Toonopolis (Toonopolis Files, #2)

Toonopolis (Toonopolis Files, #2) Toonopolis Is A Cartoon City That Is Home To The Thoughts And Ideas Of All Sentient Beings In The Universe As The Center Of The Tooniverse, It Acts As An Other Worldly Rest Stop For These Creations.Chi Lin Was The Last Unicorn On Earth Before He Sought A Safe Haven For Himself And His Maiden, Saucha A Thirteenth Century Indian Girl Little Did He Realize That Even Though They Were Safe From Death In The Cartoon Universe, They Were Not Safe From The Machinations Of Agent Mimic On Earth.Gemini Having Barely Escaped With His Mind Intact During His First Adventure In Toonopolis Returns To The Tooniverse With Jimbob The Talking Eggplant On A Quest To Find Chi Lin Before Mimic Can Manipulate The Unicorn Into Doing His Bidding Join Gemini On An All New Adventure Into Both Familiar And Brand New Realms Of Toonopolis Where He Makes Friends, Visits Old Ones, And Is Reminded That Things Are Not Always What They Seem To Be In This Strange And Ever Changing World. Another AMAZING novel by Jeremy Rodden I just can t get enough of Toonopolis Yet again a zany mad cap adventure with Gemini, Jimbob, some new faces and some old favourites that I couldn t put down I won t go too much into the story as any of you who have not yet read the first one SHAME ON YOU, REALLY GO DO THAT won t know what s happened so far But one of my favourite things about this book is the characters, in a pithy off hand way, breaking the fourth wall to explain things I feel like we re starting the same story all over again Last time I came to the Tooniverse , I started right in this spot after being shuffled through Sorting Square Right after you met me Jimbob beamed his giant, toothy grin Right after I met you, Gemini echoed Jimbob hopped closer to Gemini and put a hand on his leg But every story has to start somewhere And technically this story is a sequel to the first one and clearly there has to be some repetition to remind peopleabout events from the first story Gemini blinked What people Jimbob sh