The Storymakers (3 Book Series)

The Storymakers (3 Book Series) From Book 1 Somewhere Over The Rainbow, All Spells About To Break Loose Fairy Tale Survival Rule 32 If You Find Yourself At The Mercy Of A Wicked Witch, Sing A Romantic Ballad And Wait For Your Prince Charming To Save The Day.Yeah, No Thanks Dorthea Is Completely Princed Out Sure Being The Crown Princess Of Emerald Has Its Perks Like Glenda Original Ball Gowns And Hans Christian Louboutin Heels But A Forced Marriage To The Not So Charming Prince Kato Is So Not What Dorthea Had In Mind For Her Enchanted Future Talk About Unhappily Ever After Trying To Fix Her Prince Problem By Wishing On A Cursed Star Royally Backfires, Leaving The Kingdom In Chaos And Her Parents Stuck In Some Place Called Kansas Now It S Up To Dorthea And Her Pixed Off Prince To Find The Mysterious Wizard Of Oz And Undo The Cursebefore It Releases The Wickedest Witch Of All And Spells The End For The World Of Story.The Storymakers Series Spelled Book 1 Wanted Book 2 Banished Book 3 Raising the dead to life again does give me some pause It lessens the stake of an adventure when death isn t a real and permanent threat Still, I want a happy ending and the only way to get that with this story seemed to be to find a way world in which the dead could live again O.K Overall, however, I thoroughly enjoyed these books, loved watching the formerly shallow characters evolve and grow, love seeing their relationships challenged in new ways, and loved all the twists and turns i
I am a HUGE fan of The Wizard of Oz so when I saw this series I just had to read it and I loved it Such a great remaining of a good series