The Lifegiving Parent

The Lifegiving Parent From The Family That Brought You The Lifegiving Home And The Lifegiving Table, Discover How You Can Become A Parent Who Gives Your Child A Life Worth Living For Christ.In Today S World, It S Easy To Become Overwhelmed And Even Paralyzed By The Constant Flow Of Parenting Advice We Re Flooded With So Much Practical Information That We Wonder If We Re Choosing The Right Way And We May Be Missing The One Thing God Really Wants Us To Give To Our Children His Life God Doesn T Include A Divine Methodology For Parenting In The Bible, But He Does Provide Principles That Can Enable Any Faithful Parent To Bring His Life Into The Life Of Their Home.In The Lifegiving Parent, Respected Authors And Parents Clay And Sally Clarkson Explore Eight Key Principles Heartbeats Of Lifegiving Parenting To Shed Light On What It Means To Create A Home Where Your Children Will Experience The Living God In Your Family Now Parents Of Four Grown Children Each With Their Own Unique Personality And Gifts Sally And Clay Have Learned Sometimes The Hard Way That The Key To Shaping A Heart Begins At Home As You Foster A Deep And Thoughtful God Infused Relationship With Each Child Filled With Biblical Insight And Classic Clarkson Stories, The Lifegiving Parent Will Equip You With The Tools And Wisdom You Need To Give Your Children Much Than Just A Good Christian Life You Ll Give Them The Life Of Christ Don T Miss The Companion Piece, The Lifegiving Parent Experience I have never heard of Clay and Sally Clarkson, but the title of their newest book, The Life Giving Parent captured my attention As authors who have written a number of books and devotions for raising a Godly family, I was interested in what I could learn to bring God as the focal point in our lives I read through the book pretty quickly for this review, but I believe I will be returning to it with a highlighter and a pencil, so I can study closely My favorite chapters are renewing of the mind and creating your child s imagination As a fiction writer, I have always used my imagination, so I LOVE the idea of how to grow my children s imagination I have studied what C S Lewis has written about Imagination Overall, the book talks about a number of ways that would be easy to incorporate into my family to bring God into the forefront of my kids and my life I believe once I am
This is a thorough book about how to raise your children with God as the center of the home, based on the author s own family life It is heavily cited with Bible references and stories that are totally applicable.At the end of each chapter, which focuses on one heartbeat of lifegiving parenting, there are practical steps to accomplish whatever truth they re addressing I especially appreciate when practical tips are given to amorphous ideologies like Christianity and parenting.I appreciate facts, numbers, charts, studies, logic, etc MBTI ISTJ, enneagram 1 and this book doesn t rub that sweet spot of nonfiction reading for me There s a bit of opinion and speculation peppered throughout the book and one would have to be somewhat of the same mind and opinion about parenting as this couple for this to be helpful or agreeable.While I found some great truths and ideas for positive parenting, I can t say that any of them
Engagement with Christian culture does not define a Christian home engagement with the living Christ does I was given the opportunity to read the first few chapters of this book before it releases and I can t wait to finish it in a few weeks There are so many great nuggets of wisdom and encouragement like the one above in just these few chapters and I look forward the rest The first priority for strengthening your child s fa
Based on the few chapters I ve read so far, I have been so encouraged by Clay and Sally s instruction to invest in the lives of my children for eternity I think the idea that has touched me the most is the idea that even parenting is a walk of faith It is NOT a formula I m so thankful for a godly book that doesn t promise me that if I follow
The Lifegiving Parent by Clay and Sally Clarkson completes the Lifegiving trilogy that also includes The Lifegiving Home and The Lifegiving Table by Sally Clarkson This particular addition focuses on parenting and can easily be read together by spouses, as opposed to others that Sally writes that are specifically geared for women If you want to get to the beating heart of being a lifegiving parent, you ll find it in opening your home to the love of God, the light of God, and the life of God If you faithfully keep the symbolic door, windows, and vents of your home open, then your house will be full of God s love, light, and life Lifegiving parenting is all about creating a home for your children that is loving, enlightened, and alive with the presence and life of God p 16 The book presents eight heartbeats of lifegiving parenting, including guarding your child s heart, renewing your child s mind, and cultivating your child s character These heartbeats help give Christian parents a way t
I have to start this review by saying that I do not like to write in books I don t underline nor do I highlight on a regular basis, yet some books compel me to mark them up and this is one of those books As a homeschooling, Christian parent, I am well acquainted with Clay and Sally Clarkson and their influence in this sphere Often parenting books bore me or make me feel unequipped as a parent, but this one was so encouraging and inspiring.The book is divided into two parts 1 Heartbeats of Parental Lifegiving and 2 Living as a Lifegiving Parent I just love the concept of heartbeats.the very thing that gives proof to our being alive There are so many ways we can ensure our parenting style is breathing life into our children from nurtuting our child s spirit to renewing our child s mind from cultivating our child s character to forming our child s imagination Clay and Sally lay out eight different heartbeats and share scripture, personal stories and wisdom for how we can inc
I received 3 chapters from the publisher on this wonderful book by one of my most favorite authors on parenting, motherhood, and Christian living The principles for life in this book will not only permeate your parenting but also just your daily life as you seek to serve the Lord and glorify Him in all that you do As always, Sally and Clay share bits of wisdom and nuggets of profound truths that you can camp out on let them help you to see your personal testimony while parenting, strengthening you and encouraging you to being the best leader, encourager, and guide to your child in the Christian life There is practical know how that is conveyed through story and real life experiences, shared with
Clay and Sally have written an amazing book with The Life Giving Parent Honestly, I think I can give a lot of my other parenting books away because this book gets to the heart of children, which is teaching them to love Jesus in a world that is messy, chaotic and unsettling There isn t a formula or method, but this is a lifestyle and I love how they approach their parenting, just like they approach their dinner table Which is you haven t read any other books by Sally, I highly recommend them This book is all about passing on a legacy of Christ to children and it doesn t matter what age, you can pass this on to your children I love how relational Clay and Sally are as people and I think it makes all the diff
This book is an inspiration to parent s to put in the work it will take to fully engage our children in relationships with Jesus Deeply grounded Biblical principles are presented with accompanying stories to bring the points to life and you walk away
I was given the first few chapters by the publisher and based on those chapters, I am smitten I can t wait to read everything Already there are several insights and nuggets I am putting into practice.

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