The Centre of My Everything

The Centre of My EverythingJustin S Back, And Wants To Put The Past Behind Him.Corey S A Footy Hero And High School Dropout Who Can T Even Find Work Picking Fruit.Tara Wants To Be Loved But If Her Mother Doesn T Care, Why Would Anyone Else Margo Wants Out, And She Has A Plan To Get There.Plans Change Life Happens Some Secrets Won T Stay Buried Peace Isn T As Simple As Laying Bones To Rest.A Story About Love And Loss About Tragic Secrets And The Lengths People Will Go To Hide Them About Intergenerational Pain And Desperate Attempts To Break The Cycle And About Yearning For Love And Finding It Where You Least Expect. Trigger Warning Rape just a side note this book does deal with rape and some other topics so please keep that in mind before reading this book I wasn t expecting this book to pack this big of a punch, it was so real and honest and i really enjoyed this book The plot and characters were all very well fleshed out and these characters to me seem some of the most real lot i have ever had the privilege of reading Allayne finally did something that i want seen done in YA novels is characters that feel real and are doing things REAL teenagers do, because a lot of YA novels have teenagers seem fake or something i myself would have never done But for me these teenagers were as close to the people i had experienced around my high school years then any other YA novel has done Every single character in this book had the perfect story arc and growth, from the main four characters all the way down to the secondary characters each one had that specific arc and Allayne got them there in under 300 pages I related to Margo so much then i did any of the other characters because i myself
The Centre of My Everything is an Australian contemporary grounded in realism with complex characters, shocking moments and a feeling of hope It was the first novel I ve read by Allayne Webster and I absolutely loved it I liked how she wrote about the issues of heavy drinking, rape, racism and growing up in a small Australian town I liked the main four characters Each had a unique voice and felt like real people My favourite was Margo, a straight A student who gets caught up in the problems of the other characters I also liked Justin, a young man who had just back to Mildura after a stint in rehab and Tara, who just wants to be loved by her mum While I also liked Corey the other main character , I found his chapters to be uncomfortable at times because of the sexism coming from his mates I also liked how they all grew over the course of the book and learnt from either their mistakes or an incident that happened to
That was easily one of the most thought provoking, powerful and emotive reads I ve read in some time Initially, I wasn t sure where it was headed, but within the first 50 pages, something happened that left me feeling SO SHOOK and honestly I could not believe what I d read I felt like I had to double back and read over it again, honestly it was so disturbing yet so raw and honestly I still feel so speechless The chara
Loved it So raw and real Multiple points of view give a full story and allow the reader to really understand motives and the reasons behind behaviour and actions A cautionary tale about binge drinking without laying blame for appalling behaviour on the victim So respectful of young people We don t always make the smartest decisions when we re young, but bad decisions don t necessarily have to define the rest of our lives This is a story of forgiveness, but also a study of how those bad decisions can ruin our lives and those of the people aroun
Trigger warnings sexual assault, rape, racism, abuse, alcoholismWow The Centre of My Everything was phenomenal I did not expect to be sucked in to the book in the way that I was I could not stop turning the pages I m truly struggling to put into words how much I loved this book In The Centre of My Everything, Allayne tackles some really difficult topics, and she does it in a really great way This book is so raw, honest and real, that at times, it hurts to read it But it is one of those important reads that should not be shied away from As horrible as some of the themes of sexism and racism are, I can say that they are true to what I have observed in the world, as bad as it is that discrimination like that continues I tend to enjoy reading about unlikable characters narrators The Centre of My Everything is told from 4 perspectives, two boys,
This was such an incredible story that took me on a roller coaster of emotions It covered so many dark and serious problems which were handled really well The complex characters I found were realistic teenagers, and I loved seeing their development
This is pretty full on Very Ocker Australian with some in your face characters and big issues I found that I ended up feeling a little cold towards the characters due to the sheer amount of tragedy in this story for everyone I could see the end game coming, the twists and shock moments were predictable to me, but I did appreciate the way in which certain clues unfolded This
This book will sit in my heart for a very long time I adored it Told from the point of view of 4 teenagers living in Mildura, it is raw, honest, heartbreaking and uncompromising, but ultimately hopeful and redemptive It does not pull its punches as it examines alcohol and drug abuse, sexual assault, violence and parental neglect I fell in love with each of the characters and recognised them as people very quickly It was heartbreaking to watch them make terrible choices But my heart soared when they made choices that reflected the empathy that they d never been taught to have, but were able to
This was a stunning example of Aussie YA I m not usually one for dramas or mysteries, but I really enjoyed this book The only drawback would be perhaps the slightly rushed ending, and the number of characters which I always struggle with tbh Heavy on the Australian accent so if that isn t your thing, maybe skip it A wonderful story based on small to
The Centre of My Everything is a raw and gripping tale following Justin, Corey, Tara and Margo who are inextricably linked by events that happened before they are born and the aftermaths of two alcohol fuelled nights.At first I wasn t sure if I was going to enjoy this much but the story drew me in really quickly It s funny, intense and equal parts moving and gut wrenching Webster captures the individual voices of our four leads really well, all four perspectives are told in first person and each is distinct Because so much of the literature I consume is, in general, American centric, it always comes as a bit of a shock to pick up an Aussie novel with our distinct humour and colloquialisms but it s always wonderful to read And I find that Australians, both in film and books, are often very talented at the stories that aren t sugar coated and at writing flawed characters Webst

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