Diary of a Smart Black Kid

Diary of a Smart Black Kid Baron Winters Faces Life As An 11 Year Old.He Knows That Going Into Sixth Grade Being Smart, Black And A Geek Comes With A Lot Of Challenges Not The Least Of Which Is Bullets, Bullies And Parents.And Girls.Can Baron Face And Overcome His Challenges And Are His Challenges Unique, Or Does He Represent Us All A Humorous Account Of A Boy s Sixth Grade Memories This is a fun read for kids from age 11 it will be easy for them to read making them laugh, but also seeing how Baron Winters handles some not so friendly events in sixth grade Baron is a smart boy learning about life in Chicago It s a great story for kids to enjoy, and even some adults may enjoy it, too The story is well written as an 11
As a retired teacher who spent many years in seventh grade classrooms, I d say six graders will appreciate this storybecause of this kid s ability to work himself out of his difficulties The boys will see it as a funny fast read and they ll like the abundant b w cartoon like drawings The sharper ones will appreciate it even , especially the bits of humor And while they are immersing themselves in the story line, they ll be learning about racial relati