The Shadow Runners (2176 Series, #3)

The Shadow Runners (2176 Series, #3) Newgate, Australia Down Under, Anything Goes In The Nd Century, History Repeats Itself Part Penal Colony, Part Dumping Ground For Toxic Waste, The Land Is Controlled By The Parliament, A Gang Of Dissipated Self Styled Aristocrats Who Rule In A Mockery Of The English Regency To Survive Here, You Have To Know The Tricks Like Jenny Red She Knows The Score She S Been Down And Made It Out To Tell The TaleBut D Ekkar Han Valoren The Bastard Son Of The Emperor Whom Jenny S Family Was Accused Of Destroying Knows Jenny Escaped, And He Wants Her To Take Him Back In Okay, Maybe She Ll Help Deck S Team Of Rebels, His Shadow Runners, Like He Asks But Not Because He S Holding Anything Over Her If He Tried Anything That Stupid, She D Give Him A Taste Of Steel No, She Ll Do It Because Of What Was Once Between Them Because Of The Revolution Of Her Heart 3 in the 2176 series, futuristic sci fi action romanceFour different authors in this five book seriesThis time the setting is Australia in the year 2176.Lots of sci fi high tech stuff gadgets featured in this plot I m no
Welcome to futuristic Australia, part penal colony and part dumping ground This concept had a big impact when I encountered it a few years ago I knew the execution could never live up to the premise I idealised, but I still looked forward to this.The world building definitely meets my expectations, particularly the mysterious Parliament which c
This is the third of the 2176 books and my least favourite, which I didn t expect because it s the first book I ve ever read by a foreign author set in Australia I thought this would really endear me to the book, but in the end it just made me mad Maverick s future version of Australia was bizarre and
Awesome book I loved it to pieces Deck has a purpose To get the Voice of Freedom up and running in Australia and rally the people to fight behind Banzai MacGuire when the time comes.The only problem is that Deck is former Royalty and doesn t have the know how to get around the prison Australia has become, but he knows someone who does.Jenny Red met Deck before he was accused of killing his father, the King And despite all the rules they became friends, until Jenny s father killed the King a Awesome book I loved it to pieces Deck has a purpose To get the Voice of Freedom up and running in Australia and rally the people to fi
In a future world where things are quite different and there are different people in charge Jenny Red lives in a city where she barely survives The ruling aristocrats are bored and will kill you as soon as talk to you so Jenny is not impress when D ekkar Han Valoren comes from her past he also brings unwanted attention, and feelings s
The Shadow Runners 2176, Bk 3 Liz MaverickJenny Red spent years in Newgate, Australia penal colony for a crime committed by her father, she had a crush on D ekkar Han Valoren son of the Emperor ass a teen The attraction continues ev
I sort of enjoyed it but all I kept thinking was and the point is I lved Jenny Red she was like a mercenary in a way Dek got on my nerves, but at the same time He was exactly the brooding hero Action, adventure, betrayal,
Kind of a steampunk romance meaning it s set in a sort of steampunkfuture earth, but the main characters don t quite fit in to that world.I suppose that s the idea.Jenny s so smart at times that the bits where she does dumb things to further the plot are just painful But som
Fast paced, fun read I haven t read the first two, but didn t feel as though I had to in order to follow the story I enjoyed the world building and liked the main character Tough without being over the top. Book 3 in the 2176 Series Most are written by different authors All were good I felt for Jenny Red here and didn t care for the interaction much.

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  • The Shadow Runners (2176 Series, #3)
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  • 11 October 2017
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