Pyre to Fire

Pyre to Fire A Compelling Work Of Historical Fiction That Engages The Reader To Follow The Story Of A Family From The Burning Pyres Of The Spanish Inquisition To A Young Cuban Catholic Girl In Miami, Florida Whose Soul Was Ablaze With A Desire To Return To Its Rightful Place Among The Jewish People. The first thing that I have to say about Genie Milgrom s story Pyre to Fire is that it isn t nearly long enough Sometimes less is , but not when it comes to Genie Milgrom s storytelling I have read some authors that I really can t get into, where I feel like they could have gotten way with less as the felt like it was dragging out With Pyre to Fire I felt like there was to the story, parts that weren t being told for some kind of reason.Pyre to Fire is a historical fiction story that mainly takes place during the Spanish Inquisition Set in 1492, the story follows the life of Catalina Levi, a Jewish girl who lives in an isolated town on the border of Spain This small town had not yet felt the pain and sorrow that the Spanish Inquisition brought to many Jewish families, but they knew it would strike them eventually Rather than sit back and wait for the worst to come the Jewish people in the town decided to take matters into their own hands.Catalina s father and Uncles are respected leaders in the Jewish community of Fermoselle It is these three who come up with a plan for the whole community to follow Th
Pyre to Fire is a historical fiction novel that focuses on Spanish Inquisition that took place in Spain around the 1490s The author, Genie Milgrom, seeks to uncover the hidden history of the Jewish community that lived in the small village of Fermoselle during this time At this time Jews were being forced to either flee their homes and belongings in Spain or convert to Catholicism Inquisitors rode into Jewish communities and used force and violence to get entire villages to convert Anyone seen practicing the Jewish religion after converting to Catholicism was putting themselves and their family at risk of imprisonment, punishment, and even death Fermoselle was seemingly the last village to be taken by force, but knowing that their time was coming, the Levi Family made a plan to pretend to convert to Catholicism before the Inquisitors rode into town The plan was very detailed, and those that went along with it believed that it would allow the Jewish families of the village to keep practicing their religion and traditions in private, branding them as Crypto Jews The novel effectively illustrates the difficulty of this task, and the reader sees how the community of Fermoselle struggled to uphold its tradition in secret and
Catalina, a young Jewish woman in the village of Fermoselle in Spain, lives a life much different from the one she always envisioned for herself Hiding their customs from the inquisitors in Spain, she and the rest of her village secretly worship according to Jewish customs after having survived the Spanish Inquisition Forced into Catholicism, Catalina and her family make elaborate plans to keep their traditions in the sincere hope they will be passed from generation to generation despite the best efforts of the brutal inquisitors Unfortunately, time is not on their side and many of the Jewish customs they cherish begin disappearing soon after the Spanish Inquisition of 1492 Maria, a descendant of Catalina and her children, is one of the lucky ones her soul, centuries later is touched by the truth Pyre to Fire, by Genie Milgrom, features dual narratives with characters from the same family separated by many generations Maria, raised in a Catholic home, never feels completely settled into her family s religious practices For her, there were always unanswered questions Her curiosity leads her to investigate her roots, and it is during her travels to Spain that she finds the truth about her Jewish heritage and the pain endured by her ancestors Maria is a highly relatable character Her decision to renounce her own Catholic upbringing and
Pyre to Fire by Genie Milgrom The soul never forgets This story follows a soul that moves through 500 years It moves through the Spanish inquisition into little Maria Maria is a young Catholic girl who at first does not understand her feeling of incompleteness She seeks to go back to her Jewish faith Her soul desires to go back to its roots This fact leaves Maria a little unhinged and feeling out of placeGenie Milgrom gives the reader a pleasurable walk through history She does not overload the story with unnecessary and boring historical markers She sticks to her narration She achieves both of these in what can only be termed as a perfect balance to achieve the most appropriate amount of back story to support the events The story is sweet and heartwarming It gives the reader a one of a kind experience That of a soul travelling through time The plot is unusual but very enjoyable The paragraphs are short This is useful and of great value A book that is set in different point sin term needs to be easily digestible The author seems to understand this and has broken it up into short paragraphs tha
In Pyre to Fire, Genie Milgrom creates a partly true, partly fictional account of her life and the lives of her ancestors going back centuries The story begins in 1491 in Fermoselle, Spain, a medieval village, inhabited by a combination of Jewish and Catholic people Catalina and Rina Levi are mother and daughter The family is Jewish in a time when it has become dangerous to be Jewish The Spanish Inquisition had begun The king and queen of Spain were sending soldiers from place to place to force the Jewish people to either convert to Catholicism or leave the area The story goes back and forth from the Levis in the 1400s in Spain to Maria, a direct descendant, in Miami in current times Maria is a Catholic girl who begins to feel a pull toward the Jewish religion This feeling leads her to start a search through her family tree in order to discover the origins of the family religion As the story goes on, many sacrifices have to be made in the Levi family and in the village of Fermoselle as the Spanish Inquisitors arrive and force changes The lives of Catalina, her extended family, and her fellow villagers change forever They face many personal losses as they deal with th
Pyre to Fire by Genie Milgram is a historical fiction book based on true events of the author s family history and her life The book begins in the 1400s telling the story of a Jewish village The author mainly spins the tale of Catalina and her family It is during this time the life of the Jewish people is threatened The book captures the turmoil of the Jewish people well The story time jumps to another young woman named Maria, who is a Catholic The reader sees how these two girls lives intersect and are the inverse of one another.The author tells this story amazingly It is captivating, and the pain of the Jewish people comes through and makes you ache for them It is a story that I think many can relate to, even if they are not Jewish because so many are persecuted for their born differences It fits well with the political climate today, and I think it would behoove anyone to read this never to forget the past tragedies that people have faced The Jewish people have again and again faced horrible persecution, and it is detailed to some extent in this novella Not only do we see the struggle of Catalina, her family, and the other Jewish people in this story, but we also see the struggle of Maria, the Cuban Spanish woman She struggles with her faith in Catholicism, it never feeling quite right with her We see her family as she works through pain in her

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