Smashwords Style Guide

Smashwords Style Guide The Smashwords Style Guide Has Helped Thousands Of Authors Produce And Publish High Quality Ebooks This Free Guide Offers Simple Step By Step Instructions To Professionally Create, Format And Publish An Ebook It S Required Reading For Any Author Who Wants To Distribute Their Book Via Smashwords To Major Ebook Retailers Such As The Apple IBooks, Barnes Noble, Scribd, Oyster And Kobo Smashwords Also Distributes Ebooks To Public Libraries Via OverDrive And Baker Taylor Axis 360 The Smashwords Style Guide Provides A Great Primer Introduction On Ebook Publishing Over 500,000 Copies Downloaded Updated September 24, 2014 INSIDE THE SMASHWORDS STYLE GUIDE GETTING STARTED Welcome To Smashwords Do It Yourself, Or Hire Help Good Formatting Examples What Smashwords Publishes, What We Don T Publish How To Distribute Books With Smashwords How Ebook Formatting Is Different From Print Formatting Introduction To Meatgrinder How We Convert Your Book Into Multiple Ebook Formats Understanding The Different Ebook Formats The Beauty And Utility Of Simplicity AutoVetter Helps Identify Common Formatting Errors Your Required Source File FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FORMATTING Pre Prep Making Word Behave Step 1 Make A Back Up Step 2 Activate Word S Show Hide Step 3 Turn Off Word S AutoCorrect And AutoFormat Features Step 4 Turn Off Track Changes Step 5 The Nuclear Method Step 6 Hug A Loved One Formatting Step 7 Managing And Modifying Paragraph Styles, Fonts Step 7a How To Choose The Best Paragraph Separation Method First Line Indent Or Block Step 7b How To Implement Your Chosen Paragraph Separation Method Step 7b A How To Define A Proper First Line Indent Step 7b B How To Define Trailing After Space For Block Paragraphs Step 7b C Special Tips For Poetry, Cookbooks And Learning Materials Step 7b D How To Define Proper Line Spacing Step 7b E Managing Font Color Step 8 Check Your Normalized Text Step 9 How To Automate The Removal Of Tabs And Space Bar Spaces Step 10 Managing Paragraph Returns Step 11 Managing External Hyperlinks Step 12 Designating Chapter Breaks, Page Breaks, Section Breaks Step 13 Working With Images Step 14 Text Justification Step 14a Centering Text Step 15 Managing Font Sizes Step 16 Style Formatting, Symbols And Glyphs Step 17 Headers And Footers Step 18 Margins, Page Sizes And Indents Step 19 Add The Heading Style To Your Chapter Headers Optional Building Navigation Step 20 Building Navigation Into The Manuscript Step 20a Creating The NCX Step 20b Creating The Linked Table Of Contents Step 20c Advanced Link Building Footnotes, Endnotes Step 20d Troubleshooting And Testing Front Matter Step 21 Front Matter Step 21a Blurbs Optional Step 21b Title And Copyright Page Required Step 21c Add A Smashwords License Statement Below Copyright Page The End Of Your Book Step 22 The End Of Your Book POST FORMATTING Step 23 Preparing Your Cover Image Step 24 Review Requirements For Premium Catalog Distribution Uploading Your Book To Smashwords Step 25 How To Upload Your Book Step 26 How AutoVetter Works