Maalika In 1973, Valerie Browning, A Young Sydney Nurse, Volunteered To Go To Ethiopia To Help The Victims Of A Devastating Famine She Had Little Conception Of Africa Or Africans, And Yet The Continent And Its People Would Become The Guiding Force Of Her Life.Galvanised By The Suffering She Witnessed In Ethiopia, On Her Return To Australia She Became A Human Rights And Aid Activist For The People Of The Horn Of Africa Valerie S Work Led Her Back To Africa Again And Again, Involving Her At Considerable Risk To Herself In The Armed Liberation Conflicts Of The Region Even As She Discovered Brutality And Corruption At The Heart Of These Political Movements, She Also Found Love, Marrying Ismael Ali Gardo, Whose People, The Afar, Roamed Ethiopia, Eritrea And The Sudan As Nomadic Herdsmen Ismael S Life Mission Was To Help The Afar Desperately Poor, Uneducated, Landless, And The Victims Of Oppression In Every Country They Once Roved Freely Soon It Became Valerie S Too, As She Embraced Their Culture And Threw Herself Into Their Cause In One Of The Most Inhospitable Landscapes On Earth, Valerie And Ismael Have Waged An Incredible Struggle, Bringing Health And Education To A People Who Would Otherwise Have Nothing Valerie S Story Is Both An Astonishing Adventure And A Testament To How Determination And Passion Can Achieve Extraordinary Things. Inspiring and shocking biography of Valerie Browning, an Australian aid worker living and working amongst the Afar nomadic tribes of Ethiopia in one of the most God forsaken places on the planet. Hats off to this remarkable woman This book is made all the sweeter for me because some good friends of mine have set up and continue to work on a sustainable health and agricultural project for the Afar people of Northern Ethiopia As a registered nurse with aspirations of working in Africa one day, I couldn t put this down. An Australian friend recommended me this book,so I had high expectations.On the end I was depressed and disappointed What is the point in despising western world,it s values etc., and then trying to get primitive people change their ways to resemble western ways you author is despising so much Author is contradicting herself all throughout the book, trying to justify to herself the way of life she chose I lived in South Africa for almost 20 years, and know that decent African people take pride in keeping their home clean and neat, even if they are poor African people learn by example, not by preaching Did Maalika really need her mother to come from Australia to tell her to prepare f
This is a very impressive autobiography of an Australian nurse who has lived for many years with her Afar husband in his nomadic community in the horn of Africa Afar nomads move among Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti without worrying too much about national borders The author, Valerie Browning, originally went to Ethiopia with a Christian aid organization as a young nursing graduate and effectively just stayed there She became embedded in the Afar culture and the wider culture of the horn, in which through hard work and common sense she built a strikingly effective medical health aid NGO staffed almost entirely by locals A very well told story about an amazingly hard working human deeply impregnated with common sens
An amazing, inspiring and compassionate story of one woman s tireless dedication to making the world a better place Well written with humour and unflinching honesty Australian nurse Valerie Browning lives in the desert of northern Ethiopia Valerie adopted the Afar way of life and the
I appreciated Valerie s story and learning about the struggles around Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti, and especially about the Afar people Valerie is obviously has a calling on her life to do what she does I know I couldn t I cried during parts of her story some truly traumatic experiences. Maalika is the story of Valerie Browning Valerie is given the title of Maalika which means queen by the Afar people of Ethiopia for all her humanitarian efforts She is indeed a queen She marries an Afar man and instead of migrating back to her homeland Australia
This book made me angry about the treatment of people of Afar by many NGOs who are supposedly providing health, education and food assistance I couldn t put the book down We take for granted things such as clean water, s
Not an easy read however was an interesting and inspiring story It me feel sad at times,made me feel angry at times and I take my hat off to Valerie Browning who gave it her all to help the Afar people.

[Ebook] Maalika  By Valerie Browning –
  • Paperback
  • 263 pages
  • Maalika
  • Valerie Browning
  • English
  • 16 December 2017
  • 9781405038454