Purge on the Potomac

Purge on the Potomac Iconic Lawman And Texas Ranger Pops Younger Has Never Relied On Conspiracy Theories When It Came To Solving Crimes But The Murder Of A Texas State Senator Was Beginning To Look And Like A Conspiracy When Former CIA Operate And Special Forces Veteran Zach Turner Divulges Reliable Intelligence To Younger That The Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court Was Secretly Assassinated And Made To Look Like An Accident, Younger S Instincts Immediately Kicks In Although Generations Apart In Age The Two Team Together And Begin To Dissect A Diabolical Plot By The Deep State That Extends To The Highest Reaches Of Government Including The Oval Office Intermediaries Of The Deep State Entice The Top Russian Spy Vasily Volkov, Winner Of The Russian S Highest Honor The Order Of Lenin To Go Rogue And Execute A Ruthless Scheme To Overturn A Presidential Election, Change The Balance Of The Supreme Court And Eliminate Any And All Political Enemies But Younger Digs In To Uncover The Plot While Turner Faces The Challenge Of His Own Militia Leaders Going Rogue On Their Own To Counter The Actions Of The Deep State Within The Federal Government Not Until A Deep State Operative Is Captured Does Younger Learn The Lengths At Which The Deep State Will Go To Keep Power The Convergence Of A Complex Calamity Comes Full Circle When Marine One Is Shot Down Leaving The White House Lawn By A Shoulder Fired Crashing At The Base Of The Lincoln Memorial And The Deep State Erupts Into A Cataclysmic And Totally Unexpected Ending Purge on the Potomac I didn t get to read the first two books of this series and I missed so much background that it spoiled Potomac for me I couldn t finish it after 20 percent I want to see if my library has the series so I can start from the beginning, since what I read I like immensely The author did explain what happened in the first two books and I thought it was enough for me but I kept asking questions with no answers available since I didn t have the foundation from the other books Well written, great storylines and I like the ideas behind the series There is truth in fiction, which I ve discovered over the decades Buck Rogers and Dick Tracey weren t the end of that The Deep State does exist if you re paying attention to what
This is a book with a great pace and a very engaging storyline It can be read as a stand alone story, but it will be easy if you have read the first two.This could have easily been a 4 stars book, but the ending was too much Deux ex machine for me, and you never get to know what happens with the pr
As most of our blog readers know, we don t normally read fiction It is very difficult to review fiction because you don t want to give away any secrets that might spoil the book On the rare occasion that we do read fiction, it is difficult to find any fiction book in keeping with our Christian values Too often we find books that are really cheesy romance novels, with a very little bit of plot mixed in between the raunchy sex scenes Purge on the Potomac The Patriot Series by David Thomas Roberts is different It is a very exciting and, at times, funny book about the very real threats we all face since many of our elected officials, at all levels, think we serve at their pleasure rather than the other way around It does use the Lord s name as a curse twice, once on page 192 and again on page 316 of the paperback edition we were given as an advanced media copy for review This explains why our star rating is not all five stars Our review policy states up front not to send us any books with the Lord s name used in vain.Other than that, this book is the most exciting and interesting fiction book David has ever read It takes place here in the State of Texas What is really interesting to us is that the author, David Thomas Roberts, has a scene take place on a ranch in Shiner, Texas Mr Roberts may be aware that there is just such a ranch, owned by the Roberts family, that resembles his description in Shiner, Texas We know the Roberts that purchased said property i

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Purge on the Potomac
  • David Thomas Roberts
  • 03 July 2018
  • 9780998770499