Franco American Dreams

Franco American Dreams Her Name Is Abbie She Is Nineteen And She Has Had It With Guys Especially The Wrong Guys Cause That S All She Ever Seems To Meet Oh, She Likes Guys Just Fine And They Are Kind Of Necessary, In A Mother Nature Sort Of Way But She Is Just Over It With The Ones Who Drink All The Time, And Are Forever Taking Pills And Drifting Off Into Their Own Little Private Idaho Abbie Will Just Concentrate On Getting Through This Final Year Of Schooling In Fashion Design, Because Once Outta Here She Is Off To Make Her Name She S Got Her Roommate Georgette And Her Best Friend Pat, And They Will Be All The Companionship She Needs And Then She Meets Franco Dream On, Abbie Dream On. I read this book approximately 10 times between the ages of 12 and 17 I thought the story was so cool. This just popped into my head after reading it like 20 years ago It s probably like three and a half or four stars in reality but it s so sentimental to me and I loved it. I m determined to move some books along that I ve had hanging around on my shelves a while Franco American Dreams is one How would I categorize this book Beyond Bridget, yes, way beyond A trying to be good girl main character who is attracted to bad boys I kep
I first read this when I graduated college, and after spending four years reading mostly classics as an English major, I was so excited to discover chick lit I had been conditioned to think that Worthwhile Adult writing had to be about Something Important like poverty, war, racism, sexism, feminism, any ism I loved this book because it was about boys and dating, which was pretty much all I cared about at that age The main character was obsessed with some Stupid
Pretty good chick lit At first I had a hard time getting into this book because of all of the chirpy sorority girl type talk, but after the plot began I rather enjoyed the story Abbie is a nineteen year old soon to be fashion desig
i loooooooved this book when i was fifteen hadn t read it in a bazillion years though i m happy to say it s still hilariously enjoyable also completely ridiculous i still find myself wanting to make all my friends read it. tryed not to like this chick book but I did I read this when I was 14, and recall loving it While I m not sure I d enjoy it as much as an adult, I may give it a re read some day just to see. One of my favorite high school reads GREAT Read it years ago and remember liking it but I have to agree that it might be a little young for me now

[Epub] ↠ Franco American Dreams  Author Julie Taylor –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Franco American Dreams
  • Julie Taylor
  • English
  • 02 March 2019
  • 0684830922