Lucky Caller

Lucky Caller With The Warmth, Wit, Intimate Friendships, And Heart Melting Romance She Brings To All Her Books, Emma Mills Crafts A Story About Believing In Yourself, Owning Your Mistakes, And Trusting In Human Connection In Lucky CallerWhen Nina Decides To Take A Radio Broadcasting Class Her Senior Year, She Expects It To Be A Walk In The Park Instead, It S A Complete DisasterThe Members Of Nina S Haphazardly Formed Radio Team Have Approximately Nothing In Common And To Maximize The Awkwardness Her Group Includes Jamie, A Childhood Friend She D Hoped To Basically Avoid For The Rest Of Her LifeThe Show Is A Mess, Internet Rumors Threaten To Bring The Wrath Of Two Fandoms Down On Their Heads, And To Top It All Off Nina S Family Is On The Brink Of Some Major UpheavalEverything Feels Like It S Spiraling Out Of Control But Maybe Control Is Overrated thisis NOT the cover i expected PLEASE GIVE ME THIS BOOKJANUARY 2020 DOESN T WORK FOR ME SO PLEASE GIVE THIS TO ME NOW added this to my tbr so fast I sprained something. Emma Mills is just so good at being Emma Mills This love was a little slower burn for me than her others have been but she s one of the only authors who can make me laugh out loud repeatedly and her friend groups are always, always so much fun, and romances so sweet and endearing Instabuy 4eva. i need you all to know that this book caused my depression because a who allowed emma mills to create characters and relationships that i become wholly attached to and then like end the book ,,.., b i forgot how absolutely emo i can get over childhood friends to lovers like c this made me feel painfully sad that my life isn t as delightful and filled with clever banter as these characters d this is officially my favorite soft contemporary of all time, and i REALLY love that it has podcasts which i am really into and e i would like to clarify this book did not cause my depression sorry emma millsalso if you want to listen to podcasts i recommend reply all by gimlet because their stories are so INTRIGUING but not only that the hosts are sooo entertaininganyways this was my first emma mills book and now i need to head off to absorb her other books into my bloodstreamalsjfladsjflsdfjldskjfldskjflsdkjf 100% ready for emma mills to become a new favbuddy read with the iconic melanie y all already know who she is edit WE HAVE A COVER I REPEAT WE HAVE A COVERso life is basically irrelevant until the day this book is out. Pre Reading Review 8 19 19Am I disappointed this is not a classic Mills cover Yes But am I still in love with her Also, yes GO OFF, MILLS Let s do this 2020 can t come fast enough 08 09 2019 Well this cover is surely different than Emma Mills You gotta keep trying if you want to be the lucky caller Lucky Caller by Emma Mills made me happy I know that sounds like a simple thing to say, but in my bookit s pretty darn huge Fans, friends old and new , sisters, parents, Hapless Princes well just the one , and love fill the pages of this book Adorable, awkward, still beating after all this time kind of love Our story begins with Nina and Jaime, childhood friends that for some reason or another have drifted apart They re paired up again as part of a radio project for their broadcasting class though A class that hopefully gives them a voice Jaime and Nina, along with Joydeep and Sasha, make up the Sounds of the Nineties team that has to put a radio show on the air each week for class A live show Haha Yup Let the fun times roll All four of them have a part to play in getting the show up and running from hosting to tweeting to music Can they learn to be a team and take responsibility for their decisions, actions, and mistakes on the air and off though Tune in and find out.Mills turns the dial back and forth between now and then to tell this story Flashes that help fill in Jaime and Nina s past and present We get details about Nina s sisters, parents, friends, and in flashbacks I felt like we spent too long in the past though Readers know something happened between Jaime and Nina, but we don t see the full picture for quite some time Meanwhile Joydeep Mitra is stealing the show Haha He s a hysterical force of nature At one point, I rooted for Joydeep and Sasha than Nina and Jaime Just for a bit The power of the side characters in this book is fierce I found it very interesting how close Joydeep and Sasha came to stealing the book All four of them eventually made their way into my reading heart though Especially Jaime When he came into focus deep sigh well let s just say he takes the cake The best kind of cake An MM filled cake D The boy is adorable.What else can I say Emma Mills did it again Lucky Caller is a sweet, sweet story with so many characters to root for and connect with, one of the best and longest running games of pretend, and HUGE heart.Thank you, Ms Mills, for making my heart aww and melt once again.Highly recommended Quote taken from ARC I just love Emma Mills so much, you guys This was swoony and lovely and funny in all the right ways I stayed up late to finish it and then re read all of the kissy bits this morning That s how you know it s good. added this to my tbr list faster than lafeyette can rap guns and ships

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  • Lucky Caller
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  • 16 June 2019
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