Until Nox (Happily Ever Alpha Kindle Worlds / Hyde Series Book 3)

Until Nox (Happily Ever Alpha Kindle Worlds / Hyde Series Book 3) Not All Heroes Are Good Guys.With A Body Count On His Soul And Blood On His Hands, Killian Nox Lived In The Gray Ruthlessly Single Minded, If He Wanted Something, It Was His And When It Came To The Gorgeous Lass With A Fiery Attitude, He Didn T Just Want Her.He Needed Her.With Southern Bred Manners And A Snark All Her Own, Augusta Gus Allan Was A Connoisseur Of Cheap Wine, Delicious Mexican Food, And Good TV Unfortunately, Her Taste In Men Wasn T As Well Developed When Her Knight In Shining Armor Turned Out To Be A Douche In Tinfoil, Gus Never Expected Her Real Hero To Be A Sexy Accented, Tattooed Beast Of A Man.But He Was Exactly Who She Needed.Gus Had No Clue How Comforting A Monster In The Dark Could BeUntil Nox.Warning Recommended For Readers 18 Due To Awesome Things Like Adult Content And Language Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge.This Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World Novella Is A Crossover Of The Hyde Series And Aurora Rose Reynolds Until Series It Features Glimpses Of Familiar Faces From Hyde And Seek, Best Kase Scenario, And Until November However, It Can Be Enjoyed As A Standalone. Until Nox is book three in the Hyde series by Layla Frost I ve been wanting to read this forever I had heard so much about it and I have to let you know up front, that it was amazing Augusta Gus Allen was officially homeless Gus lived in Boston and was working on her Master s degree at MIT Her roommate had moved in with her boyfriend leaving Gus to find a new apartment But one bedroom apartments in Boston were hard to come by that were in her price range So she had agreed to move in with the guy she d been dating for the last two months Only that didn t work out the way it was supposed to either And Gus finds herself in even of a pickle Until the man across the hall, a beast of a man who should scare her but actually has exactly the opposite affect on her, offers her a place to stay, and changes her life forever.Killian Nox wasn t a good guy But he wasn t a bad guy either He sort of lurked in the gray areas of life Killian always got what he wanted And he wanted Gus She was his obsession, she was his fantasy, she was the pulse that kept him going each and every day Killian and Gus begin their relationship as roommates, then as friends Killian doesn t let on that he feels , that the wanting he is keeping inside him is killing him But once again, Gus is dealt a blow Only this time, Killian is there to catch her.There are things these two need to talk about, though, before this can go any further Killian has to tel
It s Live Layla Frost has the Midas touch when it comes to not only amazing heroes but also amazing heroines She delivered sexy, sweet, laugh out loud characters that I fell in love with I truly could have just kept reading about this great couple HERO Killian Nox amazing hero He wasn t necessarily a good guy but he wasn t the worst guy either He was flawed He wasn t entirely on the straight and narrow but that was ok because he was doing what others couldn t Sexy, bold, alpha and that accent.Lord have mercy He was fooking amazing I loved how devoted he was to Gus HEROINE Augusta Gus Allen was my kinda heroine She was spunky and fun Feisty and outspoken but soft and vulnerable too Layla hit the nail on the head with Gus I loved her witty comebacks and hilarious antics She never came across as nasty or sarcastic I absolutely adored her which I rarely say about a heroine I appreciated that she didn t push Killian away or run from him She listened to what he had to say SEXUAL HISTORY Neither were virgins While neither of their pasts were dwelled upon, it had been a while for both of them OM DRAMA Gus had a douchebag ex who didn t cause any issues for the couple I actually forgot about him the majority of the book OW DRAMA Zero STEAM While it took a bit to get there, once they were intimate it was full steam VIOLENCE
Brilliant Absolutely Brilliant Nox WOW And that accent Lord have mercy You know when you fall in love with every single thing about a book and you drag it on because you never want it to finish, and then by the end, you are left feeling equal part ecstatic and sad that it s over Well, those were all my feeling reading this MUST READ gem Gus and Nox meet in a horrible but funny situation poor Gus and they have an instant and powerful impact on each other Wide eyed, her blonde hair blowing in the wind, she looked wild.A wet dream.My wet dream.Killian Nox.A man who was as unreal as his name.Killian offers lending hand, that Gus so desperately needs, with no strings attached, but that samaritan help turns out to be just the start of something beautiful Even far from one another physically, they get close and closer, and can t help start developing feeling from that huge spark that happened when they first met The BOOM had happened then and there was no stopping it There was only so much perfection one woman could put up with Killian was smart He was sweet H
NOW LIVE US Until Nox was my first read by this author and it has me very curious about these characters For me, there was a little too much going on in the book since it was so short and not everything could be focused on as much as I would have liked But it was definit
Audiobook Narrators Alex Kydd and Lauren SweetIf ever there was a book to listen to, this is it I loved Nox when I read him but holy heck, listening to him pushed this book into a whole other atmosphere I didn t want it to end And let me say, I needed of him even while I had him I was worried I wouldn t like the performance, that the narrator wouldn t be able to pull his accent off, but I couldn t have asked for anything better than what we were given I did struggle some with his narration of the female voice Gus is a southern lass Ms Sweet did an amazing job of that southern charm and I fell in love with these characters all over again This was a great novella with Ms Frost s trademark humor and steamy scenes Gus, the heroine, was so freaking cute with her inner monologue She was snarky and smart, tough but kind and gentle The type of heroine who you d want as your best friend Killian Nox was absolutely dreamy and so very swoon worthy With his Scottish accent I was a goner from the moment he first spoke Who doesn t love an accent, and the way he pronounced certain words reminded me throughout the book that he was the real deal I lo
I have been reading a few of these HAPPILY EVER ALPHA books over the past week None of them have inspired me to pull out my pimp it up review stylesigh.This one was OK I liked Nox I liked Gus But neither spend than a handful of hours in each others company for 75% of the damn book And don t even get me started on how Nox is all sorry about your Grandma almost dying I got my own stuff going on So you go ahead an handle it without any support Not his actual words, but that is the gist o
I m pretty sure I have a girl crush on Layla Frost because she is freaking amazing Everything she writes turns me into a giddy school girl and I have no shame.First let me just bring up that amazing cover I mean really That tattooed arm Dress shirt rolled up to the elbows The hand holding a scotch, a cigar and wearing a skull ring Enough said.Another reason I m so in love with Ms Frost s books is that she writes fantastic heroines I love them almost as much as I love the hero s Gus was hilarious Her sarcastic nature and her inner thoughts had me laughing out loud I loved her for Nox She fit him and was exactly what he needed Her and her meema were highly entertaining Nox is every girls dream of a bad boy I literally watched the Justice League right before starting this book and after hearing the description of Nox, I coudln t help but envision Jason Mamoa Let me tell, this was no hardship on me I loved everything about Nox, especially the way he worshiped Gus
Should have gone with her gut instincts I spent a lot of time googling mo chuisle See, Killian calls Gus this pretty early on in the piece and I found a site that lets you play it and hear it.https www.howtopronounce.com mo chuNow, I don t know about you, but I m a sucker for an Irish or Scottish accent You re probably asking why I had to google it than once Well, I convinced myself after listening to the pronunciation a couple of times, that I had it fixed in my head Then, good ole Killian, lets one fly and I NEED to hear it again But, then I clicked on another link and it sounded completely different.The dude in the clip sounds like he is saying Em o chu esillThen I heard another clip and she says khwish lehI m not sure which one to stick with They both sound good, but it can be bloody confusing choosing which one is correct hence the muti google Are they both correct Is this some Irish trickery codding us unfortunate souls They those bloody Irish tricksters probably think I m a feckin eejit for wasting so much time on this Anyways I really enjoyed Until Nox Poor bloody Gus, what would be worse than rocking up to the door of the guy you plan to move in with, and finding another woman there Yeah, luckily, she s not stupid
4 Sweet, Hot, Alpha Stars Love, loved I wish I had read the Aurora Rose Reynolds books before But even not knowing those characters, I enjoyed this one And it s not necessary to follow the story Killian and Gus Augusta were fun to read Especially that sexy Scottish Iri