daryl best supporting character literature awards I loved both of them so much.Special thanks to Netgalley and William Morrow Harper Collins Publishers for sharing one of the most anticipated and debut novel s ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review And I congratulate Heather Chavez Please keep writing those mind bending stories I had so much fun and gave villain laughs after reading this splendid story I m giving this one 5 stars, if not solely for the fact that a book hasn t compelled me to finish so quickly in ages, then because it is a twisty, unpredictable thriller It might be too wild for some folks, but for this little lady who was in a slight reading slump, it was just the prescription I needed The less that you know going in, the better, but there s no spoiling anything by informing you that the chapters are short and gripping, the action and pacing is relentless, and that the content is somewhat disturbing While unnerving thrillers might not be for every reader, I appreciate how the author chose to focus on alluding to certain aspects, rather than just making this book an all out blood bath For those who regularly read my reviews, you probably are aware of how little I am surprised by the twists in thrillers today Here, I was completely fooled There are plenty of clues dropped throughout, but they don t come together until the distinct moment that I went OH SNAP and everything clicked Heather Chavez has woven together the ultimate suspenseful tale that is pure entertainment, and I will be waiting anxiously for her next novel Highly recommended for all the readers who need a page turner that will keep them up late into the night Many thanks to the publisher for providing my finished copy. This was a fun, fast paced thriller Until it wasn t Sigh Cassie Larkin is driving home one night when she witnesses a man and woman fighting on the side of the road When the man pushes the woman over the embankment Cassie decides to intervene The man is obviously not thrilled with having witnesses and leaves her with this ominous message Let her die, and I ll let you live The next day, Halloween, Cassie s husband has decided to take their daughter Audrey trick or treating because Cassie is running late as usual She is feeling terrible that she has once again chosen work over family so she calls Sam to meet up in the neighborhood but he assures her that they will be home in a half hour tops They never arrive Cassie scours the neighborhood and manages to find her daughter but her husband is no where to be found What happened to Sam This book was rolling right along and I was enjoying it until about the 75% mark This became so convoluted and outlandish that it became a chore to suspend disbelief any And tedious So very tedious I skimmed the last 25% and turned the final page with a roll of the eyes I think with some fine tuning this could have been better 3 stars Thank you to Edelweiss and William Morrow for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review. If you are looking for a solid, fast paced thriller, you might want to check this one out It s one of those books that is fun to read because you aren t entirely sure what s going to happen next and so you just sit back and enjoy the show My only real criticism is it gets a tad bit confusing near the end but overall this was a good read.Driving home one night, veterinarian Cassie Larkin sees a woman and man fighting on the side of the road She calls 911, but against better judgment, she gets out of the car hoping she can stop the violent man from attacking the woman The man escapes before the police arrive and steals Cassie s car which of course has her purse with identifying information Great, now he knows where she lives The next day Cassie s husband disappears while trick or treating with their daughter What is going on and is it connected to that man who was attacking the woman Cassie is going to have to dig for the truth, but is she going to like what she finds out Oh and because this is a thriller there is a high probability her life is in danger Buckle up folks for this crazy ride This is an action packed novel and that is by far the strength as it was one thing after another to hold your interest While I wouldn t say Cassie is my favorite lead character of all time, I at least felt invested enough in wanting to find out what was going to happen to her and her family One reason this wasn t a 5 star read for me is there were many characters in this book and eventually it became difficult to keep track of everyone When you are near the end of a book and you are confused about who is who in regards to some of the characters, that s not a good thing Also, at times while reading I did want to question whether or not something was entirely realistic However, this book is meant to be of a fun, popcorn eating type thriller so I figured it was best to just go with the flow and not analyze it to death.Overall, I recommend this book if you are looking for a decent thriller that explores the subject of what a person might be willing to do in order to protect their family.Thank you to Netgalley and HarperCollins for providing me with an advance digital copy in exchange for an honest review Me reading the synopsis 4.5 thrilling stars I am very impressed with No Bad Deed as being a debut suspense thriller book This was a fast paced, heart pounding and an addictive reading experience for me The story was so cleverly plotted that I could never figure out what was really going on and how the author will resolve the twisted line of events that she has weaved throughout the book There was a lot of characters to follow and many events to keep track of, however in the end it was all worth it I loved the ending, and yes, it was all a little far fetched but this is what makes this book so gripping and exciting While reading this book I kept thinking about another book, or rather a series of books, the Stillhouse Lake series The main character, Cassie, reminded me so much of Gwen Proctor, and her relentless quest to keep her children safe and sound Cassie is a strong and resourceful character that will stop at nothing to keep her kids safe and get her husband back home alive She quickly became my personal, fictional hero, even though I found her a little reckless and naive at times.I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a fast paced, action packed thriller that will keep the reader guessing till the final pages.Thank you NetGalley, William Morrow publisher, and the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. NO BAD DEED is Heather Chavez s debut, and what a sensational debut it is Gripping from the first line, this explosive, breathless suspense is one of my favorite books of 2019 It is intricately, expertly plotted, fast paced, and kept me on the edge of my seat through every stunning word I highly, highly recommend it. I was going to give this book 3 pages to interest me and then I was planning on moving on to another book NOPE I was hooked on the first page, best thing I have read in a very long time Very fast paced, I just could not stop reading it Stayed up way, way too late the first night reading When I woke up the next morning my first thought was where is my book There was no mid book lull, just excellent start to finish.Thank you, thank you to Goodreads Giveaways for a copy of this book Best one yet Heather Chavez s debut is a stunning thriller Well developed characters and a surprising storyline The main character discusses hindsight and who knows what the best choice is To stop and help or to just keep on going Highly recommend This debut novel by Heather Chavez does not disappoint Reminiscent of Gone Girl for me.many twists and turns that kept me guessing until the very end Can t wait to see what she writes next I received an Advanced Readers copy of this through a Goodreads Giveaway.

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