Sams Surfboard Showdown

Sams Surfboard Showdown Ten Year Old Sam Sumner Is The Best Sportsman At His School That S Until Finn Hester Moves To Town Finn Is Good At Everything, Even At Nippers, Sam S Favourite Thing Finn S Mum S Cooking Is Also Causing A Stir Sam S Mum Used To Be The Best Cook In Town When Finn Joins Nippers, And There S A Chance To Win A Surfboard Signed By Mick Fanning, Things Heat Up In The Surfand In The Kitchen There S Going To Be A Showdown Between These New Rivals Who Is The Best Cook In Town And Who Will Win That Surfboard A well written Australian story with themes that many young people will connect to Nippers, schoolyard rivalry etc Great to read a modern story about an indigenous family. Snappy and suitably aimed at upper primary readers who enjoy the sun surf and a fast paced story Getting knocked off your perch is tough at the best of times For Sam Sumner, it s a shock to be challenged at everything he normally aces This is a feel good story showi