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Climate Change The Essential Primer On What Will Be The Defining Issue Of Our Time, Climate Change What Everyone Needs To Know R Is A Clear Eyed Overview Of The Science, Conflicts, And Implications Of Our Warming Planet.From Joseph Romm, Chief Science Advisor For National Geographic S Years Of Living Dangerously Series And One Of Rolling Stone S 100 People Who Are Changing America, Climate Change Offers User Friendly, Scientifically Rigorous Answers To The Most Difficult And Commonly Politicized Questions Surrounding What Climatologist Lonnie Thompson Has Deemed A Clear And Present Danger To Civilization New Questions About Climate Change Addressed In This Guide Include Analysis Of The Paris Climate Agreement, Including The United States Withdrawal Examines Implications Of The Clean Energy Revolution, From Solar And Wind Power To Batteries And Electric Cars The Latest On Climate Science, Including Updates On Efforts To Stem Or Slow Climate Change Insights Into What Donald Trump S Presidency Means For Climate Action In The US And InternationallyAs The Global Response To Climate Change Continues To Evolve, Climate Change What Everyone Needs To Know R Offers Smart, Unbiased Answers To The Most Difficult Questions In An Area Dogged By Misunderstanding And Politicization. It is, I promise, worse than you think These are the words that David Wallace Wells used to begin his epic New York Magazine article, The Uninhabitable Earth In it he paints a picture vast swaths of the Earth are heated to become inhabitable Enormous cyclones and snowstorms bury civilization in seas of water The soil dries up, chokes, and blows away Mass food riots lead to millions of refugees, and diseases spread up and across the world The basic resources that we rely upon All of them are adversely impacted by climate change and with a growing global population So you ve got competition over fewer resources among a growing global population It s a recipe for a conflict nightmare David quotes Mike Mann, the bannermen held up as anti alarmist by climate moderates for quibbling with a single satellite statistic.In my mailbox was Wallace Well s first and foremost citation, Climate Change What Everyone Needs to Know I ordered it pretty much immediately Wallace Wells was simply being too poetic, too devasting to simply take him at his word I knew climate change would be bad But that bad, this fast That seemed impossible But he literally just cribbed his essay from Climate Change s chapter 3.Romm walks you through the science Nearly e
Romm gives a good and helpful overview of what climate change entails, why it happens, where it s headed, and what we can do and should do about it The book opens with a section on the basics, explaining the causes and effects of climate change It moves on to discuss extreme weather and other climate impacts Finally, Romm discusses what can be done to avoid the worst impacts, what the options are, and how they are currently and might in future be addressed by governments I gave the book a four star rating because three and a half isn t an option It s well organised and easy to read Each chapter is divided into short essays on related topics, most which can easily stand alone I suspect most of these sections are taken from articles and blogs written by Romm What Romm writes is good so far as it goes, but I think the book might be better if he covered some additional topics and if he were to go into depth with the science This is a book of laypeople, but I do think most of Romm s readers could handle a bit scientific detail if it were included I found it a bit frustrating that when he discusses solutions and policy, Romm focuses almost exclusively on government policy He hints at various times at market solutions, but never seems to see them primarily as last resort responses that will come too late as people realise what s happening to the world around them Perhaps the greatest omission in the books is a section addressing climate change ske
This is the best FAQ I ve read on climate change That being said it s a hell of a dry read Took me forever to finish this Still never felt knowledgeable about the current state of climate science Despite its dry delivery it s worth reading to know just how dire the consequences of ignoring the problem will be And I am sure we won t figure this out prior to 2 warming Maybe 4 but that s arguably too late We have the te
Dr Joseph Romm knows Climate Change, focused completely on it for over a decade and involved since his Scripps MIT PhD in the late 80s This essential book is both comprehensive and persuasive Answers every important question with full authority My new favorite recommendation for deniers and slacktivists alike.Both Greenland and WAIS become irreversibly unstable at 2 C, and they contain enough ice to raise sea levels by 10 15m each Just 3 meters inundates Florida, Bangladesh, and large sections of both the eastern US and China.35m years ago, CO2 was at 1000ppm and temps were 16C 29F higher, and with no Greenland or WAIS ice, the sea levels were 80 100m 200ft higher.IPCC 5, Paris didn t include the impact of the largest forward feedback loops burning peat, melting tundra methane, and both tropical and boreal forest fires The 2C Paris target is now clearly too high, as well as unlikely to be achieved Ironically, by investing 1% of Global GDP by 2050 to stay under 2C at 450ppm , we could save 71T in just fuel costs alone p155 Fighting climate change is both inexpensive and cost effective And we only need to reinvest 1 40th of just future growth Only just the labo
Romm explains the science behind climate change beyond simply citing the greenhouse effect in accessible language, and demonstrates why addressing climate change is such an urgent issue, laying out the impacts we re already experiencing and the dramatic impacts we can expect to experience in our lifetimes in the next several decades without aggressive action Regardless of your political views, contains information relevant to you if you care about any of the following poverty, science and innovation, social justice, food security, national security, responsible government spending, smart personal investment, coastal communities, public health, etc.Highly recommend informing yourself on this issue as Romm points out, we will all have to adjust to climate change in dramatic ways in the coming decades whether
This is a general introduction to the science behind climate change It is in a question and answer format, so it l can be read straight through or used as a reference book to dip into to answer specific questions I read it straight through, but will undoubtedly refer back to it While it is fairly comprehensive, there is an emphasis on desertification and clean energy, Joseph Romm s areas of expertise Three quarters of the book is dedicated to outlining the how climate change works and its various impacts across the globe warming, rising oceans,extreme weather, desertification, ocean
It s a very interesting book about the most actual theme Scientist or not, you have to know what is happening, it s your duty to learn and inform yourself about it This book could be a good starting point, even if i thin
I learned plenty, especially about extreme weather and the different possible feedback loops What I most liked about reading this was it made climate change concrete for me, which gives me of an impetus to act And it did leave me feeling that there is still hope at least for a few years.My biggest criticism is that the author, I presume in the interest of simplifying and shortening complex science, made some things seem black and white and made some predicitions seem certain th
ContentsRomm J 2015 Climate Change What Everyone Needs to KnowPreface Why You Need to Know About Climate ChangeAcknowledgments1 Climate Science Basics What is the greenhouse effect and how does it warm the Earth Why are scientists so certain the climate system is warming How does global warming increase sea levels and what has been observed to date Where does most of human caused warming go What fraction of recent global warming is due to human causes versus natural causes How certain are climate scientists that humans are the primary cause of recent warning How do scientists know that recent climate change is primarily caused by human activities Why has the climate changed in the past, before there were human caused greenhouse gas emissions What are the climate system s amplifying feedbacks that turn a moderate initial warming into a big ultimate warming Is the current level of atmospheric CO2 concentration unprecedented in human history Are recent climatic changes unprecedented Has recent human caused climate change been occurring faster or not as fast as
This is a really great reference book, but not a page turner I enjoyed being able to bounce around, and it provided great, succinct, well organized information I particularly enjoyed the questions about weather However, it s not a non fiction

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