My Wicked, Wicked Ways

My Wicked, Wicked WaysA Hero To Millions Who Adored His Portrayals Of Robin Hood And Fletcher Christian, Errol Flynn 1909 59 Lived A Life That Far Surpassed Any Adventure He Ever Acted Out On Screen Exotic Travels, Criminal Exploits, Passionate Love Affairs, Violent Confrontations, Scandals, And International Fame In This Highly Readable, Witty And Colourful Autobiography, Reissued By Aurum Press In B Format Using The Original Uncensored Text, Flynn Reveals Himself And His Remarkable Life As He Did Nowhere Else. I ve never read anyone wallow so gloriously in their own evil and evil is the only word for it The womanizing was apparently the least wicked thing he did He was a slave trader in New Guinea, for God sakes So, I obviously didn t come away liking him as a person But as a writer he was remarkably good, in a glib, raconteurish type of way It reminded me of Humbert Humbert, the unctuous, self justifying narrator of Lolita He is describing his own evil acts, but doing it in such a way that you begin to feel sympathy for him As if no one that witty and sophisticated and self pitying could possibly be a child molester In the end, what can you say about a man who met his second wife at his first rape trial Update The day before yesterday TCM showed Errol Flynn movies all day long, as well as a documentary about him Watching some of his movies again, I ve changed my mind about him as an actor He could give a good performance when he believed in the movie e.g., Objective, Burma T
It was kind of a relief to finish this book Reading it was kind of like having an extended visit from a drunken uncle who has great stories, zero self awareness, some uncomfortable opinions, and ventures into TMI especially when talking about boobs Uncle Errol never learns from his mistakes He pinches your cheeks and causes a lot of awkward moments He s sipping vodka and fondly believes you think it s water After several shots from his water bottle, he starts philosophizing like a drunk college senior You re never sure whether to believe his stories abo
Apparently he wanted to title it In Like Me In my quest for the sleaziest Hollywood memoir Scotty Bowers s Full Service and Lever s Me Cheeta are top of the list so far , I found Errol Flynn s autobiography to be valuable in many ways than this Written at the age of 50 when he was washed up, drinking himself to death, living mostly on his Jamaican estate but also enjoying a second wind of film success playing layabouts and has beens rather than swashbuckling heroes, My Wicked Wicked Ways was published after Flynn s death shortly after He led an amazing life born in Tasmania, son of a famed naturalist who was the first person to bring platypuses to England for study, descendant on his mother s side from Bounty mutineers with the sword arm to prove it , he ran tobacco plantations and engaged in shady dealings and battles with crocodiles and cannibals in New Guinea for four years he was surreptitiously filmed dueling with a croc by some Hollywood location scouts and they hired him as well as serving in both the Sino Japanese War and the Spanish Civil War, traveling around the world, having an out of body experience in an opium den in Macau, having his stomach slit wide open by a rickshaw dri
What can one say about Errol Flynn after reading this book He certainly led an incredible life and definitely the title of my wicked wicked ways fits perfectly How much is actually true without embellishment I m unsure of and therefore take it all with a grain of salt Authenticity aside, he is a surprisingly good writer He is blunt and open about his life and things he s done One gets the impression that he spent his life searching for something that would have given him true happiness and that he might not have
This book sticks with you in ways that will benefit and bring you down The words make sense, and at the same time are self destructive By the last page you ll feel like you re losing your best friend Your soul will be compromised Your mind will long for .Flynn will be in, and the in will send careless whispers through your mundane days.The ups and downs will tickle your spirit.You ll feel like a man woman a free spirit You ll fist fight the fool You ll charm the virginal to the point of orgasimYou ll overtake Hollywood, legal
No cabe duda que Errol Flynn era todo un aut ntico aventurero, y esta autobiograf a suya lo demuestra con creces ,ya que, evidentemente ,todo lo que se pueda decir, haber escuchado antes o le do sobre esta estrella de los a os dorados de Hollywood se quedan muy corta al adentrarse en su autobiograf a Dotada del mismo carisma que l, escrita con iron a a la par que un descarado y sinceridad e incluso cierta Fantas a exageradora..qui n sabe escandalosa, resulta totalmente m gica y adictiva en su lectura, pese a ser una persona de instintos amorales y peculiares principios, en ocasiones No deja de ser sorprendente que su figura sea tan carism tica y su simpat a no se deteriore tras ello As comprobamos, mediante su lectura, que no solo en la pantalla o en presencia seduc a es algo que traspasa La esencia de un encanto irresistible que brilla en su escritura, que es parte de su personalidad un ser totalmente magn tico, atrayente y atractivo Irresistible a todas luces.Y a las pruebas me remito, porque leyendo esta magn fica obra de sus memorias desde tan temprana edad, su leyenda o da durante a os se queda corta al auto retratar una vida repletas de aventuras y desventuras demasiadas para tan corto periplo vital, un ser creado a s mismo mediante prueba y error, y vuelta a la carretera y al mismo experimento Sediento de la esencia de su propio camino,
There was nobody like Errol Flynn He was one of a kind, a grown up kid who, constantly looking for adventure, sailed through life on his good looks and innate charm.He was really a flake He avoided responsibility, usually letting his little head dictate to the one on top of his neck.No woman could hold him for very long.You d be a fool to loan Errol money, as his creditors back in his native Tasmania would be quick to tell you He spent that green stuff like there was no tomorrow.But, tomorrow did come and his last days were plagued with health and financial prob
Someone needs to leak the ghostwriter of this book s name because this is just masterfully written, though I have little doubt that Errol s unique narrative came from no other source than the man himself Witty, fascinating, supremely masculine with a touch of the tongue in cheek vulgar, this remain
Errol Flynn describes himself as a tormented man My impression from his book is, that he was not an altogether happy man He wanted to be taken seriously and he didn t feel that people took him seriously He had aspirations as a writer and despite getting published, he felt he failed in this too He was a man who, perhaps surprisingly, thought deeply and felt much, but did not always choose a wise course in life I am a contradiction inside a contradiction , he wrote and I think that might have been very true.His autobiography reads like an adventure novel, said one commenter I agree with this statement From his ventures in New Guinea to his passing away in Canada, I believe he was a man of action, always looking out for new adventures, ideas, women and riches He did achieve this, but as I mentioned before, he was not quite satisfied On the contrary, he felt that his motion picture career had hindered his becoming what he had really wanted to become and be perceived as whom he really
Errol was an adventurer first and a movie star second He was an unconventional, unique rebel easily bored and frustrated with normal behaviour which he found almost impossible to keep up Hollywood managed to corral him for a

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