Gather Round the Sound

Gather Round the Sound Audible S 2017 Holiday Collection Includes Zip Code 12345This Mini Documentary Centers Around A Peculiar Holiday Tradition At General Electric S Headquarters In Schenectady, NY For Two Decades, GE Has Been Receiving Thousands Of Letters From Kids Children Who Think They Re Reaching Santa Claus And Every Year, A Handful Of GE Employees Give Up Their December Lunchbreaks To Respond To Each And Every Letter.An Aussie Night Before Christmas, By Yvonne Morrison, Performed By Magda SzubanksiThis Rollicking Rewrite Of The Famous Old Poem Twas The Night Before Christmas Gives The Original Version A Hilarious Aussie Twist Magda Szubanski, Australia S Most Trusted Personality, Caries This Incredibly Fun Romp Kangaroos Pulling The Sleigh, A Beer For Santa, And All The Over The Top Australian Lingo, It S Everything You D Expect.The Music Coming From The House, By Paulo Coehlo, Performed By Daniel Frances BerensonIn This Magical Story From The Author Of The Alchemist The Master Of The Modern Parable A Disguised King Visits A Poor Village, And What He Sees Through The Window Of A House Changes His Life, And Those Of The Occupants.The Signal Man, By Charles Dickens, Performed By Simon Callow, Dan Starkey, And John BanksFor Literature Lovers, The Holiday Season Needs A Little Dickens We Dug Up A Story Of His That You May Not Be Familiar With, Originally Published In The Christmas Edition Of A Victorian Short Story Periodical Of Course, Ghosts Are Involved In This 19th Century Work Told By Simon Callow Outlander And Dan Starkey Dr Who.A Very Improvised Holiday MusicalWhat Would The Holidays Be Without Some Carols Vern, A New York City Based Improv Troupe, Performs A Few Improvised Holiday Songs. I ve learned to mistrust things that are for free, but Audible usually has some nice christmas gifts This one may have been the worst of them yet, but it wasn t all bad I enjoyed Zipcode 12345 , although I wish it was longer and vi could actually get a snippet from the Adoption Box I think I know what was in them, tho
This was cute and entertaining I enjoyed listening to the letters to Santa in 12345. All my reviews can be found at review will post on my site on December 12th Gather Round the Sound was free on Audible and there was a good reason for that It really did not need to be made into a compilation of short stories performances This one was a big miss for me The best short was Zip Code 12345 I really enjoyed it and wish it had been expanded If this had been the whole book that would have been fine with me Apparently I am not a Dickens fan as The Signal man wasn t for me When it was over I had no idea what had happened Maybe it was
I downloaded this freebie from Audible and it was my first Christmas read of the season It had everything a little nonfiction, some fiction and some singing I wasn t sure about the singing and the Dickens story wasn t particularly Christmassy But al
This was okay It features several short Christmas themed stories including one by Charles Dickens. This is holiday themed, and was a perfect listen while prepping and recovering from a holiday brunch. I don t know what I was expecting exactly but this wasn t it I loved the Dickens reading and Zip Code 12345 The musical at the end was awful What about beautiful Christmas music A reading of the Gift of the Magi This had such potential but really was just not much But again, it was free . I downloaded this freebie book on December 10, 2017, and I think I listened it on either December 12th or 13th, so I m going to say I started it very late on the 12th and finished it in the wee hours of the morning on the 13th for recording purposes.Even though I don t remember exactly when I listened to this book in December 2017, I do remember that I was VERY confused by it The first story especially It seemed like an ad I was sooo confused it didn t come across like a story at all for me I was listening while playing a game And sadly, this confusion set me up for failure when I continued past this first story I didn t take in ANY of the stories So, I know I read this, but I couldn t tell you what I read It didn t seem very Christmasy or Holiday ish to me, though THAT I remember Though it s pro
Meh This was a free audible book offered during Christmas 2017 For a free book well, it lived up to that price at least It was a little over an hour long It wasn t much of a Christmasy sort of listen There
This is a short freebie of Xmas theme randomnalia a documentary about letters to Santa, the Aussie version of Santa, a Dickens horror story, and some improv carols.I kinda liked the horror story, but the rest was pretty meh.