Gunfight at Grace Gulch

Gunfight at Grace GulchThe Feud Between The Graces And The Gaynors Is Still Going Strong Than A Century After Its Inception In The 1891 Oklahoma Land Run Newspaper Editor Penn Hardy Is Murdered During The Reenactment Of The Most Famous Gunfight In The History Of Grace Gulch, Oklahoma Cici Wilde, Owner Of A Vintage Clothing Store, Feels Compelled To Investigate When Police Suspect People Close To Her She Soon Discovers Her Talent For Sleuthing Equals Her Flare For Wearing Period Clothing Theater Director Audie Howe Never Expected The Reenactment To End In A Real Murder He Cares Too Much For The Future Of The Magda Grace Mallory Theater And The Charming Cici Wilde To Let Her Face Danger Alone Cici And Audie Take A Dangerous Gamble To Nail The Killer And Lay Their Lives On The Line. Letters from a historical land run, clothing from a modern day reenactment, and bullets from a weapon of murder thread their way through Darlene Franklin s Gunfight at Grace Gulch If dusty Oklahoma really is a piece of Eden, then a snake has invaded the town, but who might it be Small town food and politics feed into an intriguing combination of present day investigation and historical mystery, making this the sort of cool, fast read that nevertheless keeps readers on their toes There are clues scattered throughout, together with a very natural Christia
What a delightful Christian cozy There were so many things I enjoyed about this series the letters from one of the founders of the town to his fiance at the beginning of each chapter, that faith was a strong part of the main character s lives, and the historic clothing and not just from the wild west to name a few.I thought the characters had some depth to them for a first book and I m sure to follow and the small town feel makes me want to move there or somewhere similar to experience it first hand The love triangle
Draw up a comfy chair in front of the fire to read this delightful Christian Cozy mystery.Enter Cecelia Wilde, Vintage clothing store owner who wears her merchandise and Audie Howe,bible quoting, Oscar Wilde quoting interim theater director of the MGM Magda Grace Mallory theater The setting for this delightful tale is Grace Gulch,OK, a small town celebrating Land Rush Days.You get a good sense of small town and gossip that follows in a close knit community.Cecelia Wilde and Audie Howe work together to solve the mystery of a shooting reenactment gone bad while dating You are introduced to Wilde sisters that are memorable Jenna, whop lives in Taos, NM Dina, Cecelia s younger sister that wears her hair color as an accessory to her outfits.An interesting part of the story is reading letters sent by Bob Grace in 1891 to his fiance, Mary Grace.Darlene keeps
Gunfight at Grace Gulch Christian Cozy Mystery A Dressed For Death Book 1 by Darlene FranklinWow, Why don t you lay back in your comfort recliner and read this wonderful, humor, romance, and murder cozy mystery Gunfight at Grace Gulch by our own Darlene Franklin This is the first book in Dressed for Death series and I really enjoyed it I really enjoyed reading about the reenactment of a land rush dispute between the Grace family and Gaynor family in this fictional town Grace Gulch Oklahoma Franklin has a way of bringing her characters alive and you feel like you are right there with them On this reenactment day, things don t go as they were planned. We have ourselves a mystery to solve , and some of the characters take it upon themselves to try and solve this mystery, If something don t happen to them first I laughed , and found myself trying to read faster to see what was going to happen next Th
This is the first in a series, and I look forward to reading in the future Each chapter opens with a letter from the 1800s so that we get a glimpse into the past of Grace Gulch as well as the present day murder mystery.This is a fairly quick, easy read, which has clues spread throughout but still leaves you guessing until the final reveal This
SUMMARY The feud between the Graces and the Gaynors is still going strong than a century after its inception in the 1891 Oklahoma land run Newspaper editor Penn Hardy is murdered during the reenactment of the most famous gunfight in the history of Grace Gulch, Oklahoma Cici Wilde, owner of a vintage clothing store, feels compelled to investigate when police suspect people close to her She soon discovers her talent for sleuthing equals her flare for wearing period clothing Theater director Audie Howe never expected the reenactment to end in a real murder He cares too much for the future of the Magda Grace Mallory Theater and the charming Cici Wilde to let her face danger alone Cici and Audie take a dangerous gamble to nail the killer and lay their lives on the line REVIEW The format of this book especially appealed to me Each chapter was introduced by a letter from Robert Grace to his fiance, Mary, telling was has happened in his quest to gain a homestead in the Oklahoma Territory land rush It makes for a wonderful historical backdrop to what is happening in the town of Grace Gulch Oklahoma Then, in turn, the mystery develops during modern times with a reenactment of the famous gunfight that ends in one of the actor s death Cici s variety of vintage clothing outfits, both her own and from her store, add another great touch to the storyline Franklin s detailed descriptions of the clothes makes it easy to visualize the various outfits I love
Dollycas s ThoughtsMost people that live in Grace Gulch, Oklahoma, are either a Grace or a Gaynor, or are related to one of the families, or side with only one of the families The Grace Gaylord Feud dates back to the late 1800 s as two men fought over the same piece of land There are 2 churches and 2 newspapers in town still today.During the Land Rush Days celebration one of the newspaper editors is killed during a reenactment of the Grace Gaylord gunfight Vintage clothing store owner, Cici Wilde, along with everyone else watched it happen but no one saw who fired the shot She find herself in the middle of the investigation when the police start questioning people close to her as suspects.What I truly liked about this story was that we were treated to letters from Robert Grace to his fiancee, Mary, while trying secure land west to homestead We hear his words as the town of Grace Gulch today reenacts his story today History passed down from generation to generation is not always that accurate and each side tends to have their own version of the story.We meet like Cici Wilde and Audie Howe, theater director at Magda Grace Mallory Theater, as they find themselves quite drawn to each
4.5 starsThis cozy mystery was an entertaining and also instructive read it s contemporary but with many historical references, with a well developed plot, much humor and a little romance Each chapter begins with a letter of 1800 in which Bob Grace writes to his girlfriend Mary and tells important elements to reconstruct the history of this city and perhaps can provide useful information to solve the mystery.Cici lives in Grace Gulch, a quiet town in Oklahoma which in the past experienced a strong feud between two families, the Graces and the Gaynors Audie is a theater director who has organized a beautiful evocation of the most famous gunfight that there was between the two factions The city is celebrating and for Cici these days are very challenging because everyone goes to her to buy clothes and gadgets for the event But something goes wrong and the fake shootout ends with a real murder The victim is Penny Hardy who was playing his ancestor, Dick Gaynor So the first suspicion falls on the heirs of the rival family, the Graces Cici and the fascinating Audie will join forces to solve this intricate mystery Cici will also choose between two men who are courting her, Audie and Cord.I have read another book by this author, Apple for Christmas It was a historical romance, not a mystery, and I liked them both
This Who Done It story was in the Forget Me Not Romances Volume 1.Each chapter has a letter written in 1891 by Bob Grace to his fianc Mary during the Land Run in Oklahoma Present time in Grace Gulch sees the re enactment in the town with actors n people of the feuding family Grace V s Gaynor s A death occurs so the story develops in telling us who didn t do the shooting n those who had motive Along the way romance builds
This was my first book by Darlene Franklin and I have to wonder why I ve never heard of her before this considering the huge number of books she has written.I enjoyed reading the story of Cici and Audie trying to solve the murder of newspaperman, Penn Hardy I was kept wondering who it really was throughout the book and enjoyed watching Audie attempt to court Cici Despite the fact there was a mur

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