The Wizards Dog Fetches the Grail

The Wizards Dog Fetches the Grail For Fans Of The Hero S Guide To Saving Your Kingdom Comes An Offbeat, Comedic Spin On The Holy Grail Legend As Told By The Lovable Nosewise Talking Dog And Wizard In Training The Magical Realm Of Avalon Has Gone To The Dogs Well, One Dog Nosewise, The Hilarious Talking Pup And Wizard In Training, Can Wield Powers Untoldbut He Has Yet To Master The Powerful Sword Excalibur This Dog Still Has Some New Tricks To Learn.But Lord Oberon S Evil Worms Threaten To Eat All Magic In Existence Nosewise And His Pack, The Street Urchin Arthur, The Sorceress Morgana, And His Beloved Master Merlin, Must Find The Holy Grail, The One Item That Can Save Them All The Only Problem The Goblet Is Hidden In The Legendary Castle Of Camelot Which Has Been Missing For Centuries Worse, Queen Mab, Sovereign Of Dreams, Is Planning Havoc Of Her Own As Naps Turn To Nightmares, Nosewise Will Have To Rely On His Smarts And His Snout, Or The Dog Days Will Be Over Popular Author Eric Kahn Gale Returns With A Fast Paced Fantasy Adventure That Stands Out From The Pack The dog Nosewise narrates this story loosely based on the stories of Arthur and Merlin An Asteria worn around his neck allows Nosewise to speak English and to work magic he has learned from Merlin The story often refers to events of the first book in the series The Wizard s Dog for context.Most events of this story take place in the Otherworld of Fae, dreams, and dragons Nosewise and his pack Merlin, Arthur, and Morgana must retrieve the Grail and its Water of Life to revive Nivian, the Lady of the Lake In this story, the Grail has no Christian or otherwise religious significance.Nineteen drawings by Dave Phillips illustrate the novel All but one prominently feature Nosewise, a small dog with white fur and a bushy tail.Queen Mab of the Fae is the primary villain of the story Nosewise and his pack encounter her because she has transported Camelot castle, where the Grail resides, and surrounding villages into her Otherworld Nosewise describes her Her scent was a hundred different smells and stories She was a young sheep, an old wolf, a newborn pup, a sick man, an
Nosewise is back for another adventure, protecting his human pack of Merlin, Morgana and Arthur This sequel picks up the tale of how Nosewise pulled Excalibur from the Stone While this should designate Nosewise as King, no one is quite ready to recognize a dog as ruler, even if he can speak and cast spells In this next installment, the group learns that Lady Nivian, a powerful fae who has been their ally, has died Merlin is convinced that if they can get word to the Otherworld, the fae region, there will be some way to bring her back to the living The Otherworld knows where the Holy Grail is hidden and this is the key to saving Nivian The quest is dangerous but all are determined and willing to battle against nasty worm sprites, dream spells and power hungry fae Queen Mab, who is currently in possession of the Holy Grail Nosewise and his humans get separated, lost to each other in a horrible dream state, but Nosewise is courageous and resourceful, gathering them all together with the help of a farm girl, a dragon and a fae wolf pack While the story concludes with a happy ending Nivian is saved , the plot seems to imply that there is story to tell in an upcoming sequel The story has countless action and is told from t
When a book features a heroic dog and magic, it s sure to attract plenty of fans Readers will find it hard to resist Nosewise, a dog with the ability to speak and perform a bit of magic Perhaps that isn t surprising, after all, since he is the companion of Merlin of King Arthur fame yes, THAT Merlin In this follow up title to The Wizard s Tale, Nosewise and his human companions must venture to Camelot in order to find the Holy Grail and possibly bring Nivian back to life The worms that Nosewise thought he had defeated in the previous book have sucked up all the magic in the land, and the companions must act The story contains plenty of action as well as humor, and it s hard not to get caught up in the story, especially when Merlin, Arthur, and Morgana get caught up in Queen Mab s dreams and forget their purpose for venturing forth Much as I loved Nosewise, I was particularly impressed with the character of Annaquin and wanted to see of her By the time the story con
This sequel to The Wizard s Dog proved to be just as entertaining Gale has taken the story of Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, and Camelot and turned it on it s head with thoroughly enjoyable results Nosewise, the talking, magical dog, and his pack, Merlin, Arthur, and Morgana, think the worst is over after defeating Oberon on the island of Avalon But when they return to Avalon after gathering some supplies they discover their fae friend Nivian dead as a result of the worm sprites that Oberon created, that they had thought were dead Nosewise being an extremely loyal companion won t accept that there is nothing he can do to help his friend After Oberon, who is dying himself, tells them that the only way to bring Nivian back is to find the Grail of life with it s life bringing water, Nosewise is determined to do whatever it takes to find it But traversing the land of the fae and confronting Queen Mab, sovereign of dreams, proves to be much difficult than he ever imagined Especially once Queen Mab gains control of Merlin, Arthur, and Mo
The Wizard s Dog Fetches the Grail by Eric Kahn Gale, 272 pages Crown Random House , 2018 17Content GBUYING ADVISORY EL OPTIONALAUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGESomething is very wrong in Avalon Lord Oberon s evil worms have continued to grow and have swallowed most of the magic Unless Nosewise, Merlin, Arthur and Morgana can find The Grail The Lady of the Lake will die and magic along with her The story really doesn t gain steam until Queen Man enters the pages When the first book was about Nosewise learning to be a talking, magic dog, it was great fun Now, however, Gale is twisting everything about
School library copyThis just makes me miss one of my fantasy readers who went on to the high school even I wasn t a huge fan of the first, but he loved the ARC, so I bought it Now he isn t around for me to give the sequel to, so I have to find someone with similar taste Which isn
I d actually rate this 3.5 It s fun, but the jumping around in and out of dreams is jarring to me You keep transporting from one location to another, and Mab controls where you go and what s around you So, Nosewise ends up with a family on a farm, fighting to remember Merlin. This was really good A little annoying with the dog talking all the time at first, but after a little while it got better and I started to understand the plot A good read D

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  • The Wizards Dog Fetches the Grail
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  • 24 July 2018
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