Good Girl, Bad Girl

Good Girl, Bad Girl From The Bestselling Author Of The Secrets She Keeps, The Writer Stephen King Calls An Absolute Master With Heart And Soul, A Fiendishly Clever Suspense Novel About A Dangerous Young Woman With A Special Ability To Know When Someone Is Lying And The Criminal Psychologist Who Must Outwit Her To Survive.A Girl Is Discovered Hiding In A Secret Room In The Aftermath Of A Terrible Crime Half Starved And Filthy, She Won T Tell Anyone Her Name, Or Her Age, Or Where She Came From Maybe She Is Twelve, Maybe Fifteen She Doesn T Appear In Any Missing Persons File, And Her DNA Can T Be Matched To An Identity Six Years Later, Still Unidentified, She Is Living In A Secure Children S Home With A New Name, Evie Cormac When She Initiates A Court Case Demanding The Right To Be Released As An Adult, Forensic Psychologist Cyrus Haven Must Determine If Evie Is Ready To Go Free But She Is Unlike Anyone He S Ever Met Fascinating And Dangerous In Equal Measure Evie Knows When Someone Is Lying, And No One Around Her Is Telling The Truth.Meanwhile, Cyrus Is Called In To Investigate The Shocking Murder Of A High School Figure Skating Champion, Jodie Sheehan, Who Dies On A Lonely Footpath Close To Her Home Pretty And Popular, Jodie Is Portrayed By Everyone As The Ultimate Girl Next Door, But As Cyrus Peels Back The Layers, A Secret Life Emerges One That Evie Cormac, The Girl With No Past, Knows Something About A Man Haunted By His Own Tragic History, Cyrus Is Caught Between The Two Cases One Girl Who Needs Saving And Another Who Needs Justice What Price Will He Pay For The Truth Fiendishly Clever, Swiftly Paced, And Emotionally Explosive, Good Girl, Bad Girl Is The Perfect Thrilling Summer Read From Internationally Bestselling Author Michael Robotham. 5 Brilliant Stars A Crazy Pulse Pounding Thriller with a Ton of Heart Good Girl, Bad Girl is Michael Robotham s Best Novel to Date Evie Cormac has been in a care home for quite some time She never talks to anyone and no one knows of her real identity Dubbed Angel Face she was found hiding in a home where police believed she was held captive for years Cyrus Haven is a Forensic Psychologist who works for the police He is also hired to assist at the care home where Evie is living to aid in determining if she is ready to be released In interviewing her, he discovers is that she can read people in a way that he has never seen before He believes it to be a gift, she, a curse Concurrently, Cyrus must investigate a missing persons case that of a missing High School Figure Skater Jodie Sheehan, whose body is found in a park The race to discover who is behind Jodie s death is on The police believe they have a suspect Everyone Cyrus interviews is hiding something Can he figure out what it is before it s too late Both Cyrus and Evie are used to going it alone Can joining forces help them save each other and the day In my opinion, Good Girl, Bad Girl is Michael Robotham s best novel to date I have read every book he has ever written and this novel flowed like none of his others In short, I loved it The characters of Evie and Cyrus and their relationship and the way it evolved, suffice it to say, it completely drew me in Evie, desperately needing someone to trust, a fathe
4.25 starsMurderers, Truth Wizards, and A Girl Named Angel Face all come together in Good Girl, Bad Girl Good Girl, Bad Girl is a complex and compelling character driven mystery about a girl with a mysterious past and the forensic psychologist who takes her under his wing no pun intended if you have read this book you will understand When a teenage superstar figure skater turns up dead, Cyrus, a forensic psychologist who assists the police, is brought in to help with the investigation At the same time, an old friend of Cyrus s also asks for his assistance in evaluating Angel Face a girl with no past, no name, and no determinable age, who has been a ward of the court since she was found several years ago hiding in an abandoned house with her captor s decomposing body Angel Face has been renamed, Evie She won t share her real name, her past, or her age What she will share is whether or not those around her are lying, as she possesses the unique ability to read people s faces to determine whether they are speaking the truth or lying.There are two mysteries One surrounds the dead figure skater, but the intriguing mystery surrounds C
A multi layered plot with fascinating characters The latest from Micheal Robotham is a crime police procedural story that introduces Cyrus Haven, a psychologist with a disturbing and heart breaking past The camaraderie between Cyrus and his patient added sentiment.The writing is compelling and the crime
He ll be following the police investigation closely, frightened and appalled, but also fascinated, which means he could return to the scene as an onlooker, or bystander Look for his face in the crowd He s somewhere close by Watching 3 1 2 stars Goo
Can I please hand out 6 shiny stars Because Michael Robotham has done it again Lately, thrillers have been hit or miss for me Maybe miss Well thriller fans, let me inform you, this was that perfect thriller that I ve been searching for all year Straight to my favorite shelf Evie Cormac is a young girl who s been a ward of the court for years With a hidden past, she has no proof of her real name, birthday, parents or even where she s from When she petitions the system to release her as an adult claiming to be eighteen, the court has other ideas Psychologist Cyrus Haven agrees to assume responsibility for her as her foster parent Maybe this will buy her him time to unlock some of Evie s secrets.Michael Robotham has a gift for writing the most ingenious, captivating thrillers, guaranteed to hold your undivided attention as you binge read right to t
Cyrus Haven is a forensic psychologist tasked with determining whether a young woman can safely be released from care Evie Cormac was the victim of years of being held captive and sexually abused Once discovered, the authorities could find no trace of her past And she s never said Meanwhile, he s also helping an investigation into the death of a young girl, a Junior Ice Skating Champion The book is extremely well written It s not often I highlight phrases in a mystery, but I found myself doing it here I loved Cyrus take on evil, the difference between chance and luck I love his explanation for why he went into psychology We hear from both Cyrus and Evie s POV When the two are together, the volleys fly back and forth, each trying to suss the other out Evie has the gift of being able to tell when someone is lying As woul
4 stars for this stellar thriller This is by far one of the best psychological thrillers that I have read all year It has a complicated, twisty plot that will keep you guessing up until the very last pages There are a multitude of characters that all have secrets The characters are well developed and unique, yet, for the most part, still believable There are many mysteries to solve and characters to unveil I ve never read this author before but this book was highly recommended by my Goodreads friends Cyrus Haven is a forensic pathologist, who had an incredibly troubled past as a child He has found his niche in helping with extremely damaged, disturbed individuals He drives a run down car and lives in a large, once beautiful, home which he has inherited He has neither the time nor the money to do the repairs necessary to bring it back to its glory days but he seems happy here In this novel he is working on two cases concurrently One involves the murder of a high school student, Jodie, who is a well known, world class ice skating champion She is her family s golden girl whom they feel will surely compete at the Olympic level She was popular, pretty and well liked by her classmates The other case involves his evaluation of an extremely troubled young woman, called Ev
Cyrus Haven is a forensic psychologist who consults for the police He has been asked to determine whether a young woman, a human lie detector named Evie Cormac , can handle being released from institutionalized care into society Evie has a harrowing past and was instantly made famous after being rescued from horrific circumstances six years earlier Having no idea who she is, authorities gave her a new identity, hid her from the public and placed her in care Cyrus is also consulting on a disturbing murder case a 15 year old promising figure skater is found dead and the pool of suspects is huge The inters
It doesn t happen often that I award 5 stars in a row but Good Girl, Bad Girl was absolutely brilliant and definitely deserves all the stars This was only my second book by Michael Robotham but I can say that his writing style is right up my street I find that even thrillers I really like often have dull passages I want to skim through, but that was NOT the case here Good Girl Bad Girl was a riveting and totally compulsive read from start to finish The characters are interesting and unusual and yet believable and likeable The plot is multilayered and cleverly intertwines two different stories making this book to stand out in the sea of thrillers and crime fiction in the market
3.5 stars rounded down Once again, the book s synopsis sounds to me like it was the author s elevator pitch, which didn t quite turn out exactly the same, once the book was fleshed outEvie Cormac dubbed, Angel Face by the press, when she was discovered as a victim of an unthinkable crime, six years ago has initiated a court proceeding, demanding the right to be released from the children s home where she has been living, now that she has turned eighteen Cyrus Haven, a forensic psychologist with a tragic past of his own, must determine if Evie could survive on her own, if granted her freedom When he first meets Evie, she will only answer questions posed to her, using the lyrics from popular songs But, he is fascinated by her, because of the special ability she has of knowing when people are lying a subject he wrote his thesis on Cyrus is also a consultant on a current case, involving the murder of pretty and popular, High school figure skating champion, Jodie Sheehan How the stories of these two very different girls intersect, is the crux of the book The STRENGTH of this novel for me was the relationship that Cyrus forms with Evie, though he MAY have earned her trust, a bit quickly But then again, if she can sniff out a lie then she could probably read that he was sincere in his desire to help her

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