Perfectly Summer (Perfect #3)

Perfectly Summer (Perfect #3) Summer Vacation Is Levi London S Favorite Time Of The Year Each Summer, He And His Brothers Are Shipped Off To Florida To Stay With Their Grandparents For Ten Weeks Everything Is Perfect He Has Freedom, Fun, And Summer West The Cute And Spunky Girl Across The Street For Whom He S Planned To Confess His Giant Crush Right Before The London Boys Are Scheduled To Leave, A Scandalous Family Situation Causes Their Mom To Accompany Them On Vacation Not Only Does Levi S Fun Quotient Promise To Take A Nose Dive, But All The Drama Has Him Feeling Less Than His Normal Happy Self Summer Decides That Levi Needs A Distraction, In The Form Of A Prank War But He Gets Than He Bargains For When His Older Brother Lucas Is Both Better At Pranking And Determined To Date Summer Too Levi Is A Peacekeeper, But He Isn T Sure He Can Mediate His Family S Struggles Or Strike The Right Balance Between Mischief And Romance Especially When Lucas Keeps Reminding Him That All Is Fair In Love And War This Book May Contain Negative Triggers For People With A Family History Of Infidelity Content Description This Is A Stand Alone YA Contemporary Romance With Companion Novels Set At The Same High School It Contains Minor Language, Innuendo, Crude Humor, And Kissing This Book Has No Sex, Written Or Implied, Between Any Of The Teenage Characters And Has No Explicit Language However, The Family Conflict Revolves Around Adultery Between The Parents While It Is Not Highly Descriptive, Sex Is Discussed Multiple Times With Regard To Adult Relationships Recommended For Ages 14 And Up. Such a fun book Levi is such a good guy, but it still felt like a realistic perspective from a teenage boy He s sensitive and thoughtful, not just with Summer but with his parents and even his brothers I don t know how he was so patient with Summer, except for the fact that he understood her Summer is great and I loved how playful she is The pranks were hilarious and lightened up the story which otherwise deals with the heavier theme of infidelity I m always a sucker for a love story of unr
I m a mom and I cannot imagine having three teenage boys who are very close in age, very competitive, and very aggressive, in a sibling type of way Kudos to their mom for dealing with this handful so well Lucas, Levi, and Logan have been going to Florida to spend their summers with their maternal grandparents for years now and have formed a very tight friendship with neighbors, Hunter and Summer I love the relationship that this group shares because they all manage to navigate the tricky balance of entertainment, love, dishing out the hard times, and watching each others backs But the competition for Summer s attention is fierce The story is told from Levi s point of view and it gives me hope that there really are decent guys out there for my daughters someday Oh, wait This story is fiction, haha I do believe there are good guys in the world and loved the calming, sweet, loyal peacemaking and gentleman that he is.Read the content description, because it really does fit the story well While the angst runs high at times because of the drama, the playfulness and sass that Summer brings to the story, especially through the prank wars, really helps to ease the tension This is a fun, teen story with very real and believable characters The book flows really well and is easy to visualize I love Florida and felt like my inner teenage self just spent a summer there with these characters.Content mild language mild romance kissing, but some talk of intimate relationships between adults w
First I would say please, please read the content description above It is exactly what I would say in regards to this book I would up the recommended age to at least 16.While I am not a fun of many of the things described in the content description above, one thing I am a fan of is characters that are distinct and easy to picture I feel like I had a good handle on the personalities in this book The whole story played out like a movie in my head which is always awesome Given, it would be a teenage movie, so not really my go to genre, but it was so easy to visualize everything That is a sign of some good, personable writing.I really loved Levi Every single thing about him He stole the show for me The story is told from his perspective so that may be part of why I felt so attached to him but honestly, he is just a good guy He is a peacemaker He is kind and thinks of others, especially his mother I m a mother and I LOVE that Even though this
0.5 starsby far this one is the worst one in the series it really made feel bad about everything Summer is such a tart and she disgusted me so much how she was playing the two brother BROTHERS are you kidding me and Levi is such a pansy for letting her do that to him Levi deserves so much better than summer she was just playing with everyone and very generous with her lips and body god so glad I finished it otherwise I would ve been in a reading
I loved the first book in this series, the second one was also good, but I had a few issues with that one Still, I love Daniels style, fun wit, and hilarious characters Once again this book delivered, and then some.I read this book almost in one sitting, and it was a real punishment to put it down The fun pranks, the ridiculous sibling rivalry, the silly brotherly taunting, it all reminded me a lot of my brother It was so real, so like many boys are, I was laughing out loud through most of the book.Summer had to grow a little o
LOVED this book Perfectly Summer by Robin Daniels is the third installment in The Perfect Series, and this time focuses on Levi London and his crush on his best friend Summer I m a sucker for best friend romances anyways so it wasn t a stretch for me to fall in love with Levi and Summer Fraught with drama, Perfectly Summer is a sweet read that will leave you smiling long after you finish it.The book begins with Levi excitedly getting off the school bus on the last day of school only to find both his parents at home His mother is upset, locked in the bathroom His father is in a state of undress, and an unknown young woman is leaving their house You can connect the dots from there His mother tells him and his brothers to pack their bags that they won t be coming back Devastated and confused at what has occurred, Levi and his brothers do as asked, and their summer vacation to their grandparents is not what it usually is since their mother plans to stay.The entire story is told from Levi s perspective, and I found that refreshing There isn t enough YA contemporary from male perspectives in my opinion Levi is smart, kind and compassionate As the middle child, he plays peacekeeper between his older and younger brothers The only person he lets his guard down with is his best friend Summer, who happens to be his grandparents neighbor and the reason he looks forward to summer break at their house every year.Summer is a year younger than Levi,
The names and the ages of the brothers kept confusing me Sometimes it felt like the characters were older or at least their correct age Sometimes it felt like they were much younger I ve not read a lot of stories fully from the guy s perspective so I felt slightly challenged in it The plot is different then what I have been reading and I enjoyed the family drama or the dynamics that were shown At least some of the time Levi, oh goodness, I wanted to really like him, but I felt that he became one way or another One scene he seemed to be this mature confident person, the next time he seemed like the simplest thing would just make his wall crumble I just felt off with his character.It was a story that as I continued to read it, I honestly just wanted to get it finished I rarely leave books u
This is really adorable As a 48 year old reader of young adult books as well as new adult, it s easy to get jaded about simpler storylines and slower moving action The relationships in this book are really sweet,
It s cute..Perfectly Summer is a cute book It took me a bit to get into it and all the brothers having L names was a pain to keep track of, but overall it was good There are a few guest appearances from other Perfect series characters Levi and Summe
A great summer YA read Levi has been best friends with Summer for years But now he wants Unfortunately, he has to compete with his older, good looking, guitar playing brother for Summer s attention Add a prank war and a family crisis, and you have an action packed story Clean YA romance