Fermenting Step by Step

Fermenting Step by StepFermenteren Is Het Complete Handboek Van Adam Elabd, Waarin Hij Al Zijn Kennis Over De Vele Mogelijkheden Die Fermenteren Biedt Van De Theorie En Verschillende Fermentatietechnieken Tot Recepten Om Zelf Mee Aan De Slag Te Gaan Fermenteren Biedt Stap Voor Stapinstructies Met Foto S Voor Meer Dan 80 Recepten Waarmee Je Je Eigen Yoghurt, Azijn, Chutney, Zuurdesembrood En Ingelegde Groente En Fruit Kunt Maken Inclusief Een Handig Overzicht Van Alle Benodigdheden En Hoe Je Kunt Checken Of Het Fermentatieproces Goed Verloopt Of Misschien Wel Tot Bederving Heeft Geleid. Possibly I m giving an unfair review here, as the fault is with my kitchen, not the recipes, which I can t review because I didn t try them I got the book because fermented food is supposed to be good for the gut I like Brie and blue cheese, but the only sauerkraut I tried, which was in a jar, was vile.My life and tiny kitchen wouldn t support the endless stages, the jars, the new supplies, and my head isn t up f
Fairly simplistic, but a good overview A nice introduction to ferments if you are unfamiliar with the process This book is instructional and not intimidating You will need to find other resources if you are serious about some of the techniques and recipes. Anyone got SCOBY he she can lend me Some of these foods are super easy to make. Amazing visuals and a good diversity of recipes Great for beginners, but I found it a bit lacking in depth I did, however, get some good ideas and inspiration. The Amazake Horchata looked so promising, but the cooler method of incubation didn t work to maintain a high enough temperature and I had to result to using a rice cooker on warm which gave the end product off flavors, and was tossed The Injera stuck mercilessly to every pan and burned way before cooking thoroughly The Colonche had some off flavors of rotten cucumber by day 4 I still look fo
Borrowed it from the library and I loved it so much I bought it A practical book with the usual pleasant appearance of dk books.