All the Lovely Pieces

All the Lovely Pieces Motherly Love Can Drive Her To The Absolute Edge For Nine Years, Drew Baker Has Been Running From Her Brutal Husband And The Dark Deeds Of The Night She Left Him Focused On Protecting Her Ten Year Old Son, Drew Reluctantly Settles Into A Small Town, Eager To Find Proof Of Her Husband S True Nature So She Can Stop Looking Over Her Shoulder.But Drew Is Also On The Run From Her Own Terrible Crimes Ones That Mean Prison And Separation From Her Son Should The Police Catch Up To Her Before Her Husband Does If Only She Could Remember That Night And What Really Transpired Without Warning, The Unthinkable Happens, And Drew Is Plunged Into The Most Nightmarish Situation A Woman And Mother Could Imagine Desperate To Save Her Child, Drew Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands, Proving That Anyone Is Capable Of Darkness, And Nowhere Is Safe For Those Who Fear Themselves. All the Lovely Pieces is the debut psychological thriller written under the name J.M Winchester I ve known J.M s work as Jennifer Snow for some time She writes sweet contemporary romance I have to admit I wasn t prepared for this I knew it would be different from what I d grown used to but Wow This is one of those mess with your mind, keep you up at night books I finished it at about 11 30 last night and could not go to sleep afterwards I think I need to read something all warm and fuzzy now.Drew Baker and her ten year old son have been living life on the run for ten years They never stay in one place long and Drew is always on guard, always looking over her shoulder She never allows herself to get acquainted with other people, always keeping themselves separate Now Drew has come to Liberty, Missouri There is someone here that might have some answers, someone to help her find that information that could save them Because she s tired of running Her son wants a normal life, friends, holidays Things most children take for granted To say Drew had been in an abusive marriage would be an understatement Because it was so much worse than that She had gotten to the point where she wasn t sure what to believe, the things her husband told her, or her own mind But, she got out Only now, parts of her memory are confused with what happened that last night She can t put it all together In Liberty, she finds herself becoming friendly with one of the women there It would be her very first real friend And there is a man who has expressed interest in her But she s damaged And she can t risk a personal relationship She knows she can t stay That it s only a matter of time until she and Michael have to run again As soon as she gets the information she needs This book completely messed with my mind I had no idea what the heck to think most of the time I know I gasped out loud than once And there was no way I was going to be able to put the book down last night without finishing it If you think you ve seen evil, you re mistaken Because you haven t Until you meet Drew s husband He is the true definition of the word This is fast paced and will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page until the last Drew is the true definition of a protective mother Because she will do whatever she has to do to protect her child I can t wait to see what J.M Winchester comes up with next For about this book and so many , come and visit me at Carol s Crazy Bookish World.https groups 44036 This is a dark and twisted psychological thriller about a woman, Drew Baker and her son on the run from an abusive, controlling husband And what a monster he is Adam Crenshaw, rich and powerful, the CEO of a tech company he worked his charm on Drew until she fell in love with him and married him But after the wedding he started controlling her movements, what she wore, who she saw and when she became pregnant made her give up her fledgling career as an artist After the baby arrived, he hired a nanny and kept her away from the child until finally one night she escaped with her son, but left a trail of blood behind in the nursery and is scared she will be arrested if found ince then she s changed her name and had to keep one step ahead of him, moving from one town to another whenever she thinks they ve been found She knows it s Michael Adam wants to get back and she ll do whatever she can to keep him hidden Now Drew and nine year old Michael have arrived in a small town of Liberty, Missouri where for the first time they feel welcome in a community and make friends Michael is sick of constantly changing schools and begs to stay in the first one he s ever enjoyed, but Drew knows they may have to run again when Adam hunts them down But she has an ace up her sleeve and has a reason for picking this town that she hopes will help her escape Adam forever.There seem to be a lot of thrillers being published at the moment centred around women in abusive relationships with controlling men but this one is focused on the woman and child who escaped rather than the relationship itself The plot unfolds in three voices, those of Drew and Michael as well as a damaged woman called Catherine who is currently under Adam s spell A dark and twisty tale, the author keeps the tension ramped up high, right up to the dramatic ending 4.5 With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Thomas and Mercer for an advance copy to read If you try to drown your sorrowsthey eventually learn how to swim.Drew is on the run Period.She and her nine year old son, Michael, have lived in the dark shadows since almost the day of his birth But this time they ve come upon a small town in Missouri with a highly ironic name Liberty Drew hasn t felt one iota of release since they left Seattle on that fateful day.Adam was suppose to be a haven of strength for Drew when she first met him through her father He recognized her art talent that day when she brought in her portfolio Her prints were to be displayed at the Herman Gallery Adam had a very persuasive personality as the CEO of C2 Technologies Before Drew knew it, she and Adam were married and Drew was expecting their first child.But what Drew wasn t expecting was the drastic change in Adam Possessive to the point of cruel, Adam hardly allowed Drew out of his sight after Michael was born As readers, we will take a front seat witnessing Adam s over the top behavior In a sheer moment of good fortune, Drew and Michael escape from the gated house But Drew will leave behind drifting and uncertain memories of what occured in the last moments in that nurseryand the blood that stained the carpet.J.M Winchester sweeps Drew and her son from one harrowing situation to the next She and Michael have lived in dives and changed their identities They ve managed to stay ahead of their past But it s here in Liberty that Drew begins to let her guard down inch by inch inviting phantoms from the past Phantoms that don t have Drew s best interest in mind.All the Lovely Pieces is relayed through the voices of Drew, Michael, and Catherine Who will be revealed as you set foot in this one Winchester does a fine job of carving out the intensity and the fear residing in the character of Drew Because her strings are so taut, Drew will have a tendency to be sharp edged at times and almost off putting But we ll give our girl a break as the twists and the turns of the story start to surface Sleeping with a box cutter under your pillow makes for some pretty sliced up nightmares come morning.I received a copy of All the Lovely Pieces through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to J.M Winchester and to Thomas Mercer for the opportunity. Holy Hades This was one heck of a mind trip I m not sure there is any coming back from this crazy, insane, twisted journey this author just took me on How do you even begin to review a book that has literally held you on the edge of your seat for HOURS, all while feeling like you ve been shaken repeatedly, given a slight reprieve, only to be yanked up and tossed again From the very first page, every word draws a clear and precise picture of uncertainty, fear, and terror as we follow the story of a woman running from her abusive husband Using one brush stroke at a time, this author paints a picture so horrendous it s inconceivable And yet, the story is never unbelievable It is in fact, very believable, which only adds another layer of horror to an already intensely suspenseful book I was never sure how much of what the heroine was experiencing was truth, normal fear anyone might feel, a wild imagination, or paranoia born of insanity Whichever way, there is never a doubt that she believes she has reason to fear and the suspense only builds higher and higher due to being inside her every thought Her mind at times emotionally exhausted me due to her concerns but often than not, frightened me because of what might really be in the dark I feel for the blade under my pillow, hoping it someday won t be used as a weapon against me Having it there terrifies me Being without it isn t an option There are so many frightening moments inside this heroines mind, but to be honest after the 3% mark, I was so consumed by this story that I was unable to pull myself out long enough to highlight the truly horrific thoughts I m telling you, this book is going to suck you in and everything around you will come to a screeching halt Be sure you go into this one blind Stay away from reviews that are going to give details of the story you re about to dive into You should also be prepared for an all nighter if you start this one later in the day and above all, have a support system ready for when you ve completed it You re going to need it.Multi POVSafe For my romance buddies while this has a tiny bit of romance, this is not romanceTriggers view spoiler heavy domestic abuse, on page miscarriage on page suicide thoughts of suicide hide spoiler All The Lovely Pieces by J.M Winchester is a suspenseful, thrilling novel For nine years, Drew has been running away from her cruel husband Adam She finally settles down with her son Michael in a small town, hoping that Adam won t find them there by finding proof of who her husband truly is While she is running from her husband, she is also running from the police She knows that she committed a crime on the night she ran away but she only has vague memories of what really happened When her worst nightmare comes to life, Drew must do everything and anything she can to save her son All The Lovely Pieces was fast paced, thrilling and full of heart racing moments While there were certain aspects of the plot that reminded me of other thrillers that I have read, I thought that Winchester differentiated her story with an interesting take on the Oedipus complex I enjoyed that Winchester moved so seamlessly between different character perspectives and the ending was unexpected and shocking Drew had moments in which she seemed a bit extreme, but at the same time, it was clear that she was willing to do anything to protect her child.Thanks to Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for this ARC in exchange for an honest review 3.5 stars rounded up to 4. Great book Drew and her son Micheal have been running since Michael was born For 9 years Drew has been running from her husband Adam Adam is a very powerful abusive man Drew must keep moving to stay alive and safe with Michael Then they move into a small town and everything changes. I usually avoid domestic thrillers like the plague And if I do indulge in them, I prefer them in movie form But I decided to pick this one up because look at that cover No, seriously, as a mother to a young son, I have a new soft spot for stories about the mother son bond And this one seemed like it would deliver Boy was I wrong The bond I was hoping for was just not there Yes, the mother, Drew, loves her son I would be her if my son was in danger, absolutely And at first, I really liked Michael as a character, and was pleasantly surprised that he got his own perspective in the story Unfortunately, his chapters did not bring any complexity, revelation, or even basic insight to the story In fact, there are three different points of view for this story, and the only story teller that seemed to matter was Drew Her chapters overwhelmed each section, which made her a fun, complex voice, but she might as well been the only voice I really wish we got the perspective of Adam the rich, handsome, yet haunted villain I really think Winchester s writing skill had the potential to make him into an unforgettable, sexy, yet terrifying antagonist Alas, I am disappointed yet again by untapped character potential But to be honest, that was basically every character in this book The budding romance of the story also needed a lot attention I was so ready to read about Drew finding new love, hating it, but then deciding to fight her inner demons to become a new woman But, I am disappointed again The romance was too rushed, and Drew s demons were glossed over at best.If Winchester had paid attention to what it really means to start a new relationship with such a shadowy past, that alone would have made this a four star read for me This story was quick, twisty, and predictable Everything I expected and nothing I hoped for I will not be keeping it But thanks anyway Netgalley All the Lovely Pieces started with a bang, diving right into Drew s complicated world as she settles in a new town and enrols her son, Michael, into an elementary school She and Micheal, unbeknownst to him, have been on the run from his multi billionaire father since he was an infant They never really stay in a place for too long in fear they ll get caught either by her ex husband or the police for crimes she committed until now Michael is a growing boy and he craves stability and long term friends What can go wrong, right I was instantly hooked after reading the first page and eager for until the intensity suddenly faded The characters became unlikeable Michael s character or lack thereof was the worst for this as he became a bratty shell to propel the story, not a well rounded, convincing person Even the way he spoke was flat and carried little meaning Same with Catherine, actually it seems the only character that was semi real was Drew, which is why I wish that Drew had been the only narrator Each time it went to Catherine s POV or even worse Michael s, I wanted to skip the chapter Not to say that Drew is perfect, because she isn t Tell me if you re on the run, why wouldn t you change your own name Why stay with Drew The romance was underdeveloped and rushed You need to suspend your belief a bit to tolerate the Adam aka my least favourite portion of the book, and some scenarios especially nearing the end were so ridiculously unbelievable.Overall, it s a quick read with a gorgeous cover that ll keep you interested While it wasn t my absolute favourite, it definitely wasn t bad by any means and I can see where the 4 and 5 star reviews are coming from It s definitely engaging Huge thank you to NetGalley, the publishers, and the author for providing me with a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review Great book I really enjoyed it I really love domestic suspense and that s what this book reminded me of The story takes place with Drew Baker on the run from her husband along with her son Michael..there was something for everyone Suspense, intrigue, twists and so much I really enjoyed the pace of this story and it did not disappoint The character development was very good I look forward to reading from this author Thank you to Netgalley for an ARC of this book for My honest opinion 4 Netgalley All the Lovely PiecesRelease date Aug 6th 2019 This one is MUST read Thank you Publishing for the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy for an honest review Michael and I need to remain ghosts in the towns we pass through insignificant background shadows on the daily lives of the people around us Always trust the prickling sensation creeping up the back of your neck This is a heart pounding, edge of your seat thriller about a abused wife on the run with her 9 year old son Can they ever stop running, will they ever be safe When Drew and Michael move once again, they find themselves in a small town named Liberty Can Drew possibly make a life for her and her son I guess you will just have to read this one to find out allthelovelypieces NetGalley 4 5