CREATED Bridging The Gap Between Art And Your Creator

CREATED Bridging The Gap Between Art And Your Creator IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATEDGenesis 1 1These Are The First Five Words That God Decided To Share With Humanity.Take A Moment And Let That Sink In.It Sunk In For Me A Couple Of Years Ago For Some Reason, When My Eyes Crossed Those Words, They Struck Me Anew They Spoke To My Heart As A Member Of The Artistic Community.Here Is The Weird And Amazing Reality For Artists Every Time Our Pen Hits The Paper, Every Time We Click The Shutter, Every Time We Lay The First Brick, We Share In That Ultimate, Lifegiving, Unceasing Action Just Like The Moon Reflects The Sun, Our Little Acts Of Creation Reflect The Moment That FirstCreated Us.Artists Makers Tinkerers Dreamers Poets In Every Medium.We Are Each Created, And We Are In Turn Blessed To Be Creators.Inspired By This Thought, I Went To The People That I Look Up To And Asked Them A Simple Question What Are Your First Five Words To The World Of Artists And The Responses Came Each One Beautiful And Moving In Its Own Way, As Diverse As The Artists Who Shared Them With Each One That Popped Into My Inbox, I Was Moved Further Into The Depths Of God S Overflowing Heart I Think You Will Be As Well.CORY HEIMANN Thoughtful inspiration from various creatives to create inspired by our Creator All the thumbs up. Really beautiful and inspiring