Adulting: How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps

Adulting: How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) stepsTHE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING GUIDE, WITH UPDATED MATERIAL AND A NEW FOREWORDIf You Graduated From College But Still Feel Like A Student If You Wear A Business Suit To Job Interviews But Pajamas To The Grocery Store If You Have Your Own Apartment But No Idea How To Cook Or Clean It S OK But It Doesn T Have To Be This Way.Just Because You Don T Feel Like An Adult Doesn T Mean You Can T Act Like One And It All Begins With This Funny, Wise, And Useful Book Based On Kelly Williams Brown S Popular Blog, ADULTING, Makes The Scary, Confusing Real World Approachable, Manageable And Even Conquerable This Guide Will Help You To Navigate The Stormy Sea Of Adulthood So That You May Find Safe Harbor In Not Running Out Of Toilet Paper Bay, And Along The Way You Will Learn What To Check For When Renting A New Apartment Not Just The Nearby Bars, But The Faucets And Stove, Among Other Things.When A Busy Person Can Find Time To Learn About The World It Involves The Intersection Of NPR And Hair Straightening How To Avoid Hooking Up With Anyone In Your Office Imagine Your Coworkers Having Plastic, Featureless Doll Crotches It Helps.The Secret To Finding A Mechanic You Love Or, Realistically, One That Will Not Rob You Blind.From Breaking Up With Frenemies To Fixing Your Toilet, This Way Fun Comprehensive Handbook Is The Answer For Aspiring Grown Ups Of All Ages. I picked this up as the free book in a BN Buy Two, Get Third Free shamwow as it was the only thing left that looked even remotely interesting And I thought I would read it for entertainment value only Because we ALL know I got this whole adulting thing so fucking down it isn t even funny But I actually really ended up liking this thing.For realz though How can you not love advice like this I love that part about jealously People say this so much Oh, it s okay Little Susie, they don t like you because they are just jealous Ignore them, Betty Lou, she s just jealous of you I m sure there are people who don t like me and not because they are jealous of my mad wordsmithing skills and ability to go on tangents like a dog seeing a squirrel but because they think I m obnoxious and offensive And guess what THAT S OKAY Because I AM obnoxious and offensive And, strangely, not everyone is down with that We are who we are.And as long as you aren t a fucking serial killer or hoarding a collection of legit child porn, I say, we should all just be ourselves, no So stop teaching poor Little Susie and Betty Lou that it s not okay to be disliked or that something is wrong with one or both parties if two people don t get along This drives me crazy Speaking of crazy, this brings me to another awesome stepDO NOT ENGAGE WITH CRA
I have a twenty something daughter, but I bought the book for myself I am fifty, but I feel like I m barely civilized Seriously, it doesn t matter what the memo was, I am always feeling like I didn t get the memo For example I recently learned that you are supposed to take your car to the mechanic every 30K miles before it breaks down Wow, what a life changer I kept stopping people and saying Did you know you can fix your car before it breaks and they all answered Er, yes, I did I recently binged on a bunch of what you should have learned books, and this is by far the best one It has a great cross section of emotional, financial, and housekeeping advice A lot of these books has this women s magazine you will never be good enough tone to them, and this book completely avoids that There is a lot of humor and the understa
I thought this was going to be a tongue in cheek sort of book It was not It s terrifying to think people like there s a very good chance I m raising two of them might need the kind of sage advice presented here Things like jobs are good and so is toilet paper Holy shit Where s the Tylenol This book was super entertaining I really have few complaints about it, but the issue with the matter is that I read this book too soon I assumed adulthood began at age 18 so this book would benefit me, but this is geared toward college graduates and people trying to figure out their lives away from home Therefore, I felt like half of the advice in this book went in one ear and out the other because I didn t have to think about stuff like that yet A lot of the advice in this book was a little bit long winded Some of the steps were things I didn t know, but the pace of this book was dragged down by a weighty explanation after almost every step, even when the step itself was self explanatory Some topics cough taxes still went way over my head, because she would say, Oh, you need to do this but she wouldn t explain what thi
I have mixed feelings on this book I wanted to love it, but mostly I just kept wishing it was written by Captain Awkward Sidenote WHY HASN T CAPTAIN AWKWARD WRITTEN A BOOK YET I ve learned about being an adult from that blog than from anything in this book.I was actually enjoying this book a lot until I got to Step 276 Keep an eye on weight gain insert scratching record noise Wait, what I thought I was reading a chill book and now it s going to fat shame me Especially after I LOVED Step 103 Curb your instinct to comment on other people s bodies aloud How about you curb YOUR instinct to tell me what to do with my body, book News flash There are fat adults There are fat adults who are very good at being adults Being fat is not a character flaw Tell me to eat real food, tell me to exercise if you must, but don t tell me not to be fat.Also, since when are prenatal vitamins critically necessary for women even if you re not going to get pregnant anytime soon I don t consider shiny hair and strong nails to be critically necessary, but they re the only justifications provided for that particular bit of advice.That said, this book did contain some actual useful advice, especially in the practical arenas of cooking, cleaning, moving house, etc It s when the book gets into personal arenas that I start to disagree with it A lot of tha
At 26, I already have some good years of adulting under my belt, but there were still a few things I learned about from this book e.g pet insurance, house cleaning tips, emergency numbers you should have programmed into your phone And I like the idea of adulting as a verb, and most of the interpersonal advice was solid.However, it was written for a fairly particular audience college educated, middle class, gender conforming, white, et
First progress update after almost 1 yearBecoming a grown up is going terribly I have killed my houseplant, Susan In my defense, she did seem very determined to die I used a makeup brush to carefully remove dust from her leaves, I made sure she was never in direct sunlight, I sprayed water onto her leaves as directed by the plant book that I bought to find out how to take good care of her, and I perhaps watered her a bit too often out of loving her too much Also, I have stopped reading this book because the author started talking about how to paint walls, but I currently rent and would prefer to get my security deposit back like a responsible adult Reading about how to paint walls is not very exciting Maybe one day, when I m allowed to paint walls, I shall pick this book up again, or I could just exercise my free will as an adult and skip to the next chapter I guess Original statement of intentFrom time to time I have occasionally been struck by doubt over whether I m any good at being an adult My furniture doesn t match understanding my limitations, I decided that as long as the colour matches, I should be okay, so now my
This book was literally written for the most absolutely lost young adults on the planet Alternate title guide to being a person Helpful if you 1 Were raised by people who did not teach you anything raised by wolves, 2 Don t know how to interact with other humans, 3 Are so incompetent that you need to know how to make sandwich o
Right now I honestly don t think I will bother finishing this book I expected Adulting to be charming, witty, and full of good advice In actuality it is pretentious, annoying, and sometimes has questionable advice I read to page 113, but I did skip the cooking chapter for the most part I already like to cook so the majority of this advice was rudimentary in my case What I dislike the most about this book is that her advice is sometimes too specific in a way that it doesn t seem like she is giving advice on how to adult, it seems like she is giving advice on how to be like her I don t think I like her and I definitely don t think I would like to emulate her Maybe she is a lovely person in real life, but solely from this book the impression that I have is that she is petty, passive aggressive, fake, lacking in compassion, and she advises everyone else should be just like this too One piece of advice that particularly irked me was Step 130 Deal with line cutters and their ilk as though they are sweet but dim people who need some gentle correction 83 The title of this step already sounds beyond rude and I think no one should do as she advises on this one Assume your friendliest, most open expression that lets them know you are all on the same team Your voice will express sympathy that they didn t ge
This book got 3 stars because there was some helpful information in it and it was quite funny However, this book champions one way of adulting that is very middle class, North American, white collar professional Not everyone wants or can aspire for this life Upholding it as the correct way to adult though there is a disclaimer at the begin

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