Murder in Belgravia (A Mayfair 100 Murder Mystery #1)

Murder in Belgravia (A Mayfair 100 Murder Mystery #1) PERFECT FOR FANS OF COSY CRIME, DOWNTON ABBEY, FOYLE S WAR AND THE BLETCHLEY CIRCLE The First In An Exciting New Mayfair 100 Series Of Nostalgic Crime Sagas Set Against The Backdrop Of WW1, Mayfair 100 Is The Telephone Number For A Small Specially Formed Crimebusting Team Based In A House In Mayfair London, 1915 Just 10 Months Into The First World War, The City Is Flooded With Women Taking Over The Work Vacated By Men In The Armed Services Chief Inspector Peter Beech, A Young Man Invalided Out Of The War In One Of The First Battles, Is Faced With Investigating The Murder Of An Aristocrat And The Man S Wife, A Key Witness And Suspect, Will Only Speak To A Woman About The Unpleasant Details Of The Case After Persuading The Chief Commissioner To Allow Him To Set Up A Clandestine Team To Deal With Such Situations, Beech Puts Together A Small Motley Crew Of Well Educated Women And Professional Policemen As Beech, Victoria, Caroline, Rigsby And Tollman Investigate The Murder, They Delve Into The Seedier Parts Of WWI London, Taking Them From Criminal Gangs To Brothels And Underground Drug Rings Supplying Heroin To The Upper Classes Will The Mayfair 100 Team Solve The Murder And If They Do, Will They Be Allowed To Continue Working As A Team ABOUT THE AUTHOR Lynn Brittney, A Writer For Almost 30 Years, Had Her First Novel Shortlisted For The Waterstone S Book Prize Brandford Boase Award And Doncaster Book Prize. This crime historical fiction set in 1915 during WW1 in London by Lynn Brittney was a real pleasure to read It begins with the murder of Lord Murcheson, stabbed with a pair of scissors in Belgravia Chief Inspector Beech is investigating but feels he needs support than the Met can currently provide under Commissioner Sir Edward Henry He takes the opportunity to ask for a special task force that will help to solve the case Women have no place in the police is the current thinking, Beech wants to use the expertise of talented women but has to do this covertly And so Dr Caroline Allardyce, who works in the women s hospital, widow and legally trained Victoria Ellingham, PC Billy Rigsby injured in the war and boxing champion, and Arthur Tollman, police offficer are recruited They are based at Lady Maud s London townhouse, the mother of Victoria It is a time of great change with the suffragettes determined that women should get the vote, and volunteer women s groups supporting the police The class system is under pressure and London is being bombed, with the East End a particular target as the Kaise
This was a fun weekend read, with a murder story set in London in 1915, and mainly female characters, who under the supervision of Chief Inspector Beech form an unofficial investigative team In the second year of the Great War, women become engaged in all kinds of professions reserved earlier for men only, The historical background is nicely presented , and various problems of those days are tackled, such as mental an
This year I had decided to read fewer psychological thrillers, as I found so many disappointed me last year I also decided to avoid thrillers, mysteries that included, girl, mother or sister in the title, which I have for the most part This left my time to indulge in my first love, which are police procedurals and historical mysteries This, the author first mystery for adults, was a very entertaining historical that certainly kept my interest.The first World War is on, the Kaiser using Zeppelin s to bomb certain areas of England Men are beginning to return, those lucky enough to return at all,with injuries and shell shock Ruthless gangs and doctors are supplying these men with all sorts of drugs, heroin, cocaine and the like When a member of the peerage, one of the walking wounded is found murdered, his wife injured severely and covered in blood, a group is formed to solve the crime A secret group, led by one vetyy able policeman, two associates and in a break from protocol, one woman doctor and sn upper class woman with an eye for details I loved this group Using women, was of course frowned on by most, and this added an area of special interest for me This team worked together very well, and while there was a journey through the degredations of the day, sex workers of both sexes, gangs and corruption, there were also moments of humor.Times were changing With so many men g
Very few of us are what we seem Agatha Christie As World War I enters with heavy marching boots into the lives of 1915 London, nary a soul will be untouched by the weight of its presence Men from all walks of life are uniformed and sent to fight the good fight in France and beyond It is a time of mixed emotions, questionable identities, and the shifting of roles in society.Because of the lack of males in the homes and businesses, women step forward to fulfill their obligations You can almost hear the shattering of the ol class system as it hits the wall Even the Civil Service in Whitehall begins to take on women The Suffragette Movement emboldens females not to be seen as mere housefraus Enter Chief Inspector Peter Beech of the Metropolitan Police with a forward moving idea He wishes to encorporate a police task force based on talent and individual contributions and not based solely on gender Female police officers have not yet been recognized as a benefitting element during this fast changing time period But ol Beech has convinced the commissioner that Mayfair 100 has the potential for untapped merits.Look Alive Here, Folks Lord Murcheson has returned from the war muddled in mind and body A vicious attack on his wife, Lady Harriet, leaves the aristocratic gentlemen dead on the floor of his wife s bedrooma pair of long handled scissors are sticking prom
A very thrilling historical mystery.This one starts slowly, like a straightforward whodunnit, but quickly evolves in something much complex and fascinating Set in London during World War I, we have soldiers, street gangs, prostitution rings and much, much , and it all works together well to create an intricate mystery There is a progressive police inspector who decides to put together a team of individuals to help solve his case, including a female lawyer and doctor which was unheard of at the time There is much to be said here about the advancement of women in society as the war began to change their roles As there was a lack of men, women slowly but surely began to come into positions formerly held only by men with much disdain from certain individuals And I love how this story put women front and center as an integral, intelligent, important part of the work The author uses real historical locations, eve
It was 1915 and with WWI hovering in the background, it was the murder of an aristocrat with the suspected murderer being his wife, that had Chief Inspector Peter Beech persuading the Chief Commissioner to allow him full control over a small, select and secret group to do the investigating The house in Mayfair which was to be their base, with the telephone number Mayfair 100, would house the specialist team as they endeavoured to solve their first case.But everything wasn t as it seemed A young girl was missing, the butler had absconded, the mistress was gravely ill in hospital, and the German Zeppelin was making its appearance But Beech, along with two police officers, Rigsby and Tollman, plus Victoria who had trained as a lawyer and Caroline, who was a well respected doctor, were determined to f
Murder in Belgravia is the first book in a new series, the Mayfair 100 Mysteries The series is set in World War I era England.Chief Inspector Peter Beech realizes that crime is changing in the city of London now that the war is going full force Many women have come to the city to work, taking over jobs previously held by men Beech comes up with an idea to form a special task force to investigate crimes involving women He firmly believes that Scotland Yard should add female investigators Scotland Yard has a policy against women working with law enforcement, so while he is allowed to move ahead with the idea, Beech has to keep it quiet The task force will have no arrest powers or permission to conduct official investigations And there will be no women on the payroll, visible at crime scenes or mentioned to the media Beech is optimistic that his experiment will be successful, even if they have to be completely behind the scenes Mayfair 100 is the phone number for the task force Their first case involves Lady Harriet Murcheson She has confessed to murdering her husband by stabbing him with a pair of scissors, but preliminary investigation of the scene points to someone else committing the crime Can they discover the truth..without anyone discovering th
Opens I refuse to speak to a man Lady Harriet sat before him composed and pale.MURDER IN BELGRAVIA has to be the best Historical Mystery that I ve read in a long time and I learned so much I mean who knew that London was bombed by airships in WWI OK so my husband did but he s odd but I found myself surfing the net for many happy hours delving into this part of history that I didn t know about once I had finished reading the book I love it when I am entertained and educated The story starts with the murder of Lord Murcheson His wife, Lady Harriet, is the prime suspect, she refuses to talk to Chief Inspector Peter Beech, the assigned investigator, because he is a man She tells him she will only speak to a lady He doesn t push the issue as he sees that she is seriously injured He very quickly gets her to hospital where a female friend of his, Caroline Allardyce, is a doctor Caroline tries to talk to Lady Harriet but it turns out she won t talk to just any woman she will only talk to someone who is her equal in society Peter asks a close friend the widowed Lady Victoria Ellingham to travel to London to talk to Lady Harriet.At this point Peter notes a huge gap in police investigation capabilities, he needs women recruited Peter gets permission to create a small, secret a
It is a great mystery and the main character is Chief Inspector Beech of Scotland Yard He is called to investigate the murder of Lord Murcheson I really enjoyed the story nice plot, love the characters.Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for this copy. Easy to read and interesting mystery, but sadly the characters especially the women felt bland, vapid and one dimensional.