Fantom Force The Awakening Kindle Edition

Fantom Force The Awakening Kindle EditionThere S Blood In The Streets The Ban In Jok Quality Of Life Is In Shambles The Balance Of Peace On Synergius Is A Chaotic Mess The Good Guys Are Dropping Like Flies Potential New Warriors Are Frightened To Death To Take A Stand And Then Fantom Show S Up Fearless And Defiant Brace Yourself As Fantom Charges Forward In The Most Highly Anticipated SCI FI Story Of ALL TIME Dear Sci Fi Lover,The Stage Is Set Blood In The Streets Constant Chaos Times That Are Worse Than Anyone Alive Has Ever Seen Ban In Jok Veterans Forced To Leave Ryios Only To Find Out The Situation They Thought Would Provide Them A Secure Place To Live Would Turn Into A Nightmare That Threatens To Make Matters Complicated For Them And Their New Neighbors And Those Who Hope To Make Their Path To Peace And Prosperity Are Frightened To Death To Take Their First Steps Into This Mess And Who Can Blame Them So How The Heck Is This Fantom Guy So Fearless In All Of This You Ask Well It Can Be Explained In The Words That Were Uttered From Someone A Long Time Ago They Said The Power Of The Universe Is Within Each And Everyone Of Us, We Just Have To Become Aware Of It And That Is The Sage Old Advice That Leads Fantom Along His Destiny, And Is The Inspiration Of The E Book That Is Fast Becoming The Most EPIC Sci Fi Experience Of ALL TIME Fantom Force The Awakening Do We Have Your Attention Yet We Thought So But Just In Case, Let Us Blow Your Mind A Little When You Purchase Fantom Force The Awakening , You Will Find Out What Motivates Fantom To Push Himself To The Extreme More Insight On The Complex Relationship Between The Ban In Jok And The In Gan About A Few Villians In The Story Why Everyday Life Is So Hard For The Ban In Jok Clues Point To Fantom S Inner Struggle And Much Much More Well There You Have It All The Ingredients Of A KILLER SCI FI STORY Action, Intrigue, Adventure, Mystery, Hi Tech Scenery And A SUPER COOL Main Character BUY NOW