Medieval Europe: A Short Sourcebook

Medieval Europe: A Short SourcebookThis Collection Of Documents In Medieval History Is Designed To Accompany The Recently Revised MEDIEVAL EUROPE A SHORT HISTORY By C Warren Hollister And Judith Bennett However The Diverse Selection Of Sources Also Makes It A Useful Supplement For Courses In Western Civilization As In Previous Editions, This Reader Continues To Provide A Lucid And Approachable Introduction To Each Of The Documents And A Special Chapter Devoted To Visual Sources In Medieval History In Addition To These Hallmark Features, The Fourth Edition Includes New Internet Resources, Thought Questions At Both The Reading And Chapter Level, And A Geographically Diverse Range Of Readings. This book is an amazing little textbook I was pleased to read the explanation of the growth and development of modern European nations The most surprising part is the growth of civilization throughout the time we were taught were the Dark Ages Something that is slurred across in most history classes is the age of Charlemagne, about 400 common era c.e to about 900 or 950 c.e I guess that it is not talked about because not much happened but invasions by Vandals or Attila or Saxons, but there were farms and communities developing this is the era that beget villains from villagers There was starvation, missionary work, development of monasteries and convents, etc This book explained all this and , making it a lot interesting just by what it included There are not a lot of footnotes because this is a survey book, not a scholarly one What is written about is well known and accepted as undisputed, so the footnotes wou
I am using this book to teach Ancient and Medieval History at Cal State San Bernardino this quarter on the recommendation of a colleague Hollister et al have assembled an excellent selection of important and engaging primary sources from the late ancient and medieval periods of European history The historical introductions to each text are concise and the texts are short enough to read aloud during an in class discussion This is an exce
Great jumping off point.

[Epub] Medieval Europe: A Short Sourcebook By C. Warren Hollister –
  • Paperback
  • 403 pages
  • Medieval Europe: A Short Sourcebook
  • C. Warren Hollister
  • English
  • 19 February 2018
  • 9780072417388