For Richer, For Poorer

For Richer, For Poorer What S Pastor Maggie Up To Now Life At Loving The Lord Community Church In Cherish, Michigan, Isn T Always Easy Learning How To Adjust To A New Marriage While Caring For Her Many Parishioners Keeps Pastor Maggie On Her Toes And Things Get Complicated As She Prepares A Group Of Church Folks For The Coming Holidays AND A Two Week Mission Trip To Ghana, Africa While In Ghana, The Expectations Of Good Hearted People Clash With The Real Needs Of The Villagers Maggie S Frustration Boils Over And Her Plans Begin To Crumble All Her Beliefs About Rich And Poor, Success And Failure, Poverty And Wealth, Opened Hearts And Closed Minds Get Turned Upside Down The Lessons Learned In Bawjiase Are Life Changing For All As Her Spiritual Beliefs Are Threatened, Maggie Knows Her Ministry Will Be Transformed Once She Returns From Her Time In Ghana But Will She Be The Richer Or The Poorer For It This book is very rich in its characters and their individual and community struggles and journeys The often entertaining narrative raises many deep, thought provoking social questions People, places, and actions aren t always as they might appear on the surface Barbara Edema sensitively explores the complex dimensions and perspectives that challenge our way of viewing ourselves and others We are all a developing people at so many levels I love Pa
This series is amazing and especially the 3rd book You will walk the roads of Bawjiase, Ghana, be with Cassandra and her children as they go through their journey, be with Sylvia as she witnesses the miracle
I found that Barbara does a wonderful job weaving two timelines together while dealing with the themes of what is rich and whose culture is it anyway Kudos to you Barbara Looking forward to the next book. Excellent, the best yet.