Road Map for Revolutionaries

Road Map for Revolutionaries A Direct, Snappy Guidebook On Engaging In Effective Day To Day Activism And Advocacy At All Levels That Uses Checklists, Interviews, And Case Studies To Showcase The Tools For Making The Changes You Want To See In Society And Government.As Marches, Protests, And Boycotts Return To The Cultural Conversation In The United States And Everyday People Look To Take Action And Make Their Voices Heard, This Hands On, Hit The Ground Running Guide Delivers Lessons On Practical Tactics For Navigating And Protecting One S Personal Democracy In A Gridlocked, Heavily Surveilled, And Politically Volatile Country Aimed At People Who Want To Act But Don T Know What To Do Next, Road Map For Revolutionaries Provides The Resources Needed To Help You Feel Safe, Empowered, Invested In, And Intrinsic To The American Experiment Authors Carolyn Gerin, Elisa Camahort Page, And Jamia Wilson Pull From A Shared Interest In Positive Change And Diverse Cultural, Generational, And Occupational Backgrounds To Break Down Key Issues And Outline Action Steps For Local, State, And Federal Levels The Book Addresses Timely Topics Such As Online Privacy, Staying Safe At Protests, Supporting Marginalized Communities, And Keeping Up The Fight For The Long Term Along With Breaking Down Topics Into Bullet Point Style Takeaways, The Team Also Supplements The Information With Chapter Opener Illustrations From Designer, Artist, And Archivist Josh MacPhee And Infographics Created By Designer Lilli Keinaenen. Quick, succinct, colorful, to the point Want to go beyond thinking about social change and do something This is your guide, from running for office to getting involved at school to organizing a protest. Many Americans are feeling frustrated and bewildered by the actions of the current administration Our country is being wrested away from us, our values are being undermined and our fellow human beings are receiving unfair and inhumane treatment What can the average citizen do Instead of wringing one s hands in despair you can turn to Roadmap for Revolutionaries Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All This handbook is a collaboration of three writers Elisa Camahort Page, Carolyn Gerin and Jamia Wilson, each brings her expertise to the subject at hand.The authors tackle different topics and divide the book into five key sections Protests and Civil Disobedience, Protecting Yourself Online and Off, Economic Pressure, Getting Into and Out of Government, and Reform School Reforming Other Institutions in Our Lives Each section supplies practical information including definitions of key terms, takeaways and resources, and detailed instructions for engagement The best part is that each chapter has first hand accounts of people who participated in activities as varied as protesting at Standing Rock or running for the local school boards.Roadmap is beautifully designed and has a very inviting layout There are concise infographics and callout boxes that underscore key points I re
Roadmap for Revolutionaries is a timely resource with practical tips on how to go about fighting injustice and or standing up for a cause.A collaborative effort, the three authors include insight from other luminaries such as Patrisse Cullors Black Lives Matter , and Tavi Gevinson Rookie Magazine , sharing frank talk about journeys that inspire and educate..The book is dense with valuable information about the various ways to champion change and also how to stay safe doing it The layout is visually en
Road Map for Revolutionaries is a thoughtful, inclusive, and thorough look at how you can channel your feelings of overwhelm and frustration with the political and social systems in which we live into positive actions for change I appreciated that the book walks you through your rights as a citizen and noncitizen, as a protest
I essentially knew this book was written by and for deranged lunatics when I got it It s actually not a book , in the strictest sense, but a series of pamphlets strewn together These are the type of people who yell, fire , in a crowded theater just to get people frightened and worked up for no reasonor by that same token, compare a man from a Jewish family to Adolf Hitler Regardless, my curiosity in studying the minds of these activists was present, so I picked up a few books to learn a little about how they function.After reading for some time, I actually found these pamphlets somewhat educational There was some great information about safeguarding yourself and your family about online safety and good tips on how to use time and money wisely Then I arrived on page 109 with the following statement To serve people, leaders, must consciously unlearn their beliefs and thought patter
Vive la revolution Road Map for Revolutionaries is a go to guide for anyone trying to effect change, offering pragmatic advice and resources that will help you whether you are trying to decide whether to run for office or start a movement for social change, or simply change a policy at work or inequities in the high school dress code It is particularly relevant now The examples come straight from the front lines In future years, should we be so lucky to have them, the book will be a time capsule of what we are fighting for today racial, religious and gender equality, climate change, social justice, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, universal health care But the advice is truly for the ages That is the mark of a good how to book, that its advice transcends the examples, and offers guidance that stands the test of time My only complaint, as a pre release reviewer, is that I read a PDF version on
This book is what you need right now if you want to get involved and use your voice in community activism and or politics at any level It s a great combination of practical and inspirational information to get you from engaged and motivated to active and involved That includes anything from how to use social media for disseminating information to how to safely participate in protests, how to apply economic pressure on issues important to you, and how to get involved in government.Road Map for Revolutionaries is a quick read It provides well organized tips and information, so that the reader will know how to set expectations in challenging environments whet
Road Map should be on the syallabus in every middle, high school, and college civics American History class This book takes the energy and idealism of activism, and channels it into approachable doable action steps all in an appealing design with bite sized chapters Thank
Whether you are a veteran activist and consider yourself well informed or you want to make a difference but are getting overwhelmed determining where you should start, Road Map for Revolutionaries is a quick read that will serve as an invaluable resource to flip through time and again In the age of information overwhelm, I love that the authors remind us that Whatever time you have to engage is enough to make a difference and then go on to provide practical information helping each of us determine what areas or institutions we may want to get involved in whether to start or broaden our efforts to make a difference in the communities around us and, just as importantly, how exactly to do that Road Map manages to provide everything from lessons on government, historical movements, current events, media literacy skill
Road Map for Revolutionaries Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All is a great read for anybody who wants to resist, protest, or make other statements about what they believe in In today s tumultuous world, this book couldn t be timely it s a salve for feelings of helplessness and provides a lot of hope that together we can all make progress and move forward It s a great reference guide that I know I ll use again and again, and I love that it provides ideas fo