Suldrun's Garden

Suldrun's GardenSuldrun S Garden Lyonesseby Jack Vance Suldrun S Garden Is Written With An Amazingly Huge Number Of Disguised And Re Imagined Classic Fairy Tale Tropes Using Many Of The Non Fiction Historical Soap Operas Of England S Actual Royal Families As A Platform For The Fictional Plots It Is Also Book One In The Lyonesse Trilogy Suldrun S Garden Lyonesse BookGateway EssentialsThe Lyonesse Sequence Evokes The Elder Isles, Is A Baroque Land Of Pre Arthurian Myth Now Lost Beneath The Atlantic, Where Powerful Sorcerers, Aloof Faeries, Stalwart Champions, And Nobles Eccentric, Magnanimous, And Cruel Pursue Intrigue Among Their Separate Worlds The Complete Lyonesse Suldrun S Garden, TheNot Retrouvez The Complete Lyonesse Suldrun S Garden, The Green Pearl, Madouc Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Suldrun S Garden Home Facebook Suldrun S Gardenlikestalking About This Welcome To Suldrun S Garden Where I Will Be Posting About My Little Doll Family Suldrun S Garden Livre Audio Jack Vance Audible Suldrun S Garden, Le Livre Audio De Jack Vance Tlcharger Coutez Ce Livre Audio Gratuitement Avec L Offre D Essai Suldrun S Garden Home Facebook Suldrun S Gardenlikes Welcome To Suldrun S Garden Where I Will Be Posting About My Little Doll Family Mixed feelings.I wanted to LOVE this book, wanted it to prove how Jack Vance is the vanguard of best writers you ve not read, this was going to be the diamond in the rough, the treasure chest uncovered and raised from the depths of out of printness.And there were parts, PARTS, I did love I loved the idea behind the book Take a thirty year mortgage of artistic license and slap a scotch tape amendment on the globe and you ve got an idea about the cajones that Vance displayed I mean, he just ADDED a continent Take a truckload of myths and legends, and SMACK, there we go, right THERE, between Ireland, Cornwall and Gaul Like a Steve Martin thumbprint on the snow globe of history.I loved the Celtic, Gaelic, Druidic Atlantean themes riding bareback across the pages Vance dredged up our collective mythic pre history and made it fit somewhere in the early dark ages Rome Still there Germanic migrations Yep Avalon and Ys There right here right over here in the Elder Isles The what Forget it, he s rolling And just like John Brother Bluto Blutarsky Jack Vance was rolling, but in his own, weird atavistic and eclectic style.Along with faerie stories straight out of Celtic Twilight, there are creepy and dark tales from Brothers Grim
ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.As I m writing this, Jack Vance s under appreciated Lyonesse trilogy has been off the shelves for years My library doesn t even have a copy it had to be interlibrary loaned for me Why is that Publishers have been printing a seemingly endless stream of vampire and werewolf novels these days same plot, same characters, blah blah blah If not that, it s grit We all want grit Or maybe it s that women are reading fantasy these days and publishers think we want to read about bad ass heroines who kill vampires But, the publishers and authors are just giving us what we demand, I suppose We all got sick of the sweeping medieval style multi volume epics that take forever to write, publish, and read So now we get vampires and sassy chicks with tattoos and bare midriffs When we ve become glutted with those it can t be long now , what s next I ve got a suggestion Publishers, why don t you reprint some of the best classic fantasy Let s start with Jack Vance s Lyonesse Here we have a beautiful and complex story full of fascinating characters even those we only see for a couple of pages are engaging , unpredictable and shocking plot twists, and rambling and entertainingly disjointed adventure No clich s No vampires.As a psychologist, I especially appreciated the many insights into human cognition and perceptual processing that I found in Suldrun s Garden But what s best is Jack Vance s
Wow What a wonderful surprise For an early eighties fantasy, it reads rather fantastically easy, with a near perfect blend of adventure, spry heroes and heroines, and an almost mythical command of myth, history, and magic in a hugely creative blend We re not even bogged down in any such weird concepts like historical accuracy , either And actually, I loved the whole idea of slap dashing a whole continent next to Gaul and throwing in Merlin Murgen , Mithra, evil christians, the fae, chivalry, high Celts, and so much None of it overwhelmed the taste of adventure, where three kingdoms vied, played, made alliances, and started wars during a span of 30 years, and the characterizations were pure fantasy boilerplate, but lest you get turned off by that idea, just know that they all go through tons of changes heck, they went through nearly as many as what happen to the plot, itself.Is that a problem Hell no Not for me I was actually rather amazed at the sheer scope of where we started, from a princess s childhood Suldrun , h
Centuries in the past, at that middle distant time when legend and history start to blur, Blausreddin the pirate built a fortress at the back of a stony semi circular harbor Blausreddin plays no further role in the present story, but his fortress eventually evolved into a city of fame and wonder Lyonesse, the capital of the Elder Isles, an imaginary archipelago in the Atlantic, somewhere off the coasts of Britain and Bretagne As for the period in which the adventure takes place, the meeting of legend and history is set a couple of generations before the advent of King Arthur and his Knights Here in the Elder Isles there is to be found the original Round Table, a symbol of both leadership and power sharing that the kings of Lyonesse misplaced into the custody of a rival kingdom It is worth noting here that the once united Isles are at the start of the epic divided into ten unruly and warring kingdoms North Ulfland, South Ulfland, Dahaut, Caduz, Blaloc, Pomperol, Godelia, Troicinet, Dascinet and Lyonesse The reader will get a chance to get familiar with all of them over the next three ample volumes The Arthurian Round Table and the quest of King Casmir of Lyonesse to recover it will form the main theme of the trilogy, but on this basic frame Jack Vance builds a meandering and many branched tale, often taking detours and sidetrips to explore the many natural wonders, the magical features and the curious habits of
If Lyonesse were a food, it would be Bits of different kinds of things all thrown into one receptacle but where you can still taste each individual food item, all smothered with custardy gooey goodness So, how about a Lyonesse recipe you ask 1 loaf of fantasy geopolitical intrigue, heated till crisp and diced finely A large punnet of wild fairy talesA large cup of piquant tongue in cheek Another large cup of creamy purple prose Old myths for seasoning Marinate your wild fairy tales with the piquant tongue in cheek Place one layer of wild fairy tales in your receptacle Cover with a layer of dicey hot geopolitical intrigue Repeat the layers
Suldrun s Garden is written with an amazingly huge number of disguised and re imagined classic fairy tale tropes using many of the non fiction historical soap operas of England s actual royal families as a platform for the fictional plots It is also book one in the Lyonesse trilogy Lyonesse was one of ten minor kingdoms on a large fictional island and some nearby smaller ones called the Elder Isles, situated to the west of Old Gaul The actual United Kingdom in the Atlantic The Elder Isles are today sunk under the sea, like the famous city of Atlantis, the small realms which each of the ten kings held on their apportioned acreage on the divided island and their individual strivings for power living on in legends only Many of the ancient tales seem to begin with Lyonesse at the center of the stories, either because its ambitious kings started much havoc in their attempts to control all of the Elder Isles or because of ruthless people who begin putting nefarious activities into play around Lyonesse by chance The book describes a series of events which are begun by the birth of neglected and unappreciated Suldrun, princess and daughter of the crowned heads of Lyonesse King Casmir and Queen Sollace Princess Suldrun becomes increasingly disobedient as she grows up, but she can never overcome her parents authority in a large way Only a son can be heir to the throne of Lyonesse Suldrun remains of value only as a pawn her fathe
Jack Vance is the best writer you ve never heard of.You can get lost in his tales whilst still believing that you are looking into the lives of real people They may be people 10,000 or 100,000 years in the future or further back, in some Ur Common myth His characters are what make his stories.Lyonesse is a distant memory I sought these books many times in yesteryear The world has caught up a bit What I remember from the first time is being impressed with the way Vance did fantasy I was moved in a way I have never been with Tolkien or C.S Lewis, Martin, or whomever He made it seem lie history So, this is no ordinary fairy tale, it s adult There are shades of grey and not in the BDSM sense, either There s politics, dirt even in fae land , and a truly wonderful human ness.This is a good read If I count a series as one book thi
Crisp and complex, with a surprisingly bold earthiness, and an elegant opulent finish the heady aromatics are reminiscent of oaks in bloom Pairs well with edam.

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