Animals and Why They Matter

Animals and Why They MatterAnimals And Why They Matter Examines The Barriers That Our Philosophical Traditions Have Erected Between Human Beings And Animals And Reveals That The Too Often Ridiculed Subject Of Animal Rights Is An Issue Crucially Related To Such Problems Within The Human Community As Racism, Sexism, And Age Discrimination Mary Midgley S Profound And Clearly Written Narrative Is A Thought Provoking Study Of The Way In Which The Opposition Between Reason And Emotion Has Shaped Our Moral And Political Ideas And The Problems It Has Raised Whether Considering Vegetarianism, Women S Rights, Or The Humanity Of Pets, This Book Goes To The Heart Of The Question Of Why All Animals Matter. I have only just begun to read this book, however, I can tell from the outset, and from reading another of Midgley s essays, that this is first rate writing Spoilers Midgley lays the foundation for the rest of the book in the first chapter With respect to animal ethics, she names two categories of the dismissal of the consideration of animals absolute dismissal, and relative dismissal She argues quite well that the first position is merely a fall back that most people actually do not subscribe to under closer scrutiny, and the the second position, which acknowledges the ethical consideration of animals, but only after man I am using the masculine gender here to emphasize a certain associated tendency to aggression, which although she does not point to explicitly in this chapter, she illustrates by the example of a rather graphic Edwardian elephanticide she states actually does not come into conflict with man s ethical needs, therefore striking at the root of this argument as well.Midgley makes a very astute observations, that I expect will thematically recur in other of her works For one, she points out that although the rational philosophers had
Mary Midgley is a treasure an 0xford trained philosopher who didn t publish her first book until middle age, she has a knack for clearing through academic rubbish This slim little volume clears away a lot of the prejudices that prevent people from taking animals seriously as a moral question. Charming and witty defense of animals minds and moral status. Unlike some philosophers who are inclined to navel gazing, Midgley gets straight to the nub of the matter Her prose is unfussy and a joy to read She slices through fuzzy thinking humbug like a knife through butter Moreover, her philosophical writings have a practical
Good intro to the subject. This is a very interesting book about ethics Midgley examines many moral theories and how they relate to animal rights she also shows how our treatment of animals can effect our relationship among other humans As a vegetarian for over a decade, I m a bit biased, but even for those out there w
Currently reading for ethics Charming and witty defense of animals minds and moral status.

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  • Animals and Why They Matter
  • Mary Midgley
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  • 22 June 2017
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