Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness

Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual FitnessPopular Books, Reshaping It All Motivation For Physical And Spiritual Fitness Author Candace Cameron Bure This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Reshaping It All Motivation For Physical And Spiritual Fitness, Essay By Candace Cameron Bure Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Even though this book is definitely centered around weight loss and healthy eating, it is so much than that Yes, it is Christian based and her faith makes up the core of this book, but I didn t feel that it was harassing me into believing God Rather, using scripture Candace illuminated what God wants for all of us, how he so desperately wants us to succeed, and wants to help us every step of the way.I picked up this book because of its diet focus but I ended up gaining way than I anticipated because of the well rounded focus of the book It truly helps you reshape it ALL I have battled with anxiety most of my life but only recently realized that I was struggling with clinical generalized anxiety disorder and this book is filled with little nuggets to inspire, keep focus, and bring comfort to those who read them I highly recommend this book regardless what your current struggle is and keep an open mind that I would say it s about hea
This was an okay read but after the first couple of chapters, some of the thoughts and ideas started to seem a bit repetitive I did enjoy the sneak peek reading about her growing up as an actress along with Candace Cameron Bure s life now however, that didn t really seem like the intention of this book This book is of an aid for healthy living through diet and exercise with just a glimpse i
I loved this book it was full of a lot of ah ha moments for me I have always struggled with my relationship with food, but never thought about the spiritual side of it I learned a LOT from this book even though it was really written for someone who is just beginning their journey Here are some of my favorite quotes from this book What I didn t realize at the time is that my heart was longing for the things of this world I ran to comfort food instead of running to God I discovered my sin, but I hadn t discovered that my heart was in the wrong place I sought moral reformation instead of a spiritual transformation I had known who He was, but I still hadn t grasped who I was in his sight The basic plan I suggest is to stop abusing yourself with food, start making healthier choices, and get serious with God Move , control your portions, make wise choices, and keep God close by your side Stick to that plan, and you ll see some results Life will offer us a thousand and one reasons we shouldn t follow Christ, but those who have built their faith on conviction won t give up because they have counted the cost beforehand and their eyes are fixed on the goal ahead If you want something you ve never had before, you have to do something you ve never done before There s nothing inheren
I came across this motivational book by Candace Cameron Bure, yep, the Candace Cameron from Full House There was some good in the first few chapters of the book but mostly there was bad.THE GOOD Part autobiography, part diet book, part motivational speech I enjoyed the first few chapters well enjoy Reading about her childhood and how she got into acting was interesting, but not really engaging She discussed her troubles trying to maintain her weight and regularly advocated healthy ideas like not drinking your calories in the form of soda and sugar drinks, and that dieting isn t about denying yourself but learning some self control She wrote reasonable advice about having a plan for your weight loss and sited scriptures to back this up She recommends breaking up with food knowing how to not essentially eat one s feelings, and only eating when you are hungry not merely when it is time to eat THE BADSomewhere after the first few chapters it started being bad She began using her fan letters to address certain top
At first I was a bit skeptical I ve read celebrity biographies, and they aren t usually worth their salt, especially as self help books I had heard about the book from following Cameron Bure on Twitter, and I came across it when I was at a local Christian bookstore in the health section For a long time I have struggled with healthy eating and snacking, and I have come to feel that it was connected to my spiritual life and the snacking I do with my relationship with God When I picked this book off the shelf and saw that that s exactly what it was about, I decided to give it a try I m so glad I did Because there is a co writer, the writing is actually good The analogies are also spiritually based and don t feel hokey There is a good use of scripture and encouragement to see overeating undereating as sinning in not propery caring for your body I was inspired an
I was really excited to read this book having grown up watching Full House, I was anxious to read about Candace s faith and weight loss journey I was quickly disenchanted with the book Perhaps it s just not what I needed to read at this stage in my life, but to me, it came off with a bit of a holier than thou attitude I m not saying that was the intention, b
I wanted to like this book, and I did for the first few chapters Bure has some good advice about incorporating your faith into all parts of your life, including food health fitness All admirable It was the self congratulatory fan letters, the constant reminder that I no longer struggle with this and the not so subtle message that one is fat unhealthy depressed simply due to a lack of prayer that pushed this over the top for me The Scriptures she used to support her messages were not used in the context in which they were written, but were cherry picked as motivational phrases Yes, Scripture can inspire us, but it needs to be looked at as a whole, not as catchphrases for your fridge.As several others have pointed out, neither Bure nor her co writer are doctors, nutritionists, or any kind of
Disappointing, disjointed and unorganized I m a Christian but found this novel disturbingly preachy and felt as though Candace is judging the reader I feel as though this bookis an attempt at converting the world to her extreme form of Christianity justifying the fact she married at a very young age convincing the world that she s indeed happy and normal though most North American women cannot afford to be stay at home mothers proving to people that she eats showing off how good she looks now Jesus solves eating disorders I believe prayer helps with all but there comes a time when God wants you to help your self which means getting professional help I read Jodie Sweetin s book before this one it was honest, raw and fascinating I thought this book would be similarly enjoyable but it wasn t I grew up watching Full House on television and wondered what had come of Candace.This novel is very disappointing as I really wante
I absolutely loved this book For anyone who is struggling with an addiction alcohol, food, drug, shopping, smoking, etc I think this book could help I know a lot of people don t get what the big deal is because she only had 20lbs to lose but the issue is bigger than that not that 20 lbs is not a big deal because in my opinion it is I think the biggest issue is that people, myself totally included, are using their addictions however small they may be such as Facebook or cell phones to satisfy something that no one can satisfy except God I personally was trying to find joy out of some chocolate or other tasty treat because the kids were driving me nuts rather than asking God to help me in that moment It was and is a BAD habit that I couldn t seem to break no matter what I tried It is NOT easy at all to give up our addictions and lean on Christ instead But it s something I really wanted to change about myself I really do want to live for Him and not for me I didn t want to be eating the way I was just out of stress and boredom and thinking I deserved a little indulgence I want to think that my body
Disclaimers 1 I am not Christian.2 I don t believe in diets.3 I had no idea what this book was about when I picked it up.Honestly, I saw this book on a display shelf at the library and assumed it was a run of the mill cheesy celebrity memoir so I picked it up Oooops Turns out the book is focused on motivation for physical and spiritual fitness and is a combination of self help, weight loss, and spiritual advice book.I learned a little bit about her personal life, but I mostly just skimmed the book for those non weight loss, non religious parts The most disturbing and depressing part is that Bure seems to think that finding God cured her from an eating disorder Pretty sad that clearly she has not received the proper psychological treatment that may have helped her when she was younger.I also laughed when she mentioned that she said she doesn t do yoga but Pilates is acceptable to her because she couldn t handle the meditation part as if meditation has to do anything w