Riddled With Bullets

Riddled With Bullets Six Feet Below The Fertile Soil Of Claiborne County, Tennessee, In Overgrown Brush And Shrub Lies The Body Of Clarence Bunch Once The Terror Of Tennessee, Forgotten Now To The World In The Days Of Baby Face Nelson And Ma Barker, Tennessee S Brief Claim To PUBLIC ENEMY 1 Few People Alive Today Know The Story Of Clarence Bunch And The Bunch Gang Robbing Banks, Trucks And Citizens Walking The Roads, Yet They Captured The Imagination Of A Generation In The Wake Of Their Spree Sheriffs Lie Dead In The Streets And Locked In Jail Jailbreaks, Bank Robberies, Gun Molls Etc The Bunch Gang Story Has It All Gang Members Would End Up Dead, In Jail And Even Strapped To The Electric Chair The Killings Related To Bunch And His Associates Went On Until The 1970 S Chip Brown, Author Of Jack The Ripper You Don T Know Jack Explores The Story And Brings These Characters To Life All Trial Records Burnt In A Fire, Others Simply Missing, Brown Pieces Together The Days Of Bunch Using Archival News Records From Around The U.S And What Few Trial Records Still Exist Today.