Lone Wolf & The Alpha

Lone Wolf & The Alpha Lone Wolf The Alpha Beasts That Dance In The Moonlight A Tantalizing MM Shifter Romance For The Longest Time, Darren Couldn T Understand Why The Women Of His Pack Didn T Appeal To Him He Knows He Has To Pass On His Family Lineage, But Time Is Running Out To Find The Perfect Mate Before He Knows It, He Finds Something In A Lone Wolf Left To Die On The Street.Could This Lone Wolf Be The Answer Darren Has Been Searching For Should He Take His Chances And Try To Find New Love With A Male Of All Things Dig Your Teeth Into This Steamy, Tantalizing Romance. Darren is an alpha who doesn t have a mate, until he finds Hunter hurt in the forest Darren realizes that that they are mates, however, neither one of them has ever been with a man They learn to care about each other and soon da
I wanted to give this book at least 4 stars because I liked the storyline but the way the story was written just wasn t enough1st Hunter didn t seem to really actually want him until Darren saved his life and magically wanted him like he was saying oh I owe you a debt now just because u saved my life and Darren s like no you don t owe me I love u and whatever that was kinda crappy2nd I wish this was an mpreg book and thought that it would have been better if it was since the whole pack seemed to want him to settle down with a female and they didn t seem to happy when he announced Hunter was his mate3rd the ending of the book was of them having sex like what a crappy way to end a book4th like I said in the 1st one Hunter didn t seem to love him and Darren loved him the moment he shifted into a human like really come on5th I wish that Hunter was explained I mean you don t get to know Hunter
InterestingIt s a well written self contained story about an alpha that s never felt they call from any of the females of his pack, to be his mate Finds a stranger hurt in the woods and brings him home to help him heal. Half a story line Not a lot of story here Very rough idea No information on what was after Hunter or character background Seems half finished.